5 Ways to Get Started Investing in Real Estate

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Shauwn Digman discusses the importance of building a team when real estate investing. Discover the benefits and advantages of networking with wholesalers, title companies, hard money lenders, and other real estate investors


  • 1. Five Ways to Get Started Investing in Real Estate Build Your Team
  • 2.
    • The real estate market changes quickly
    • You must evaluate your business model and make improvements to operation
    • If you were dropped into a strange city, how would you begin investing in real estate?
  • 3. Building Your Team- Wholesalers
    • Drive around neighborhoods and pick ones you want to invest in
    • Call the numbers on bandit signs that say we buy houses
    • Network with these wholesalers- they buy property
    • These are not your competitors, they are teammates
  • 4. 1. Building Your Team- Wholesalers
    • Theyll give you a list of buyers who you can wholesale property to
    • You can also use them to find deals
    • Either way you begin to see the pipeline of deals moving around your city
  • 5. Building Your Team- The Internet
    • Craigslist
    • REIAs and franchises post and sell property over the internet
    • Find and call seller on the internet
    • Say Im new to the city, and Id like to start wholesaling property
  • 6. Building Your Team- Title Companies
    • Ninja Trick
    • They know where invoices come from and who the fees go out to
    • They know whos making money in real estate
    • Network with closers at title companies
    • Theyll tell you whos doing deals so you can can call and email them
  • 7. Building Your Team- REI Groups
    • Go online to find a national REI group
    • Attend events and rub elbows
    • Wholesalers and property sellers will be there
    • Begin building a rapport with your new teammates
  • 8. Building Your Team- Hard Money Lenders
    • You may not want or need to borrow money from them
    • They know investors who buy property with equity in them
    • Sometimes the lenders must foreclose on these investors
    • In order to get these properties off their books, theyll sell to you at a discount
  • 9. Building Your Team
    • No matter what city youre in, you can use these methods to build your team and get started investing in real estate!
  • 10. Passive Equity
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