5 ways to avoid having your candlewood lake home listing expired

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  • 5 Ways to Avoid Having Your Candlewood Lake Home Listing Expired

  • Imagine listing your Candlewood Lake home for sale in the MLS. After months upon months of waiting, you have not received a single offer for your home and have reached the end of the listing period. Your listing has just expired! This is the last thing that both home sellers and real estate agents wantto waste several months listing your home without it being sold.

  • Here are five things that you can do to avoid your

    listing from getting expired.

  • 1. Hire a well-experienced Candlewood Lake real estate agent

    Hiring a reputable and well-experienced real estate agent is the first logical step to avoid the painful experience of getting an expired listing. Real estate agents have the all the necessary knowledge and information to ensure that your home is priced right. They also have the proper tools and resources to market your homefrom local ads all the way to online and social media marketing.

  • As a seller, do not hesitate to ask your agent questions like how long he/she has been selling homes, how many homes the agent has sold, the number of listings that the agent handled that expired, how long it will take for the agent to sell your home, and how your listing can compete online.

  • 2. Make sure that your home is priced to sell from the first day of its listing

    More often than not, the primary reason why a home listing expires is its price. A prospective home buyer wants to pay only for what the local real estate market supports. A potential buyer will ignore an overpriced home, but instead, will buy other reasonably-priced Candlewood Lake homes available in the market. Putting an acceptable price tag to your home will greatly increase the chance of getting sold at the soonest possible time.

  • 3. Put the bells and whistles in staging your Candlewood Lake property

    First impressions last! This holds true even for real estate. Whether you are preparing your home for a photo-shoot or getting ready to take in people in an open house, your home must absolutely look its best. Having a properly staged home will help attract more potential buyers and have someone fall in love with your home.

  • 4. Expect some surprises

    When selling your home, expect the unexpected to happen to avoid ghastly feeling of getting caught with your pants down. Some things can turn up while the buyer is inspecting the home or during negotiation of the contract, and can make you very angry. An experienced real estate agent who works with you in selling the home should know how to best handle these unexpected situations.

  • 5. Avoid unnecessary haggling

    Haggling over minute details will not be worth the trouble and may only lead to further annoyance. Or worsea breakdown in negotiations. You do not need to win all the arguments. Save it for another time, maybe after you have closed the sale. You certainly would not want to lose a prospective home buyer even over a small percentage of the total price.

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