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  1. 1. TITLE OF YOUR PRESO Make a copy of this file. Then Delete this line ;) 5 WAYS TO LEVEL UP YOUR MOBILE GAME MARKETING
  2. 2. #mobilegamingCX LEVEL 1 KNOWING YOUR OPPONENT
  3. 3. #mobilegamingCX Why User-Generated Content is CriticalTodays app market is saturated.
  4. 4. #mobilegamingCX In 2016, app stores offered close to 800K mobile games vs. 17K titles on PC and game consoles.
  5. 5. #mobilegamingCX Mobile games drive close to 40% of the total revenue in the global games market. via Digi-Capital 40%
  6. 6. #mobilegamingCX The opportunity here for mobile app developers is massive, but rising competition and costs in a crowded market makes it harder to break into this market. The costs of gamer acquisition and retention are also steadily increasing. Michael Mace, VP of Product Marketing at UserTesting
  7. 7. #mobilegamingCX LEVEL 2 UPPING THE WOW FACTOR
  8. 8. #mobilegamingCX Why User-Generated Content is Critical When you think of some of the most successful mobile games
  9. 9. #mobilegamingCX 1 2 3 4
  10. 10. #mobilegamingCX Why User-Generated Content is CriticalYou start to see a theme.
  11. 11. #mobilegamingCX 1 2 3 4 Short & quick Easy to learn, hard to master Accessible Ownership
  12. 12. #mobilegamingCX Why User-Generated Content is Critical To keep players engaged, you need to test out new formats & storylines.
  13. 13. #mobilegamingCX LEVEL 3 FINDING YOUR CLAN
  14. 14. #mobilegamingCX Why User-Generated Content is Critical Game developers are turning to partnerships to up their reach.
  15. 15. #mobilegamingCX Why User-Generated Content is Critical Through IBM Watson tech, the PlayFab developers can process large amounts of data and discover deeper insights into player behavior. Playfab x IBM Watson
  16. 16. #mobilegamingCX Why User-Generated Content is Critical Koukoi and FoxNext are creating a mobile tie-in game for the upcoming animated film, Ferdinand. This partnership is an example of how game developers are dipping their toes in the Intellectual Property market to capture new audiences. Koukoi x FoxNext Games
  17. 17. #mobilegamingCX In 2017 we will see more major partnerships and acquisitions involving the leading mobile game developers. PC and console game companies will increasingly leverage their triple-A intellectual property with mobile game developers. Terence Fung, Chief Strategy Officer, Storm8
  18. 18. #mobilegamingCX LEVEL 4 BIG DATA & TARGETING FTW!
  19. 19. #mobilegamingCX Mobile development has allowed game developers to break into the field more easily. The designing procedure has become more manageable and simple and the cost of game development has dropped significantly. The portability of smartphones has allowed game developers to track big data easily. This helps developers innovate promotion strategies based on big data. Jason Yang, CEO & Co-Founder, Veewo Games
  20. 20. #mobilegamingCX Why User-Generated Content is Critical The link can help track engagement across platforms.
  21. 21. #mobilegamingCX Why User-Generated Content is Critical Every swipe, tap, and click is a link.
  22. 22. #mobilegamingCX Why User-Generated Content is Critical Lets say youre promoting a new game update...
  23. 23. #mobilegamingCX Why User-Generated Content is Critical You partner with a group of influencers to expand your reach.
  24. 24. #mobilegamingCX Give each influencer his/her own Bitlink: Its here. 20 new storylines, more loot boxes, secret levels, and more. Download the new update: ga.me/influencerA. Its early in the season, but this might be the best punt return you see all year: es.pn/2bEJNds The update youve been waiting for. ga.me/influencerB. The wait is over. Fresh storylines & new gear. Download to start playing: ga.me/influencerC.
  25. 25. #mobilegamingCX Back in the Bitly dashboard, you see how each of these links performed:
  26. 26. #mobilegamingCX LEVEL 5 POWER UP YOUR REVENUE
  27. 27. #mobilegamingCX Why User-Generated Content is Critical Subscription Advertising Add-ons Physical Goods TYPES OF REVENUE MODELS
  28. 28. #mobilegamingCX Why User-Generated Content is Critical Subscription models help build loyalty, boost revenue, and reduce churn.
  29. 29. #mobilegamingCX Last summer, Apple announced a way to facilitate subscription revenue for game developers, increasing the developer revenue share to 85%. Subscriptions can benefit developers given a higher revenue share with the app stores, customer loyalty and revenue predictability presuming a developer can deliver strong enough customer value that leads to high payer conversion. Terence Fung, Chief Strategy Officer, Storm8
  30. 30. THANK YOU SEE BITLY IN ACTION! bitly.is/rethink-webinar TYPE INTO YOUR BROWSER: