5 ways to boost your networking skills

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5 Ways to Boost Your Networking Skills from Nando, a Social Media Recruiter + Charlene, an advertising recruiter


  • 1. 5 ways to boost yournetworking Lets get honest here

2. 1.Any situation isa networking opportunity 3. in an elevator waiting in line for a sandwich commenting on someones haircut coming across someone with abucket of fishCreate the networking opportunity-dont wait for someone else tocreate it for you. 4. 2.Its not always what they can do for YOU-but what you can do for THEM 5. make a introduction with someonethey need in their network share key info on a trend theymight be interested in give them a tip when it comes to atopic youre a subject matterexpert inHelping someone out will alwayskeep you in the forefront of theirminds. 6. 3.Keep up withyour network 7. send them a YouTube video on a newtrend they might find interesting invite them to an event theyve showninterest in send them a referral if theyre lookingfor someone with specific talentsadd Value when you reach out toyour network. 8. 4.Check yourannoying meter (in real time) 9. are you reaching out too often afterthe initial meeting? (anything over 1X amonth is too muchunless there is aback and forth occurring) if they havent responded after 2attemptsstop reaching out. (Get thehint) Silence is golden, unless its a technique being used to keep you at bay. Respect peoples time. 10. 5.Check yourbreath 11. No further explanation needed 12. Nando RodriguezSocial Media Recruiter@NandoRecruitLinkedin/nandorodriguezCharlene NarcellesTalent Recruiter@CharleneRecruitLinkedin/charlenenarcelles