5 ways to integrate slideshare into your content strategy

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5 Ways to Integrate SLIDESHARE Into Your Content Strategy

5 Ways to Integrate SLIDESHARE

Into Your Content Strategy

What is SlideShare? Largest community for posting and sharing presentations. Users can post public or private presentations in the form of a PDF, PPT, Keynote, Google Slides, and more. Once uploaded, your presentation can be seen by a wider audience and is easily searchable by viewers.

What Should You Post?

1. INDUSTRY REPORTS Summarize key informationAdd visuals & graphs SlideShare provides transcript of slides below presentation for quick review

61% of global Internet users research products online.

2. PRESENTATIONS Allows your presentations to be seen by a wider, relevant audienceEasily upload slides Add to relevant category (ex: business, marketing, finance) Share to social channels

The Benefits of Inbound Marketing


Blogs White Papers eBooks


QuotesVideos Infographics


Choose a trending topicAdd audio narrationEasily allows slides to be saved by participants Share easily on social channels

Why Implement SlideShare?

70 MillionProfessional UsersOne of the top100 Most viewed websites 5x more traffic from business owners than other social media

Source: SlideShare

Increase Visibility New posts go to the homepageAdd to category pageSeen by wider audienceOver 70% of SlideShare traffic comes from targeted search

Integrates With Other Platforms HubSpotGoogle HangoutsOracle Marketo

Gate Content Increases leadsCapture contact information for future content/nurturing

Utilize Analytics MeasureImprove See who is viewing your presentation

Shareable Posts easily to social media Can be embedded in other channels (blogs, website, etc.)

Improves SEO Creditable website domainIncreases backlinks Improves referrals by adding links back to your site


Include links back to your website Optimize for SEO Make it eye catching Focus on the 1st slide Add a CTAPost relevant content ENGAGE

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