5 tips on buying gold jewellery

5 Tips On Buying Gold Jewellery

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5 Tips On Buying Gold


Gold is a symbol of purity,

prosperity and opulence.

Especially so when it comes to

Indian families.

Be it any occasion, gold

jewellery finds its way in. Yes,

we are indulgent. But are we

well informed of the finer details

to keep in mind while

purchasing gold jewellery?

Here are some tips that can

come in handy.

#1 Understand What

Is A Karat Gold is measured in karats with

24 karats being pure gold.

However, gold in its purest form

is brittle and soft. It is usually

mixed with other elements like

copper, silver, nickel or zinc to

make it strong.

For example, 14 karats gold is

14 parts gold and 10 parts base


Most common karat options are

18K, 22K and 24K. Higher the

karat weight, more expensive

the jewellery is, also softer.

#2 Check Hallmarking • In many countries, including India, laws demand every

piece of gold jewellery to bear a stamp mark indicating its

carat quality. This is called hallmarking.

• In India, our government has identified BIS as the sole

agency overlooking the hallmarking scheme. BIS

certification therefore marks the standard of gold jewellery

in India.

• The hallmark is usually found on the inside part of each

piece and, indicating the gold content.

#3 Decide On The Colour

This might come as a

surprise, but gold need not

always be yellow.

Though yellow gold is the

most popular and most

sought after, you can find

gold in rose, white and

even designer colours

like green, blue and


#4 The Pricing • Remember that the price of gold

jewellery is determined by its

purity, the alloys combined with it

and the labour that has gone into

its making.

• Higher the skill and labour, the

more expensive would be the


• The weight also determines the

price of gold jewellery. It is usually

weighed in grams and higher the

gram weight, the more expensive

the piece.

#5 Enquire About Policies

Enquire about the return policies and certificate of

authentication while purchasing. This is to protect

you when you decide to return or sell your


In addition, having a certificate of authenticity

ensures that you are purchasing a quality piece of

solid gold jewellery. It also indicates the value of

the piece.

For some

breathtaking designs

& collections in fine