5 tips to integrate twitter into your marketing mix

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5 Tips to Integrate Twitter Into Your Marketing Mix

Tap into the behaviors, interests and more of your audience.

Using third-party tools to gather and analyze this social data, you can develop a more targeted marketing campaign, from the landing pages you create to the print copy you write.Who is your audience?

A Twitter contest is one thing, but a Social media competition is a different beast altogether.Span your contest across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other networks to reap the benefitsYour audience will most likely have multiple touch points with your brand so be sure to promote it across all of your marketing channels.

Competition Time

Whether youre hosting a live event or just attending,Tweeting is a great way to engage with your audience. However, you can also bake Twitter into a multi-channel live event strategy tweeting behind-the-scenes images while you blog about key takeaways and post Instagram pictures of visitors to your booth, for instance.Live Events

If part of your marketing strategy involves using ads to reach your audience, Twitter can help with that, too. You can learn about the type of content that resonates with your audience on Twitter by examining your past tweets on Twitter Analytics.

From there, its simply a matter of mirroring the tone of voice, images and content in your search and display ads.

Targeted search and display ads

Many TV watchers especially those who just cant get enough live and reality TV use their second screen (typically a tablet or smartphone) while watching their favourite shows.

Use this knowledge to your advantage, and run a Twitter campaign..... PTO

Connect with their favourite TV shows

If you know what TV shows or sports games your audience loves, try searching for their hashtags on Twitter. Then, while the show is broadcasting, you can tweet alongside your audience. Now you can tweet related content..Show that you share the same interests..Monitor how they engage..