5 ways custom business website design helps beat competition

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  • The success of any business website is determinedby how well information is delivered to potential customers.

  • Effective business website design must leave a lasting first impression.# 1

  • Website first impressions are94% design related.

  • Within the first 5 seconds your visitors should know . . .Who you areWhat you're sellingWhy your information is relevant to their needs

  • Web design that includes a large amount of flash, pop-ups and other distractions can't communicate with search engines and is quite annoying to website visitors.

  • Effective business website design must establish trust in an instant# 2

  • A business is only as good as the owner and the people who run it.

  • Custom website design allows you to dedicate a portion of the website to the people who contribute to the success and services of the business.

  • Visitors see a website as being more trustworthy when they can put a face or faces with it.

  • Custom business website design creates a distinctive look and feel # 3

  • There is certainly nothing unique about using the same website template used by thousands of other businesses.

  • A professionally designed website will help replicate your brand's in-store feel or create a new look and feel that matches your brand's identity.

  • Custom business website design delivers a better user experience# 4

  • Generic template-based websites can be quite boring and usually don't offer the user experience many visitors and customers want.

  • Custom web design takes the guesswork out of navigation and load times.

  • The user experience that works for your brand is one uniquely different from what your competition has to offer.

  • Custom business website design delivers a better search engine optimization (SEO) strategy

    # 5

  • When people type a phrase or question into a search box, they are looking for specific information to help answer a question or solve a problem.

  • Potential customers will rarely cycle through multiple pages of search results to find needed information.

  • An SEO strategy based on relevant information and strong web content will help insure that your business website appears on the first or second page of search results.

  • Custom business website design must deliver much more that a beautiful website.

  • An effective business website must have a unique look, be user-friendly and deliver relevant information that meets the individual needs of your website visitors.

  • By delivering what current and potential customers need, a custom business website can help your business race ahead of competition.

  • What type of experience does your business website create?

  • If you need help in making sure that your website delivers the right user-experience to the right target market, please get in touch.


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