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  1. 1. Are you looking to get more vine followers? Different Social Networks have different ways to get noticed and so has vine. Let us try and understand what makes vine special. When it is getting crowded elsewhere and you are looking for a media where you can be heard and visible vine is the best option right now. Simply follow others: No rocket science and with definite results this has fetched phenomenal results on vine and you can connect at jet speed. Posting a vine a day: Let others know what you stand for, so that they understand you, by simply posting a vine a day which is meaningful. It will get you a following that you may not have even dreamt in your wildest dreams. Tweet your vines too: The more the number of people who knows about your vine postings the better it is and tweets are a brilliant way of doing it. Keep your friends informed of your Vine account: Do not expect instant results but when it rains it pours and you will not be able to stop the flow once it starts. Building groups is a worthwhile idea: Have more friends roped in together in groups and make the best of both worlds by interacting with them at the same time growing your followers. The above 5 ways to get vine followers is time tested and can be replicated. The more you vine the more you get followers. So keep following others, posting a vine a day and tweet your vines which will get you followers like never before. You can buy vine revines easily and do a whole lot more now.