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5 WAYS TO STAY MOTIVATED5 WAYS TO STAY MOTIVATEDDEFINITION:the driving force which help causes us to achieve goalscan be intrinsic or extrinsicSAKTHIVEL A/L VADIVELU780530085233001OUM MARCH 2011THE MEANING IS FROM WIKIPEDIASAKTHIVEL A/L VADIVELUSTAYING MOTIVATEDSAKTHIVEL A/L VADIVELU 780530085233001 OUM MARCH 2011MOTIVATIONM oved by suggestion and incitationO nly arriving with inspirationT o complete the task come what mayI nsistent on going all the wayV enturing out to your limits you goA nxious to succeed and willing to growT aking each step helps your confidence riseI ntent as you keep your eyes on the prizeO bstacles no longer a difference makeN ot giving up -- a reward you takeSAKTHIVEL A/L VADIVELU 780530085233001 OUM MARCH 2011WHAT IS SO GREAT ABOUT MOTIVATION???QUOTABLE QUOTES SAKTHIVEL A/L VADIVELU 780530085233001 OUM MARCH 2011SOME HELPING WORDS FROM GREAT PEOPLEWITH THATMotivation and emotion are closely related. Indeed, it has been argued that emotions are the true motivators and that other factors internal, situational, and cognitive take hold of behavior by way of the emotions they evokeREFERENCES:workawesome.com/goals/ways-to-get-motivatedwww.acrumbfalls.com/2011/03/5-ways-to-get-motivatedwww.neuro-vision.us/ad/Article/5-Ways-To-Get-Motivatedusmansheikh.wordpress.com/2008/02/26/5-ways-to-get-youwww.articlesbase.com/wellness-articlesSAKTHIVEL A/L VADIVELU 780530085233001 OUM MARCH 2011