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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>1</p> <p>5 ways to get more contacts from your free Avvo profile</p> <p>Good morning and good afternoon to those of you on the east coast, thanks for joining us today for 5 ways to get more contacts from your free Avvo profile 2</p> <p>Director of Legal Marketingsherrick@avvo.comSheilin Herrick</p> <p>My name is Sheilin Herrick, at Avvo Im the director of legal marketing. For over 10 years Ive been developing and executing online and offline marketing strategies for businesses across a variety of industries, including consumer packaged goods, data protection, digital marketing, and insurance. In my role here at Avvo, my team and I develop educational content for attorneys looking to improve their practices online presence and the volume of contacts they generate from potential clients using a variety of media, including their Avvo profile3</p> <p>Why consumers choose Avvo5 free ways to get more contacts with your profilePractice area &amp; contact informationProfessional headshotYour resumeReviews and endorsementsParticipate in Q&amp;AQ&amp;AAgenda</p> <p>First well talk about why consumers choose AvvoAnd then dive into 5 free ways to get more contacts with your profile This includes, practice area &amp; contact information a Professional headshot, including what makes a good headshotAdding content to the resume on your Avvo profileHow to requesting reviews and endorsements, including how to respond to negative reviewsAnd finally how to participate in Q&amp;AQ&amp;A4</p> <p>Why consumers choose Avvo</p> <p>For those of you unfamiliar with Avvo, let me give you a little background. 5</p> <p>Each month over 8 million visits ultimately connect 650k consumers and lawyers.Helps consumers make smarter legal decisions by providing them with transparency and simplified access to legal information and services.Helps lawyers grow their business by providing a free marketing platform as well as paid marketing solutions.About Avvo</p> <p>Each month over 8 million visits ultimately connect 650k consumers and lawyers on Avvo.</p> <p>Our mission is to help consumers make smarter legal decisions by providing them with transparency and simplified access to legal information and services, and in turn, help lawyers grow their business by providing a free marketing platform as well as paid marketing solutions.6</p> <p>Avvo is committed to providing actionable legal information to consumersand that in turn helps lawyers get more business.</p> <p>One of our guiding principles is to remember to always do the right thing for the consumer and that means providing actionable legal information and easy access to attorneys that can help them. This principle keeps consumers coming back to Avvo for information and advice, and as a result, generates more business for attorneys featured on the site. </p> <p>7</p> <p>Q&amp;A forumLegal guidesBlog</p> <p>Avvo features a Q&amp;A forum, which any attorney with a claimed Avvo profile can participate in. Consumers can also search for and read legal guides, written by attorneys, like you. And last but not least, they can catch up on legal issues in the news on our blog all of this not only provides a forum for attorneys to connect with consumers, but it also helps drive traffic from qualified potential clients to attorney profiles in relevant practice areas and cities. 8</p> <p>50%Avvo visitors that have an urgent legal need</p> <p>Because we provide content like thiswe attract qualified potential clients. In 2015, 50% of our visitors had an urgent legal need. 9</p> <p>$8BAvvo delivers 8 billion in revenue to lawyers annually </p> <p>This drives business to attorneys. Avvo delivers $8 billion in revenue to lawyers annually. 10</p> <p>Avvo helps lawyersconnect with prospective clients through a free marketing platform</p> <p>And grow their practice by increasing visibility and therefore potential contacts through paid advertising solutions. </p> <p>11</p> <p>12</p> <p>Andgrow their practice throughpaid advertising solutions</p> <p>14</p> <p>5 free ways to get more contacts from your Avvo profile</p> <p>But this presentation isnt about advertising, its about how you can get more free contacts from your Avvo profile by adding the content to your profile that consumers are searching for. 15</p> <p>Enter practice area and contact informationAdd a professional headshotFill out your resume sectionsRequest reviews and endorsementsAnswer consumer questions5 free ways to get more contacts from your Avvo profile</p> <p>Were going to walk through the five most important things you can do to let potential clients know everything they need to know about you in order to make a hiring decision. </p> <p>Practice area &amp; contact informationProfessional headshotYour resume on your profileReviews and endorsementsParticipate in Q&amp;A</p> <p>16</p> <p>Think strategically aboutyour practice area pie</p> <p>Youll want to think strategically about your practice area pie. 17</p> <p>Heres an example. The practice area pie is the pie chart on your profile. It ensures that youll show up for searches for common legal issues, like Landlord and tenant law, in your city. In this example, Boston. 18</p> <p>65%of potential clients say that practice area is the most important factor when choosing an attorney</p> <p>Update your contact information</p> <p>20</p> <p>Make sure prospective clientscan contact you</p> <p>And make sure prospective clients can contact you. If your website, phone number, and email address arent accurate, prospective clients wont be able to reach you through your Avvo profile. </p> <p>21</p> <p>And your physical address helps too because most clients expect to visit the attorneys office at some point, they tend to look for attorneys near them. Verifying your physical address on your Avvo profile will ensure that your office shows up correctly on the map on your profile. 22</p> <p>Add an awesome headshot</p> <p>Adding a headshot dramatically improves the likelihood of a potential client contacting you. Think about it, when you shop online, you always expect to see a photo of what youre buying. This is so important to Amazon, for example, that theyve filed a patent on white backgrounds in photos. </p> <p>23</p> <p>17xProfiles with headshots generate 17x more contacts than profiles without headshots</p> <p>Attorneys with headshots on their profiles generate 17x more contacts than those that dont. 24</p> <p>But, we have to stress, dont just add any headshot. All headshots are not created equal. Now, Im going to walk you through the good, the bad, and the non-existent. 25</p> <p>Headshots say a lot about you</p> <p>Headshots say a lot about you. Not just that youre a person who wears glasses and has a lifestyle and personal style preference for red jackets over black jackets, but much more26</p> <p>ProfessionalEducatedApproachableFriendlyDo you appear</p> <p>Headshots are often the first opportunity a potential client will have to meet you. They give you the opportunity to put your best foot forward and communicate that you are someone that the potential client really wants to work with. An attorney that is professional, dedicated, approachable, and friendly. </p> <p>27</p> <p>Quick to judgeToo seriousLackadaisicalOr</p> <p>On the contrary, however, they can also communicate that you appear quick to judge, are too serious, or even lackadaisical about what you do. 28</p> <p>Without a headshot, you cant communicate any of these things at all. 29</p> <p>Not awesome headshots</p> <p>But a less than awesome headshot can also fail to communicate these things and even create misconceptions about your level of professionalism. 30</p> <p>What makes a headshot bad? It isnt personal, but a lot of the time it has a to do with the photographer itself. For example, a webcam isnt a photographerit doesnt adjust light well and leaves you to be the judge of when to capture the best shot. Framing the shot is also important, you want consumers to be able to see your face, not just guess what you might look like. Some people a really uncomfortable with looking at the camera, but we have to say, its a must. It helps establish a sense of confidence and shows the consumer exactly what you look like. A professional photographer can help coach you in looking at the camera while not appearing too intense or uncomfortable. 31</p> <p>Awesome headshots</p> <p>Now that weve covered the non-existent and the badlets move on to what makes an awesome headshot. 32</p> <p>In this case, the attorney has mastered appearing professional and confident while not sacrificing any amount of friendliness or approachability.33</p> <p>These attorneys have also succeeded in communicating the same attributes in different settings. 34</p> <p>Update your resume sections</p> <p>Dont forget informative parts of your resume like awards, states licensed, and past work experience. 35</p> <p>You might think that a potential client doesnt care about which associations youre in, or which speaking engagements youve had. But the truth is that your experience and involvement in the field of law all counts towards the acquisition of new clients and more contacts36</p> <p>100% +Strong profiles generate 100% +more traffic than weak profiles</p> <p>Profiles that are strong, meaning they contain the basic information weve covered so far, plus three incremental resume sections, generate 100% more traffic from consumers than weak profiles. </p> <p>37</p> <p>LicensingAwardsEducationWork experienceAssociationsUpdate your resume sections</p> <p>While some sections of the resume may not apply to you, like speaking engagements and publications, you will want to include those that do apply to every attorney licensing, awards, education, work experience, and associations. 38</p> <p>Strong ProfileWeak Profile</p> <p>In these examples, you can see the difference that simply including a headshot can make in how engaging a profile is its no wonder profiles with headshots get 17x more contacts than those that dont. Youll have just a few seconds to capture the interest of a potential client as they browse Avvo in your practice area. A headshot, client reviews, and contact information that includes phone and website, in addition to email. 39</p> <p>At minimum, add your first andmost recent awards</p> <p>Many attorneys have won awards from their local bar association and firms like SuperLawyers and Martindale Hubbel. Youve put in the hard work to get those awards, and your Avvo profile offers an opportunity to show them off. At a bare minimum, add your first and most recent awards to your Avvo profile. </p> <p>40</p> <p>Awards can positively influence your Avvo Rating and help consumers validate that youre as highly qualified as you appear. 41</p> <p>Request client reviewsfrom your profile</p> <p>Then, youll want to request client reviews directly from your profile. You can choose the clients you want to request reviews from, this way you can feel confident youll receive more positive reviews. But, I have to stress, bad reviews arent necessarily a bad thing. Negative reviews can also help you appear more authentic even though we all want to be perfect, we are human. </p> <p>42</p> <p>12xAttorneys with just 1 review are 12xmore likely to be contacted</p> <p>88%of consumers say they trust online reviewsas much as personal recommendations</p> <p>How would you feel if your attorney asked you for a review?</p> <p>And clients are happy to oblige. 74% say that getting a request for review is totally normal. 45</p> <p>When logged into your profile, reviews will appear like this. 46</p> <p>Review email example</p> <p>When you request reviews from your profile, an email will get sent to those specific clients you want reviews from. Heres what this email looks like. 47</p> <p>Subject line: Leave Us Your Feedback</p> <p>Thank you for your business. Weve found that online customer reviews are both helpful for consumers seeking legal help and for firms like ours that strive to provide exceptional service for our clients. We would truly appreciate an onlinereview from you!</p> <p>Avvois a legal site for consumers that allows login by Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn or your own email and it easily allows you to post a review anonymously</p> <p>The primary reason most consumers dont readily provide reviews is that they arent asked. We make it simple for you, and for the client, by sending this very straight forward email explaining Avvo and that you are requesting a review. All you have to do is choose the clients to send to. 48</p> <p>Responding to negative reviews</p> <p>Like I said earliernegative reviews arent necessarily a bad thing. Some can help you appear more authentic. And others can give you an opportunity to respond and ultimately improve the clients perception of their experience. </p> <p>49</p> <p>116%People who read a negative review with a good response are 116% more likely toPurchase than if there is no response</p> <p>People who read a negative review with a good response are 116% more likely toPurchase than if there is no response</p> <p>50</p> <p>3 tips for a good response</p> <p>Lets talk about how to respond to these reviews and increase your chances of a positive outcome. </p> <p>51</p> <p>Take a breathApologize Take it offline3 tips for a good response</p> <p>Like many potentially contentious online situations, its best to take a breath, apologize, and take it offline by contacting the client in a non-public forum, like a phone call. 52</p> <p>Get peer endorsements</p> <p>Lets talk peer endorsements. 53</p> <p>These can be from judges or other attorneys youve worked on case with. Often, even opposing counsel will be happy to provide an endorsement. 54</p> <p>90%say online reviews impact their decisions</p> <p>90% of people say online reviews impact their decisions. And more than 30% of consumers say that peer endorsements are the number one factor in determining whether or not to hire a particular attorney. </p> <p>55</p> <p>And peer endorsements can positively influence your Avvo Rating. 56</p> <p>Answer questions in Q&amp;A forum</p> <p>Last but not least, you can increase your visibility on Avvo and generate more contacts by answering questions in the Q&amp;A forum. </p> <p>57</p> <p>50%of these visitors have an urgent legal issue</p> <p>Demonstrate the traits consumers want</p> <p>The Q&amp;A forum gives you an opportunity to demonstrate the traits that consumers are looking for when deciding whether or not to hire an attorney. 59</p> <p>Heres an example of a response that demonstrates compassion straight away in the first sentence. Karen says Im sorry to hear about your son </p> <p>She then demonstrates her knowledge by providing a very specific and detailed answer to the question and by stating that this is extraordinarily reckless conduct that is almost intentional in nature she appears assertive. </p> <p>60</p> <p>Not so much</p> <p>This response doesnt really demonstrate experience, assertiveness, or knowledge.61</p> <p>10xmore contacts for attorneys whoanswer 15+ questions on Avvo</p> <p>3 reasons to use the JD App</p> <p>But you dont have to be glued to your desktop to answer questions like this and generate contacts from potential clients. The Avvo JD app lets you do it on the go. </p> <p>63</p> <p>Be first to answerLeverage down timeKeep your profile updated</p> <p>Because youll have anytime, mobile, access to questions asked in the Q&amp;A forum. You can be the first to answer,...</p>