5 tips for using pinterest in your real estate business

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Real Estate

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If you're an agent and not using Pinterest for your listings yet, here's some good ways to get started.


  • 1. A 5 Tips on Using Pinterest in Your Real Estate Business Vincent Orleck | The Social of Everything Series | Part 3

2. What do RE Pros do on Pinterest? Many real estate professionals already have a strong Pinterest presence, and if you're not pinning, just know that your competitors are. 3. 1. Posting Properties Beautiful properties are pinned all over Pinterest on boards with titles like, Dream Homes, Places I Love, etc. Your properties should be a part of the 1.5 million places that are pinned every day. 4. 2. Fine-Tuning Existing Clients People share their wants, likes and desires on Pinterest. Lead your clients there and encourage them to view home interiors and designs, browse through current listings, and pin homes of interest. By adding @clientname to a pin, the client is notified and the agent stays top of mind. 5. 3. Prospecting New Clients You can target new clients through current connections, places, architectural preferences, seasons, keywords, brand websites, magazine interests, competitors websites, reading interests, DIY projects, and a variety of other analytical avenues. 6. 4. Showcasing Properties What to pin: Images of every roomVideo walkthroughsTips and tricksIdeas on renovationUnique to-dosDedicated boards for local schools, parks and playgroundsNearby restaurants and shopping venues 7. 5. Promoting a Website & Brand Every pin should include a keyword or link that contributes to branding and SEO strategies. For example, this agent tagged every image with the MLS# for that property, which then enables them to be all gathered together upon clicking on the hashtagged term. 8. In Closing ...Add your personal touch (who you are defines you to your clients, connects you to them, and keeps them coming back)...Provide valuable information (always)...Always Be Closing? 9. NO. 10. ALWAYS BE HELPFUL. 11. Additional Info Presentation content derived from the following sources: http://univs.ca/blog/RealEstateNewsCanada/2013/12/04/why-real-estate-pros-should-be-using-pinterest/Vincent Orleck Social Media Strategist @Vin_Orleck