5 ways to get more leads from your b2b blog

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This presentation shows you five ways to turn your B2B blog into a lead-generation


  • My company has a blog, but none ofour readers are turning into leads.What gives?

  • If you have asked this question, thenyou are not alone.

  • Although 77% of B2B marketers haveblogs, only 59% find blogging effective.

    Source: 2013 B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends North America report

  • To improve the ROI from your blog, youneed to move more visitors from yourblog to your e-list.

    Here are five ways you can do this:

  • Blog More Often

  • Companies that have published 200 ormore blog posts generate 5 times asmuch traffic* as those with 10 posts orless.

    Just dont sacrifice content quality toincrease your page count.Source: Polaris B

  • Increase YourInternal Links

  • Link keywords in your blog posts torelated posts.

    This can improve your SEO andincrease the amount of time visitorsspend on your site.

  • Dont Be Afraidto Advertise

  • Your blog content should educate youraudience not sell to them.

    However, you should still providevisitors with ways to join your list.

  • Include banner ads for premiumcontent, such as webinars and whitepapers, throughout your blog.

    Customize ads for each post (i.e. runan ad for an e-commerce white paperon a blog post about e-commerce).

  • Ask NewSubscribers toRegister byEmail

  • The RSS feed makes it easy for peopleto subscribe, but

    You have more control over yourmessages and deeper insight into youranalytics when you get people tosubscribe via email.

  • Your email opt-in box should be moreprominent than your RSS option.

    You can even remove your RSS buttonand require everyone to sign up viaemail. Your new subscribers may drop,but your leads will be more qualified.

  • Include a Callto Action atthe End ofEvery Post

  • The request in your call to action shouldnot be big (i.e. contact a sales rep).

    Instead, it can ask leads to opt in forpremium content, visit another page onyour website, subscribe to your blog orconnect with you on social media.