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It's not always easy to stay motivated to exercise. These tips will help you get outside and in-shape.


  • 1. 5 Tips to Stay Motivated to Exercise
  • 2. #1 Log it...Keep a log or ajournal of yourworkouts.What did you do?How did you feel?Its motivating to seehow far youve come
  • 3. #2 Get SocialJoin an online fitnesscommunityHere are a fewfavorites:loseit.comendomondo.commyfitnesspal.com
  • 4. #3 Make it a To Do item...Add your workouts toyour to do list andmake it a scheduledpart of your day....You should be yourhighest priority
  • 5. #4 Overcome ExcusesNot enough time?Pack your workoutclothes ahead of timeTalking yourself out ofit?Get a partner
  • 6. #5 Have Fun...Find activities that youlike to do that alsohave health andfitness benefits....Its easier to bemotivated to do itwhen you love it...
  • 7. Outside Health and FitnessFor more articles, information and motivation to get outside and in-shape visit: www.outsidehealthandfitness.com See You Outside!