5 ways to get people to talk about your business in social media

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5 Ways to Get People to Talk about Your Business in Social Media

by Gary Messinger

Social media is an effective tool for spreading the word about your business. A click or two enables you to reach thousands or even millions of people. But wait, theres one thing you need to know. Just because youre on Facebook, Twitter or any other popular social media site, it doesnt mean that people will automatically talk about you. Of course, you want to create a buzz, a positive one that is. In order to do that, you need to utilize these surefire techniques.

Let people know what your business is up to

A common feature in most social networks is the status update. It lets you broadcast what youre doing, what youre thinking, what youre eating. Use this tool to let people know whats new in your business. Are you launching a new product? Are you preparing for a worthy event? Are you conceptualizing new ideas to improve an old line? Get people excited by sharing interesting updates.

Share photos of the business site

Your company looks awesome and for those who havent gotten a chance to visit it, its a great idea to give them a virtual tour. A preview of your workplace doesnt only add credibility to your business but also a personalized touch. Its self-promotion that doesnt look like it. Be sure to highlight aspects of the work area that would interest your followers the most. This is the computer where I encode my paperworks vs. This is where we manufacture our fabric and color-print our shirtsits obvious which one would rouse curiosity.

Express gratitude over a positive feedback

This one is a much better way of praising yourself. Instead of telling everyone that yours is the greatest wooden furniture shop in the planet, let other peoples words say that.

So happy when clients recognize our talent and hard work! This inspiring customer feedback surely brightens up our day *link to the testimonial*.Raise a mind-blowing question

Post a business-relevant question thats intriguing enough to generate discussion. For example, if you own a travel and tours agency, you can grab peoples attention with the following kinds of questions:

If you were to win a travel contest, where do you want to go and why?Whats one travel essential you cant leave without?

If youve won a million dollars in the lottery and could only spend it abroad, what would you do with it?What are the top ten travel-related items in your bucket list?What do you think is the best age for children to travel?Ask for feedback

Another efficient way to get people talking about your business is to ask for feedback. Whether its for a new product, a new concept, an existing line, or any other aspect in your business you want to know more about peoples opinions of, you can ask your contacts for feedback. This is a good strategy as it makes your customers feel valued.

Done signing up with one or two social media sites? Dont stop there. Make sure you keep your contacts engaged by employing these techniques that would get them to talk more about your business.