5 ways to become a flat lay expert

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5 Ways To Become A Flat Lay Expert

Choose a ThemeChoosing a theme will help you better understand what to put in the photo and where to place them.

Have a Clean BackgroundWhite or marble backgrounds are appealing to the eye and will make the products in the photo stand out; we have a white desk that we use to take all of our flat lays.

Place Strategically Make sure that whatever products are being placed are appealing to the eye and not cluttered.

Bright LightsLighting makes a big difference when it comes to flat lay, the brighter, the more appealing the photo will be. We use two studio lights that help us enhance the lighting and creating a brighter image.

Choose the Best FilterThe less, the better when it comes to a filter being placed over the photo because you want to enhance the image not cover it.

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