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5 Ways To Kill Your Dreams by. Bel Pesce

5 Ways To Kill Your Dreamsby. Bel PesceGermain Vicente RamosArturo Cantres CintronINCO3002 Bel PesceShe a brazilian named Bel Pesce.Student of M.I.T Comes from a humble family.Pesce wrote a book in Brazil.Overnight SucessSome people think that dreams happen overnight but this people have work the prior years to achieve there sucess.OpinionsEverybody has answer and opinios of your doubts but is up to you to deside witch path is better to take.

Time settle

When people achieve there dream you cant settle down you need to stop and look for a hire peek.Bealive the fault is someone elses

When people are having problems achieving there sucess they tend to blame the fault on someone else that is not them when is ussually there fault.Is your responsability to achieve your dream.The only thing that matter is your dreamsLife is not about the goal its self is about the journey because achieving a dream is a momentarely sansetion.Questions1.What do you think Bel analyzed when planning, writing, and completing her presentation?I think she review her on life and analyzed people arround her that have help and not help achieve her dream.2. Was the time span of the presentation effective? Explain. Yes, because she was precise and went right to the point and she explained it to the public in a simple way without having them get bored.

3. What type of an approach did the presenter use?She used a direct approach threw the slide show. Giving example of her experience of her life.4. Which type of word choice was used and did it appeal to the audience? Since Bel Pesce gave a title to the presentation it automatically called the attention of many people. Since we all have dreams to fulfill and in occasions we need to hear speeches like this one, that motivate us to do the right things to get to where we want to. Words like dreams , kill, decide succes and responsibility are in our vocabulary every day . And this is what makes it a simple and interesting speech .

Questions 5. If there would have been a Q&A segment, what question would you have asked?When you reach a high goal how do you look forward toward a new dream.

6. How did you perceive the presenter? Why? I perceive that she is very self-confident. In the way, she talks about the steps also the daily live examples she gives let the public understand better the message she is trying to give

7. As a group, do you agree with the points presented? Explain.I agree on Bels presentation because all the points she presented are real situations of people trying to achieve there dream in life