5 ways to get sacked using social media

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<ul><li> 5 ways to get sacked<br />Using social media at work<br /></li> <li> Social media - we all use it<br />Examples How NOT to use it<br />Lessons<br />How to USE it<br /></li> <li> Important lessons to keep your job<br />Everything you do is permanent<br />Privacy settings, try googling yourself?<br />Just because your boss, coworker, spouse or neighbour doesnt know about Twitter, doesnt read blogs and refuses to join FaceBook doesnt mean your comments on the web wont get back to him/her.<br /></li> <li> Remember your privacy settings<br />Lesson 1:Dontfriend your manager on facebook then complain about your job<br /></li> <li> In fact all your information is public<br /></li> <li> Most companies monitor SM<br /></li> <li> A cautionary Twitter tale <br /></li> <li> Most companies monitor social media, so treat anything you say or post, <br />like a public forum<br /></li> <li> Everything is permanent<br />And thanks to Google Cache, the deleted content of "theconnors" homepage resurfaced on CiscoFatty.com, a Web site erected to commemorate this cautionary tale. <br />Waybackmachine.com<br />Even if you delete it, it is retrievable, so think twice before pressing publish<br /></li> <li> Reasonable use at work<br />.<br /></li> <li> Keep confidential information<br />"Moved into green zone by helicopter Iraqi flag now over palace. Headed to new US embassy Appears calmer less chaotic than previous here.<br />CONFIDENTIAL<br /></li> <li> Supposed to be a top secret congressional delegation<br />Even media outlets that knew of the trip kept a lide on the news<br /></li> <li> Risk bringing yourself &amp; co into disrepute<br />In June 2008, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd asked that office and household staff remove their Facebook profiles after one executive assistant posted party pictures from the PMs 17-day trip to the US. <br /></li> <li> Recap: <br />Most companies monitor SM<br />Recent studies confirm that over half of employers check their job candidates social media profiles and activities before making a hiring decision<br />Badmouth employer or staff<br />Discriminatory comments<br />Lie about qualifications/education<br />Photos of you in compromising situations<br /></li> <li> Recap: Privacy<br />100% everything you post on the internet is public<br />Even if you delete it<br />It can still show up<br /></li> <li> Use SM at work = use common sense<br />Whats considered reasonable at work?<br />Social Media Policy &amp; Guidelines<br />Reasonable use is considered how youd use the telephone at work<br />Keep confidential information confidential<br />Use a disclaimer separate yourself from work<br /></li> <li> Keep your job <br />&amp; keep your social media profiles active!<br /></li> </ul>