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5 Tips to Increase Site Traffic & Keep Visitors Coming Back Again & AgainMake a few tweaks to your site and gain market share now!


  • 5 Tips to Increase Site Traffic & Keep Visitors Coming Back www.comstar.biz - 262-953-6000
  • When Every Penny Counts
    • One important place you can really put marketing dollars in and truly track results is with your website.
    • Here are 5 Ways to help
  • Tip #1 Fix Your Page Titles
    • A Page Title Means:
      • How each page on your site is named
    • To be proper it must:
      • Contains key words that describe content of the page
    • Order does matter!
      • Put most relevant keywords first in title
    • Why is it important?
      • Proper page titles will gain better ranking
  • Page Title Example
    • Page Title: Everything you must know about Labrador retrievers
    • Test It:
      • Is most relevant information first? No.
      • Do first few words explain content of page? No, the first three words dont tell me the page is about labs.
    • Better Page Title: Labrador Retrievers Everything You Must Know
  • Tip # 2 Add Relevant Keywords to Homepage
    • A Relevant Keyword Means:
      • Keyword is used by visitors to search
      • Keyword is used several times in content
      • Keyword is not industry jargon
    • How to Use on Homepage:
      • Spell out products/services in terms visitors use to search for you
    • Keyword Placement
      • If keywords are in flash or graphics, search engines can not read that!
  • Good Keyword Example
    • Keywords are in green below
    • Sample from Lauer Family Chiropractic Homepage:
    • Lauer Family Chiropractic can help. Like you, we believe that the health of your family is your most valuable asset. Along with Chiropractic care , we work with you and your family to achieve improved mental, physical, and nutritional health through a comprehensive program. Surprising to some, chiropractic care isnt just for injuries. Regular chiropractic adjustments keep your body functioning properly. Adjustments also increase the bodys ability to heal itself, thereby reducing the incidence of many common ailments and improving overall quality of life.
    • This Chiropractor Found that Visitors Search for them using the keywords: Lauer Family Chiropractic, Chiropractic Care, and Chiropractic Adjustments so he included them in his homepage.
  • Tip #3 Keep Content Fresh
    • Fresh Content Means:
      • Content is updated several times a year
      • News items are added every quarter
      • Content with dates over 6 months are deleted
    • Tool Needed:
      • Content Management System will allow site owners to edit w/o HTML knowledge
    • Why is fresh content important?
      • Will keep visitors coming back because you are giving them a reason to
  • Tip #4 Improve Links that Point to Your Site
    • What does that mean?
      • Review what sites link to your site & determine better sites to do this
    • Tool to Use:
      • www.alexa.com
    • What to check:
      • How many sites point to you
      • How relevant the data is that links to you
      • What else you may want to link to
    • Why is it important?
      • Google uses # of links as measurement tool
      • If credible sites link to you, your ranking will improve
  • Tip #5 Start a Blog
    • Inside Blog Posts:
      • Use keywords within the content
    • Linking:
      • Be sure to link the blog back to your main site
    • Domain:
      • Get the blog a unique URL
    • Why start one?
      • Can increase ranking & traffic
      • Easy to use
      • Can build trust with prospects & customers
  • Blog Post Example
    • Post Below is Good Example because:
    • Post included several keywords (in green)
    • Tags matched keywords (in yellow)
    • Post included a link back to main site
    • Link itself was a keyword
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Search Engine Optimization also known as SEO is a long-term solution for your website. This type of Internet Marketing will improve your organic ranking in search results by modifying your websites text to include top keywords. The text modification means the most appropriate keywords will be placed in the most important areas of the page. This type of program is ideal for businesses that already have a good flow of search engine traffic and just wish to
    • Read more about Search Optimization now.
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