5 ways to differentiate your company is highly competitive markets

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Jeff Ogden of Find New Customers delivered a webinar for True Influence on "5 Ways to Differentiate your Company in Highly Competitive Markets


  • 1. *Doug Kessler, Velocity Partners on Mad Marketing TV
  • 2. Social Original With a point Confidence Outbound of view Controversy? Promotion Ideas Attitude Cross-promote Prezi? Added value Pllopit? New Hard work Content MediaOriginal research Differentiation Surprising Animation? Honesty Design Style Direct Transparency Fresh Plain-speaking Sharing negatives
  • 3. June 2008 Beta Release of softwareNovember 2010 Raises $4 millionMarch 2011 General ReleaseJune 2011 Raises $10 millionNovember 2011 Launches Mad Marketing TV
  • 4. Awesome Guests +Jenn Lim, CEODelivering Happiness(Zappos creation)
  • 5. Act-On Reports 405% revenue growth. Expands internationally.Employee count grows 600%.Growth in new customers second only to Marketo.What we saw in the VEST report is a huge growth by Act-On Software,David Raab said. [The company] is out there at a very low price point.
  • 6. Urban Word of the DayA characteristic, mannerism, or appearance of aperson, either subtle or overt, which implies unique,eccentric, creative, adventurous or unconventionalthinking.
  • 7. They boost online ad results by using deepcontent marketing, the strategy of placingonline ads deep within the websites of thirdparties.Another tool in the B2B marketers toolbox,deep content marketing specifically targetspages directly relating to your own products orservices.
  • 8. Print is dead. Or is it?When magazines were slumping, it was up 16.5%. #1 in industry.How? Dump the standard and Let your freak flag fly.Emphasize laughs, inside jokes and fun., not a slick mag. E-Ink cover with QRcode to bring Robt Downey Jr. to life.Esquire you see in 2012 is very different from 2006 VP, Advertising atFord
  • 9. The Anti-Kodak: How a US Firm Innovates and Thrives WSJ 1/13/2012Cheap imports a problem. First try, stop them. It failed.Quickly diversified into new products and niches. Amassed thousands ofpatents. Hire the best, e.g. PhDs Were an innovation company. Debt freeand double digit returns on invested capital.What worked? Culture and willingness to change
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