5 ways to increase followers on Twitter

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6 Ways to Increase Followers on Twitter

5 Ways to Increase Followers on TwitterBy Socioblend

1. Follow more users on Twitter.

If you follow more people on Twitter,ask them to follow you back. Many wont and many will follow you back.

2. Use Twiends to find new Twitter users you can connect withTwiends is an exchange website where you get points to follow other users on Twitter and then you can use those points to get followed.Visit Twiends

3. Request Retweets

Tweets that have Please Retweet in their text get 4 times more Retweets. There is no shame in asking to Retweet your Tweet. If you are serious and want to get more Twitter followers, then why feel shame?

4. Use relevant hashtags in your posts

Tweets with hashtags get at least 2 times more visibility, and helps you to attract new followers

5. Use relevant keywords in your bio so you rank in Twitter search.Dont forget to put in your city or region to attract local users.

SOURCE: SOCIOBLEND.COMThank You!Tip: To increase Twitter followers in short span, you can buy Twitter followers.