5 ways to use SlideShare for your business

Download 5 ways to use SlideShare for your business

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http://www.gloriarand.com SEO Copywriter Gloria Rand presents 5 ways you can use SlideShare to promote your business.


  • 1.5 Ways to Use SlideShare for Your Business

2. Demonstrate Expertise 3. Optimized for SearchUse keywords in SlideShare titles & descriptions 4. Follow-up to Webinars Create Powerpoint for webinar Upload to SlideShare Email link toregistrants 5. Share with Social NetworksIntegratesseamlessly onTwitter,LinkedIn, andPinterest 6. Embed in your blog 7. Get Leads with SlideShare Pro 8. Gloria Rand - SEO Copywriter www.gloriarand.comgloria@gloriarand.com 786-942-8321