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1 The Way To Trade John Piper puts forward some observations in his book The Way To Trade which go against the traditional trading beliefs. In fact, his approach is quite contrarian which will have you thinking about your approach to trading from a different perspective. The astonishing calculations, one-of-a-kind investigations, proven experiments and countless surveys, are only a small fraction of what's in store for anyone who reads The Way To Trade. John Piper covers a lot, however I think the best part of this book is how he rightfully downplays the role of trade triggering techniques. He demonstrates how there are many ways to trade and that the only thing that counts is the result. Code: http://uploading.com/files/YLAHQQ2T/John_Piper_-_The_Way_To_Trade.pdf.html http://www.enterupload.com/ml2fhc1f5266/John_Piper_-_The_Way_To_Trade.pdf.html 2 Money Mastery - 10 Principles That Will Change Your Financial Life Forever Based on a people-tested and time-tested system, this book gives you detailed strategies to show you how to master your money by budgeting effectively, reducing debt, and investing wisely. It examines the reasons why we struggle with spending, borrowing, and saving, and how to get these habits under control. The book is based on 10 step-by-step principles that build upon each other, culminating in an entire system that gets to the heart of: why we spend, and how to track and control spending; the factors that keep people perpetually in debt, and how you can eliminate debt completely (including mortgage) in nine years or less; why you may not be saving as much as you'd like, and how you can velocitize your money for future wealth. Also included is a section on tax reduction which dispels the myths surrounding taxation that keep people paying more than the law actually requires. Code: http://uploading.com/files/03RK024U/Money_Mastery_10_Principles_That_Will_Change_Your_Financial.pdf.ht ml http://www.enterupload.com/ymzrn516uezy/Money_Mastery_10_Principles_That_Will_Change_Your_Financial.pd f.html 3

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1 The Way To Trade

John Piper puts forward some observations in his book The Way To Trade which go against the traditional trading beliefs. In

fact, his approach is quite contrarian which will have you thinking about your approach to trading from a different


The astonishing calculations, one-of-a-kind investigations, proven experiments and countless surveys, are only a small

fraction of what's in store for anyone who reads The Way To Trade.

John Piper covers a lot, however I think the best part of this book is how he rightfully downplays the role of trade triggering

techniques. He demonstrates how there are many ways to trade and that the only thing that counts is the result.




2 Money Mastery - 10 Principles That Will Change Your Financial Life Forever

Based on a people-tested and time-tested system, this book gives you detailed strategies to show you how to master your money by budgeting

effectively, reducing debt, and investing wisely. It examines the reasons why we struggle with spending, borrowing, and saving, and how to get

these habits under control. The book is based on 10 step-by-step principles that build upon each other, culminating in an entire system that gets

to the heart of: why we spend, and how to track and control spending; the factors that keep people perpetually in debt, and how you can eliminate

debt completely (including mortgage) in nine years or less; why you may not be saving as much as you'd like, and how you can velocitize your

money for future wealth. Also included is a section on tax reduction which dispels the myths surrounding taxation that keep people paying more

than the law actually requires.







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Money for Life

Money for Life is a budgeting success novel that outlines the key principals and tools necessary to achieve budgeting success in our modern

cashless society. Money for Life follows the fictional couple of Ryan and Christine Richardson who once enjoyed a solid relationship. They were

educated, had a good income, and were focused on successfully raising a family. Like so many in their situation, they had allowed financial stress

to erode their happiness. Finally, understanding the direction they were headed, Ryan and Christine decided to change their financial course by

implementing the principals and tools necesary to overcome the issues they face in a cashless society and achieve their personal financial





4 The Essentials of Trading

While trading may seem as easy as "buy low and sell high," the reality is far different. Ever-changing market trends can make for turbulent trading

sessions, while lack of concentration can lead to costly mistakes.

With nearly twenty years of trading and investing experience in a wide array of markets, author John Forman knows what it takes to succeed in

this arena, and with The Essentials of Trading, he shows you how.

Written for those just beginning their journey through the world of trading, this straightforward and accessible guide provides a base of knowledge

and understanding from which you can develop trading methods, systems, and techniques that best suit your personality, situation, and financial

objectives. Filled with in-depth insight and practical advice, The Essentials of Trading first takes you through the basics of placing a trade and

understanding how markets work, and then progresses to the development of trading plans, the implementation of risk management, and the

building of trading systems. Along the way, the use of exercises and examples brings these and other topics to life.







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The CEO and the Monk

The sublime union of temporal and spiritual power in the business world is celebrated in this earnest corporate hagiography. The titular monk is

ex-Catholic clergyman Moore, a "thoughtful, provocative, gentle and good-natured" man with "the interpersonal skills of a priest, the serenity of

a monk, the unbiased attitude of a business neophyte and a stark absence of a personal agenda." Signing on to the human resources department

of gas utility Brooklyn Union, Moore becomes a confessor to troubled colleagues and a spiritual advisor to CEO Catell. As the energy market

deregulates and Brooklyn Union metastasizes into energy conglomerate KeySpan through a series of traumatic mergers and acquisitions, Moore

helps the company "hold on to its soul" through a regimen of high-concept human resources initiatives in which employees meditate, create

murals, do improv comedy and vent their feelings, initiatives that are also supplemented by random acts of senseless beauty, like sending

anonymous floral bouquets to unsung workers. Nominally the company ombudsman, Moore displays a combination of sacramental and

community-building roles that makes him more like an archbishop; he likens one of his HR functions to a Catholic Mass, another to the Last

Supper, and even presides, decked out in priestly vestments, over a "funeral" for Brooklyn Union. Employees roll their eyes at first, but Moore is

stoutly supported by Catell, a "messianic CEO" whose "salvific task" Moore compares to that of Moses himself. In the book’s trinitarian chapter

structure, business journalist Rifkin (Radical Marketing) offers third-person narrative sections praising the character and good works of the two

KeySpan executives, followed by first-person sections in which Moore and Catell praise each other (and themselves.) The result is a fairly

well-written devotional tract that will inspire far more than it enlightens.




6 The Global Money Markets - Fabozzi Frank

The Global Money Markets is the ultimate and most comprehensive guide to the world's money markets and the products that make up this vital

element of the global economy. Written in a clear, accessible style, and including the most up-to-date information, this book is a great resource

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for all finance professionals, including market traders, salespeople, and corporate treasurers.

For the first time, this book brings together the complete range of products used in markets around the world. Through extensive use of real-world

examples, case studies, and Bloomberg screens, every aspect of the market is described and analyzed in detail.




7 The Three Skills of Top Trading

Trading in today's markets can be a difficult endeavor. But with the right approach, you can achieve success. Nobody knows this better than

author Hank Pruden, a top technical analyst and well-known educator in the field of finance. Having actively traded his own account for more than

twenty years, Pruden has placed real equity at risk based upon the theories he teaches. And during this time, he's carefully followed a framework

that has proven itself both profitable and reliable in real-world trading situations.

Now, in The Three Skills of Top Trading, Pruden looks to share his experience and insights with you. Written in a straightforward and accessible

style, this comprehensive guide brings together the three skills of top trading—behavioral models for systems building, pattern recognition, and

mental state discipline—and examines how you can develop this "triple threat" skill set to sustain or gain a true competitive edge in today's

challenging markets.




8 When Buy Means Sell

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Proven strategies for knowing which stock analysts to believe, which to ignore**and when to sell

Investors are tired of losing money to the bad calls and noncalls of Wall Street analysts, especially on the heels of Enron and other "surprise" stock

meltdowns. Instead of giving up, When Buy Means Sell presents an innovative, market-tested system for knowing which recommendations to

trust, sniffing out conflicts of interest, and making buy and sell decisions based on valuable, impartial information.




9 Why Popcorn Costs So Much at the Movies

Why Popcorn Costs So Much at the Movies, And Other Pricing Puzzles unravels the pricing mysteries we encounter every day.

Have you ever wondered why all movies, whether blockbusters or duds, have the same ticket prices? Why sometimes there are free lunches? Why

so many prices end with "9"? Why ink cartridges can cost as much as printers? Why merchants offer sales, coupons, and rebates? Why long lines

are good for shoppers? Why men earn more than women, around the globe – and why they always will?

Richard McKenzie goes on to show how the 9/11 terrorists still kill Americans every day, because their attack distorted the perceived risks and

relative prices of air vs. automobile travel, and jacked up both security costs and flight delays. Professor McKenzie also explores the unintended

consequences of well-meaning efforts to spur the use of environmentally friendly fuels: starvation among millions of people around the world, and

the destruction of rainforests in Malaysia and Indonesia.

How can these things be? If you think you know the answers, think again. Why Popcorn Costs So Much at the Movies, And Other Pricing Puzzles

shows you that the real reasons are sophisticated and surprising – and in Professor McKenzie’s hands, both informative and entertaining.






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"Buffett is much praised, but seldom replicated. Now with Warren Boroson's

J.K. Lasser's Pick Stocks Like Warren Buffett investors have a

template for both identifying fund managers who pick stocks like

the master and for improving their own techniques for identifying

great stock market values."

-Don Phillips, Managing Director, Morningstar, Inc.

Warren Buffett's investment strategy of buying and holding good stocks at good prices has proved profitable for thousands

of investors. Now, with J.K. Lasser's Pick Stocks Like Warren Buffett you will learn how to use Buffett's proven techniques

to find and research value stocks just like the master. You will also meet several top mutual fund managers who subscribe

to the Buffett philosophy and have become experts in their own right. Take the advice of Buffett to successfully invest on

your own or let the value investment experts do it for you.

Critical coverage will help you:

* Understand and use the value investment strategies behind Buffett's phenomenally successful stock-picking career

* Identify the strategies of other value investors such as Martin J. Whitman

of Third Avenue Funds, Christopher Browne of Tweedy, Browne Co., and many others

* Set Buffett-like criteria when looking to buy value stocks





Opportunity Investing

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A guide that will turn readers into smart and savvy investors. Appel, author of several successful books on investing and

editor of the leadingtechnical analysis publication Systems and Forecasts, offers readers even more hot investment tips in

his latest offering. Here, he shows readers how to read and recognize the economic climate, and demonstrates how to invest

accordingly. After teaching how to understand the character of the market, Appel offers tried-and-true strategies that will

help you make high-return, low-risk investments using mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and real investment


He also provides solid advice on how to invest in foreign markets, taking advantage of often overlooked investment

opportunities abroad. Investments in real estate, precious metals and other commodities also receive coverage, and Appel

offers useful web resources for further research. The author has more than 40 years of experience, and his love of teaching

the trade is conveyed through his enthusiasm and thorough explanations. Both amateurs and experienced investors who

are looking for a competitive edge will appreciate this information-packed guide to making wise investments in any

economic climate.






101 Internet Businesses You Can Start from Home

Written for those who want to break away from rigid schedules, unappreciative bosses, and soul-sapping commutes, this

book will put prospective Internet entrepreneurs on the road to success. The basics of Internet mechanics and commerce

are analyzed and followed by examinations of successful Internet businesses. Providing more than just technical

information, this manual is also a guide to prioritizing what the entrepreneur wants to get out of the business and

determining what level of risk is comfortable. This method ensures that the business chosen will match the goals and

aspirations of the entrepreneur. Each of the 101 business profiles includes promotion techniques to help these start-ups get

on the road to success.

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The Millionaire Maker

Breaking into the bestseller club is especially hard in personal finance and investing … because any author who wants to

compete in the financial big leagues needs a great, fresh idea; a proven track record; and a big, charismatic personality.

"Despite the tough requirements, the next few months promise not one, but two serious contenders for the title of Next Big

Thing: Loral Langemeier and Phil Town. Both of them avoid the psych-heavy approach to personal finance.

"'Most people talk about psychology,' says Langemeier, 'and what's working/what's not working in their business. But [my

team and I] really go tactical. We're truly planning through what we call a gap analysis: where people are, where do they

need to go.'

"A go-getter from a young age, Langemeier started her first business while she was still in college. By 35, she was a

multimillionaire. Her book, The Millionaire Maker (McGraw-Hill, Jan.), showcases the concepts she honed with her

coaching-consulting company, Live Out Loud, which emphasizes aggressive, multilateral investing.

"'What we noticed,' she says, 'was that the millionaires who got created faster, it was how they sequenced. They got their

assets invested; they learned to make more money; they were running their personal finances like a business-for

profitability. They were incorporated; they had diverse assets. But they do it all pretty simultaneously. Whereas a lot of

plans would say get out of debt then we'll work on it. We would never say that. It's too slow. It's not what millionaires do.

Millionaires don't worry about a latte a day, you know.'

"So far [Langemeier and] Live Out Loud have made over 200 millionaires, and not one of her 10,000 clients has filed for






Soros Unauthorized Biography

Page 9: 50 Investment&Management Books reviews and downloads

This interesting, readable, unauthorized biography of George Soros traces the life of a successful money manager across

two continents. A blue-eyed, blond boy who enjoyed playing a Hungarian version of Monopoly in Budapest soon was

delivering deportation notices to other Hungarian Jews after the Jewish Council of Budapest recruited children for that task.

After WWII, Soros waited tables in London before enrolling in the London School of Economics. He came to New York in 1956

armed with a competitive edge?a knowledge of the European financial markets. This insight and his ability to discern

long-term trends enabled him to become a successful investor and later successfully manage the Quantum Fund, according

to Slater, a reporter for Time magazine. The life and times of George Soros are indeed interesting, but the "trading secrets"

of the title are based more on his intuition than on objective evidence. An example: when choosing stocks in an industry,

pick two?the best and the worst. The reader is left without further guidance in applying this rule (e.g., what is the worst

software company?). Read this biography to learn about the interesting life of a successful financial manager rather than

specific steps on how you too can successfully manage money. 25,000 first printing.





Own Your Own Corporation

Creating the right type of corporate entity for a business can create enormous advantages for the savvy business-person.

In this comprehensive guide, a corporate attorney explains the history and rationale of corporations and all the

considerations and decisions that go into starting one. Forming a corporation, selecting board members, administering it

within the law, creating tax advantages, hiring, protecting ownership of names and corporate assets, insurance,

record-keeping--every part of the process is covered. The program is a listening pleasure in spite of all the technical

material and, except for not having a written guide on the package, is a perfect reference audio for the kind of audience

targeted by the Rich Dad's Advisors series





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100 Ways To Help You Succeed and Make Money

Fortune calls Tom Peters the Ur-guru of management and compares him to Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau,

Walt Whitman and H.L. Mencken. The Economist tags him the Uber-guru. His unconventional views led BusinessWeek to

describe him as "business' best friend and worst nightmare." Tom describes himself as a prince of disorder, champion of

bold failures, maestro of zest, professional loudmouth (as a speaker he?s "a spitter" according to the cartoon strip Dilbert ),

corporate cheerleader, lover of markets, capitalist pig...and card-carrying member of the ACLU.





Make Yourself A Millionaire

Charles Zhang became one of today's most nationally known and trusted financial advisers by stressing sanity and sensible

investing over dubious, get-rich-quick tricks and schemes. In Make Yourself a Millionaire, Zhang transfers his program to

the printed page. Far from a confusing, all-or-nothing approach, this book outlines a clear and rational approach to

organizing and planning all aspects of a financial life.


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Selective Forex Trading

During the early days of the foreign exchange market, banks and other large financial institutions were the primary players

in this field. Today, thanks in part to advances in technology, this market has quickly grown into a global electronic network

of banks, financial institutions, and individual traders. With a reported volume of over $1.8 trillion changing hands every day,

the time to get involved in this exciting global market has never been better.

So how can you capture significant profits from the Forex market? With this reliable resource, author Don Snellgrove—an

active Forex trader and educator of traders—will show you how.

Written in a straightforward and accessible style, Selective Forex Trading skillfully outlines the S90/Crossover©: an

independently verified technical indicator developed by Snellgrove that has provided traders with the ability to achieve over

100 consecutive Forex trades without a single loss. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just getting started, this

approach—which is based on historical resistance and support points within a trading range—can assist you in entering and

exiting positions for the greatest profits possible.

In order to clearly understand the methodology described throughout this book—which includes the S90/Crossover as well

as several other applications—you need to determine trends, resistance, support, and confirming procedures through

software that utilizes ROI, RC, RCU/D, and their extensions with cluster formations for possible reversal entries. A brief

explanation of each of these subjects is provided when they are initially discussed.

Beyond providing hands-on guidance into using the S90/Crossover and Extreme levels, Selective Forex Trading also

features specific exercises for creating and maintaining a strong mental discipline. These proven strategies will help you

stay focused and committed even during the most difficult of times.

The S90/Crossover and Extreme levels of the market are not the only methodologies that will allow you to increase returns

and control risk, but they may be the simplest and most reliable approaches to consistently trading the foreign exchange

market. Filled with in-depth insights and practical advice, Selective Forex Trading will help you enter this dynamic market

with confidence and exit with profits.







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Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

Eker's claim to fame is that he took a $2,000 credit card loan, opened "one of the first fitness stores in North America,"

turned it into a chain of 10 within two and a half years and sold it in 1987 for a cool (but somewhat modest-seeming) $1.6

million. Now the Vancouver-based entrepreneur traverses the continent with his "Millionaire Mind Intensive Seminar," on

which this debut motivational business manual is based. What sets it apart is Eker's focus on the way people think and feel

about money and his canny, class-based analyses of broad differences among groups. In rat-a-tat, "Let me explain"

seminar-speak, Eker asks readers to think back to their childhoods and pick apart the lessons they passively absorbed from

parents and others about money. With such psychological nuggets as "Rich people focus on opportunities/ Poor people focus

on obstacles," Eker puts a positive spin on stereotypes, arguing that poverty begins, or rather, is allowed to continue, in

one's imagination first, with actual material life becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy. To that end, Eker counsels for

admiration and against resentment, for positivity, self-promotion and thinking big and against wallowing, self-abnegation

and small-mindedness. While much of the advice is self-evident, Eker's contribution is permission to think of one's financial

foibles as a kind of mental illness—one, he says, that has a ready set of cures.





Investment Gurus - A Road Map to Wealth

Can a smart money manager working from the outside revive a bankrupt company with his clients' massive capital and a

sharp management agenda? Are "value" stocks better than "growth" stocks? Can anyone "beat the market"? Is volatility

okay? What about the role of the Internet in trading? These and other questions vital to stock market investors are aired in

this remarkable series of interviews with investment industry leaders by Tanous, whose firm, Lynx Investment Advisory,

Page 13: 50 Investment&Management Books reviews and downloads

finds money managers for billion-dollar clients. The author brings out the financial background, strategy and tactics of such

mutual-fund miracle men as Fidelity Magellan's Peter Lynch ("what happens to the company... happens to the stock");

"momentum" trader Richard Driehaus ("look for earnings surprises") and "Super Mario" Gabelli, who champions "intrinsic

private market value." Other big-name trader/managers also speak out freely here. In closing, the author constructs

sample "portfolios" of guru-managed mutual funds for the reader's consideration. $50,000 ad/promo; author tour.





The Markets Never Sleep

The world's financial markets operate twenty-four hours a day. During virtually every hour of the day and night, someone,

somewhere is trading—yet many U.S. traders seem oblivious to that reality, focusing only on the day markets in Chicago

and New York.

Beginning the trading day with the opening bell of the NYSE, says veteran trader Thomas Busby, is like showing up for your

eight-to-five job around two in the afternoon—you are very late. As he explains, trading is a twenty-four-hour game and

those who understand that fact will be in a better position to limit risk, increase their trading opportunities, stay on the right

side of the action, and be more consistent and profitable. In The Markets Never Sleep, Busby reveals how you can use

modern technology to take full advantage of the twenty-four-hour nature of the markets. He lays out the basics of how

global markets work and explains the significance of understanding global connections and why traders need to know them,

showing how to think globally and stay alert to any major geopolitical or economic event.

Offering an insider's view of the professional trader's work day, the author reveals his own trading strategies, outlining the

criteria he uses for trading equities and describing the process he uses for buying and selling stocks, as well as his

techniques for trading equity index futures contracts. And since, as he shows, it is impossible to be consistently profitable

without understanding and using the market's key numbers, Busby explains how to read the major statistical indicators, as

well as illustrates the significance of fuel prices, precious metals, futures indices, and other market indicators. Going beyond

the numbers, Busby also helps you deal with the enormous role that psychological factors play in trading, offering strategies

for handling the greed/fear dilemma, techniques for staying mentally positive, and advice on how to avoid obsessing over

trading and maintain your normal lifestyle.

Whether you're an experienced or novice trader interested in short-term or long-term trading, The Markets Never Sleep will

provide a clear and profitable path through the financial maze of the global marketplace.





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1001 Ways to Make More Money as a Speaker

1,001 Ways to Make More Money as a Speaker, Consultant, or Trainer draws upon bestselling author Lilly Walters' lifetime

of experience as a top speaker and consultant. She also combed through a recent survey of more than 7,000 speakers,

consultants and trainers who were asked to describe their revenue-generating strategies. The result is a priceless

compendium of sure-fire incomegenerating tips, tricks, strategies, and techniques that no speaker, consultant, trainer, or

seminar leader will want to be without.

* More than 1,300 proven strategies to help speakers, trainers, and consultants to grow their incomes in any economic


* Includes the best practices of thousands of successful speakers, trainers, and consultants

* A quick-reference format featuring simple bulleted sentences categorized by topic





The Intelligent Investor

The classic bestseller by Benjamin Graham, perhaps the greatest investment advisor of the 20th century, The Intelligent

Investor has taught and inspired hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. Since its original publication in 1949,

Benjamin Graham's book has remained the most respected guide to investing, due to his timeless philosophy of "value

investing," which helps protect investors against the areas of possible substantial error and teaches them to develop

long-term strategies with which they will be comfortable down the road.

Over the years, market developments have borne out the wisdom of Benjamin Graham's basic policies. Here he takes

account of both the defensive and the enterprising investor, outlining the principles of stock selection for each, and stressing

the advantages of a simple portfolio policy. Among the book's special features are the use of numerous comparisons of pairs

of common stocks to bring out their elements of strength and weakness and the construction of investment portfolios

designed to meet specific requirements of quality and price attractiveness.

The Intelligent Investor may be the most important book you will ever read on making your investments a success.

"The Intelligent Investor is the best book ever written for the stockholder," says author and investment counselor John Train.

Benjamin Graham's classic work offers sound and safe principles for investing-principles that have worked for more than

forty years since the first edition was published. With an introduction and appendix by Warren Buffett, one of Graham's most

famous students in investing strategy, this book takes account of both the defensive and the enterprising investor.

Page 15: 50 Investment&Management Books reviews and downloads

"By far the best book on investing ever written." -- Warren E. Buffett





Ordinary People Extraordinary Profits

Well known trader, bestselling author, and founder of Marketwise Trading School, David Nassar is offering his 5-day/$3000

trading course in a comprehensive book/DVD package. Whether you're a novice or an active trader, this full course lets you

benefit from the methods and expertise Nassar has perfected over the past decade. He covers everything from introductory

to advanced methods, including technical analysis, charting patterns, risk management, Fibonacci, pivot strategies, swing

trading, and short selling. The accompanying DVD features numerous individual lessons, downloadable charts, and a live

trading feature that lets you watch as David trades his own account. Master the techniques of online day-trading with this

comprehensive training product.

Note: CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of eBook file.





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Napoleon Hill - Think and Grow Rich

"..During our ten-year association, I learned the missing number to my combination for worldwide successful achievement.

The Master Mind Principle: two or more persons working together in complete harmony toward a mutual goal or

goals...Napoleon Hill's philosophy teaches you what you were never taught. Specifically: How to Recognize, Relate,

Assimilate and Apply principles whereby you can achieve any goal whatsoever that doesn't violate Universal Law - the Law

of God and the rights of your fellowman..."

W. Clement Stone Chairman, Combined International Corporation President, The Napoleon Hill Foundation




Merchants Of Deception

Merchants of Deception

by Eric Scheibeler

This book will change your life. Well, maybe not change it, but it might make you think before throwing it away. Eric

Scheibeler was a big pin in Amway and this book documents the way he and his wife were drawn into the cult by false

promises, lies and psychological tricks - the same tactics used by all cults to gain control over members. He saw the deceit,

the hypocrisy and the obsession with money as an end in itself from within the small circle of people allowed to be exposed

to the truth. When he saw the truth it revolted him and he realised that anyone with a conscience and with a sense of

morality could not remain inside this corrupt environment. My own direct experience with executives of Amway showed me

that the company would lie to protect criminals in its ranks.

Page 17: 50 Investment&Management Books reviews and downloads

Someone who was showing me the plan once told me that there had never been anything like the system in the history of

marketing. When I pointed out that the illegal drug industry was a multi-level marketing scheme where the people at the

bottom recruited others to pay for their own supplies and the people at the top got all the money, lived like kings and had

absolute contempt for those below them in the network the Amway scout listened politely and then resumed his speech. He

either didn't care or didn't want to know. Probably both. The difference between Amway and the Mob is that the Mob don't

pretend to be in an honest business.





Forex Made Easy : 6 Ways to Trade the Dollar

The first plain-English introduction to foreign currency exchange trading--one of today's hottest profit opportunities

The foreign currency market is the largest financial market in the world, and foreign exchange trading is quickly becoming

one of today's most high-profile, potentially lucrative markets. One problem is that books on the topic are complex,

technically dense, and difficult for Forex novices to grasp.

FOREX Made Easy is the first book to approach the topic in a detailed yet accessible style, gradually and deliberately moving

from simple to complex in easy and natural language. Author James Dicks--founder of the popular trading software 4X Made

Easy--draws upon his trading knowledge to give readers only the information they need, from setting up a workstation to

trading electronically.




The Art of War

Twenty-Five Hundred years ago, Sun Tzu wrote this classic book of military strategy based on Chinese warfare and military

thought. Since that time, all levels of military have used the teaching on Sun Tzu to warfare and civilization have adapted

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these teachings for use in politics, business and everyday life. The Art of War is a book which should be used to gain

advantage of opponents in the boardroom and battlefield alike.





Road to Wealth

A 216 page book that challenges his theories of creating WEALTH. A true story of his personal challenge to take a person

from the unemployment line and teaching him in 2 days the Secrets of Wealth. Making that person in 90 days financially

secure. Amazing guideline that can be used by YOU.





Jack Welch - Winning

If you judge books by their covers, Jack Welch's Winning certainly grabs your attention. Testimonials on the back come from

none other than Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Rudy Giuliani, and Tom Brokaw, and other praise comes from Fortune, Business

Week, and Financial Times. As the legendary retired CEO of General Electric, Welch has won many friends and admirers in

Page 19: 50 Investment&Management Books reviews and downloads

high places. In this latest book, he strives to show why. Winning describes the management wisdom that Welch built up

through four and a half decades of work at GE, as he transformed the industrial giant from a sleepy "Old Economy" company

with a market capitalization of $4 billion to a dynamic new one worth nearly half a trillion dollars.

While different from the steadier stream of war stories and real-life examples of Welch's first book, Winning is a very

worthwhile addition to any management bookshelf. It's not often that a CEO described as the century's best retires, and

then chooses to expound on such a wide range of management topics. Also, aside from the commentary on always-relevant

issues like employee performance reviews and quality control, Welch suffuses this book with his pugnacious spirit. The

Massachusetts native who fought his way to the top of the world's most valuable company was in many ways the

embodiment of "Winning," and this spirit alone will provide readers an enjoyable read.





The Rich Jerk

Don't Waste My Time...

Let's get something straight. I'm a jerk. I'm obnoxious. And I'm lazy.

And I don’t care, because I'm FILTHY RICH.

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keep the drooling to a minimum.

Have you seen proof like that anywhere else? Didn't think so.

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So Who the Hell Am I?

I’m the guy you see driving down the street in a Ferrari with the top down, and you think to yourself, "What an ass!" And

you know what? You’re right. But so what? Do you really think I value your opinion? I'm a rich jerk, so I couldn’t care less.





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Baggett-Success Secrets of the Rich and Happy

Happiness is a Choice. Wealth is a Decision.

A comprehensive self-help book which combines the best of handwriting, graphotherapy, NLP, timeline therapy, health, and


This book is much more than a step-by-step method to acquiring wealth. It is a spiritual guidebook to tapping into your life's

journey. It will help you align your career with your beliefs and values. It reveals the beliefs and attitudes of today's more

inspiring leaders.

This is the definitive answer to life's most frequently asked questions...how do you become both rich and happy? This books

reveals to you the methods, strategies, and processes to guide you into transforming your world into a life of true emotional

and physical abundance. It shows you step-by-step how to change the way you think about the world, money, people and

wealth, and how to control your emotional happiness





Forex Revolution

Foreign currency exchange—"Forex"—is today's #1 new investment opportunity. Revolutions in technology, regulation, and

globalization have made Forex trading accessible to every active investor. Only one thing has been missing: An objective,

clear "user's guide" to Forex trading. Now it's here—and it's in your hands.

Simply and clearly, Forex Revolution reveals everything you need to know to trade Forex hands-on—from fundamental and

technical trading strategies to the unyielding discipline that's essential to success.

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In this book, Peter Rosenstreich brings together insider techniques from all over the industry: Traders, banks, Forex firms,

even the National Futures Association. You'll find expert guidance on everything from handling 24/7 markets to profiting

from the emergence of China.

Unlike other books, Forex Revolution doesn't require you to subscribe to costly services or purchase expensive tools.

Whether you're an individual investor or a money manager new to Forex, this book gives you all you need: Facts, techniques,

resources and—above all—the insider's edge.





Be Smart Act Fast, Get Rich

In today's markets, there are literally thousands of stocks available to trade or invest in, and every day some of those stocks

make big moves. While the reasons behind the moves may vary, the ability to position yourself for those moves can

consistently enhance the profitability of your portfolio.

Nobody knows this better than author and independent Wall Street analyst Charles Payne. He understands what it takes to

make it in today's financial markets, and in Be Smart, Act Fast, Get Rich, he'll show you how to actively invest in stocks

using strategies that eliminate emotions and incorporate fundamental analysis and charting to avoid the mistakes of the


Written in a straightforward and accessible style, Be Smart, Act Fast, Get Rich demystifies the stock market in a way that

will allow you to make the most informed investment decisions possible. It will not only show you how to pick stocks that

are poised for big moves, but it will also help you gain a better understanding of what the overall market is doing.

Divided into three comprehensive parts, this one-of-a-kind guide will:

You won't get rich simply by putting money into a 401(k) or a bunch of mutual funds. But you will have a chance to achieve

success if you take advantage of the opportunities offered by one of the best moneymaking machines in the world—the

stock market. Filled with in-depth insights and practical advice, Be Smart, Act Fast, Get Rich weaves stories of Charles

Payne's own growth and development as a top Wall Street analyst with stories of investors who exemplify the do's and

don'ts of investing—providing you with a proven way to maximize profits and minimize losses in today's dynamic stock






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101 Ways to Have a Business & a Life

The simple, practical and easy-to-apply ideas in this guide will help business owners identify the main reasons behind their

lack of work-life balance and, most importantly, how to fix it. The experiences, tips, and coping mechanisms of thousands

of business owners around the world who were consulted in the writing of the book are compiled into one easy reference

that can get even the most out of control business owner back on track. The tips can be implemented quickly and with little

or no cost, allowing readers to become the boss in both their businesses and their lives.





Adventures of a currency trader

Let author Rob Booker introduce you to Harry Banes. Harry represents every trader. He doesn't start trading with a huge

amount of money, and his ambition is larger than his ability. His financial situation and life as a new trader may be difficult,

but his determination allows him to prevail in Adventures of a Currency Trader. ?

Funny, entertaining, and, above all, educational, Adventures of a Currency Trader demonstrates exactly what it takes to

capitalize on today's volatile and potentially profitable foreign exchange markets. Told through the eyes of a fictional

character by the name of Harry Banes—an aspiring trader who works as a filing clerk in a busy New York law

firm—Adventures of a Currency Trader explains in a powerful and compelling manner how you can implement a consistent

trading approach in the foreign currency market and become a financially independent currency trader in the process.

There's a little bit of each of us in Harry Banes, and as the story progresses, you'll discover how to turn the lessons outlined

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in this book into potentially profitable trades. Harry admits early on that he's a rookie trader, which won't adequately

prepare you for how bad he really is. But we'll stand by him as he picks himself up from early disappointments and begins

to implement the wise counsel of a veteran trader—Harvey Winklestein—who agrees to mentor him.

From Harry's experiences, you'll learn how to recover from disastrous losses, set yourself up as a full-time trader, and talk

to loved ones about what you're doing. But that's not all. Through Harry's numerous journeys, you'll also discover how to

create reliable charts, perform the proper type of analysis, and make effective trades. Most importantly, you'll learn how to

generate substantial profits—and keep them.

Both technical and motivational in nature, Adventures of a Currency Trader is a unique guide to trading that will provide you

with a solid foundation in this field. Filled with hard-won wisdom borne of real trading experiences, Adventures of a Currency

Trader is destined to become a classic of trading literature.





Trump Strategies For Real Estate Billionaire

Ready for more? Pick up Trump Strategies for Real Estate: Billionaire Lessons for the Small Investor. Written by George H.

Ross, best known as one of Donald Trump's sidekicks on "The Apprentice," this book will help you move into the bigger

leagues of real estate investing. Ross gives some tips that seem to come right from the popular television show—Be

Distinctive: Add Sizzle to Your Property and Understand Your Buyer's Lifestyle, for example—but he also throws in a

tremendous number of funny and fascinating stories culled from years in the business. A lawyer by training and practice,

Ross has watched and shared Trump's real estate magic for more than 25 years. Now, with Trump's blessing, he shares the

secrets he's learned with all of us. Trump Strategies for Real Estate is a kick of a book because it offers insight into Trump

as well as into the true nature of real estate investing. This is definitely a primer for anyone who wants to add sizzle to his

or her personal style. It's also a great how-to book from an associate of the glitziest and most interesting personality in the

real estate business.




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Hot Trading Secrets

Master the market for maximum profits with HOT TRADING SECRETS Playing the trading game takes audacious confidence,

but winning takes more. It's about making chances instead of taking chances. As founder of the remarkably successful

Taipan Group-a team of independent financial analysts-author J. Christoph Amberger knows: ""There is always an

opportunity to make exceptional stock market profits . . . as long as you know how to read the signs."" In Hot Trading

Secrets, Amberger gives you a blueprint for making big money in any financial climate. He will teach you: How to trade on

""insider information"" legally and profitably The secret strategies of CBOE floor traders How to profit from the ""Red

Zones"" How to become a stone-cold profit predator In a simple step-by-step presentation, Amberger will liberate you from

restrictive conventional fallacies. Using Hot Trading Secrets as your guide, you will learn to exploit volatile market events to

achieve consistent profits-whether the market is up or down.





29 Leadership Skills by Jack Welch

This is the first concise book of essential Welch-isms, abridged from the bestselling "Get Better or Get Beaten". Jack Welch

built a career out of fighting waste. "29 Leadership Secrets from Jack Welch" follows in Welch's footsteps, boiling the

legendary CEO's leadership successes down to 29 strategies that made GE the world's most competitive company - and

Welch the world's most successful and admired CEO. This all-in-one Welch reference updates material from Robert Slater's

bestselling "Get Better or Get Beaten", and is today's ultimate fast-paced, no-nonsense handbook on the ways of Jack Welch.

It taps into the heart of Welch's courage, innovation, and leadership success by examining simple leadership secrets that

include: Managing less is managing better; Make quality the job of every employee; and Have global brains and vision.


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Damodaran Aswath - Investment Fables

The world is full of investment stories: "Buy companies trading below book value, and you can't lose." "Buy stocks that are

already going up." "Buy stocks with low P/Es." "Stick with quality companies and you'll do fine." "Buy after bad news." "Buy

after good news." "Follow the insiders." "Do whatever Warren Buffett's doing." Investors have heard them all--but which

ones hold up to critical examination? Do any of them? In this book, one of the world's leading investment researchers

identifies 14 widely touted "investment stories," and the psychological reasons that make each story so compelling. Then he

runs the numbers--objectively. Has it worked over the long-term? Over the short-term? If it made sense once, does it still

make sense? Are the promised benefits a statistical mirage? Can it contribute to any individual's investment strategy?

Anyone who wants to make investment decisions more rationally, Aswath Damodaran's Investment Fables is utterly






Delta Phenomenon - The Hidden Order in All Markets

In the early 80's, Welles Wilder® founded the Delta Society International. His purpose was to share the “secret of the order

behind the markets.” This order, the Delta Phenomenon, is the basis of all market movement relative to time. All other

methods of technical analysis are enhanced by this timing tool. As you will learn, the Delta Phenomenon gives higher

probability trading success to existing systems. Mr. Wilder states "I have solved the Delta Phenomenon for many different

markets over hundreds of years of data and I have never seen a failure in this order."

This full-size, full-color, hard-bound treasure features color charts, the full history of The Delta Phenomenon, and

everything you need in order to plot your own charts for any given market.

The secret is easy to learn for beginners and seasoned traders alike, and can be used starting immediately to anticipate the

markets. This book is also a prerequisite to Delta Society membership as it outlines the fundamentals required to use Delta

timing as a trading tool, to learn how members are using Delta timing go to What is Delta Timing.





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Wall Street How It Works

In this "down and dirty" diatribe about American finance, journalist and New York radio personality Henwood makes no

attempt at a balanced portrayal of Wall Street. He aims to "embarrass official wisdom" and expose the financial world's

weaknesses, perhaps too gloatingly. Intemperate phrasing abounds, e.g., "real estate is based on milking wealth from land

and tenants." Admittedly, Henwood flails at both the Left and the Right, and he doesn't hide his biases, but he lovingly

quotes Keynes and Marx a little too often. Henwood doesn't claim to be offering any practical investment advice; nor does

he present any solutions to the problems against which he fulminates. The result is a difficult, divisive, unpleasant,

querulous, and uninstructive book that larger business collections might tolerate.?




Trend Forecasting With Technical Analysis

Market methods from the last century won’t work in this one and Louis Mendelsohn’s breakthrough book takes technical

analysis to a new level. Mendelsohn presents a comprehensive approach combining technical and intermarket analysis into

one powerful framework for accurately forecasting trends. You’ll discover:

-Precise trading strategies that work for day & position traders

-The limitations of traditional technical analysis methods

-How to accurately forecast moving averages using intermarket analysis and neural networks.

It’s time for a fresh approach to technical analysis. Now, get the latest market timing and trend forecasting methods you

need to profit consistently in the equity, options and futures markets.





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All About Market Timing

Shell-shocked investors have lost patience with the traditional buy-and-hold approach to investing. All About Market Timing

arms investors with simple, easy-to-use timing techniques that they can use to enter rising markets, exit (or go short)

falling markets, and make consistent profits in both market environments while protecting against catastrophic losses.

Compelling arguments demonstrate the superiority of basic timing over buy-and-hold, while step-by-step instructions show

how uncomplicated timing can be. Specific investment vehicles are recommended that fit well into most timing strategies.

Investors who want to time the market using their own strategies are provided with information on available software and

Web sites. And those investors who are looking for advisors to help them are provided with unbiased rating services to help

them select the advisor that is best for them.





Family Wealth - Keeping It in the Family

"Family Wealth" by James E. Hughes, is a sensitive, detailed blueprint for families who have acquired wealth and want to use

it to create a dynastic organization that will preserve their family and its wealth for many generations to come. This book

explains in detail the steps necessary for long-term success and guides the reader through the creation of mission

statements, plans for family governance, creating a mutually rewarding relationship between trustees and beneficiaries,

philanthropy, mentoring, and the establishment of private trust companies. Hughes emphasizes the need for long-term

thinking as well as short-term relationship management within the family since decisions made regarding personal and

intellectual development will be just as important as financial decisions to the long-term future of the family organization.

This book offers an excellent starting point for financial planners as well as estate and trust attorneys who want to address

and serve the interests of the wealthy. I recommend it heartily.





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Getting Yours - Its Not Too Late To Have The Wealth

"Don’t wait for your dreams to come true. Plan and take constructive steps to make them happen."

Planning for a secure and satisfying future shouldn’t leave you confused and fearful today. That’s why expert financial

advisor Bambi Holzer has put together a tried-and-true investment strategy guide that will show you how to maximize your

earnings, reduce taxes, live off your investments, and obtain the wealth you deserve.

Whether you’re just starting out or well on your way, Getting Yours enables you to travel down the most reliable avenues

of wealth creation and empowers you to make the necessary decisions to reach your financial goals. From developing your

wealth-building formula to creating an asset allocation plan, Holzer’s sound advice and easy-to-understand examples will

allow you to preserve and invest the money you make so it can continue to grow over the years.

Getting Yours offers a sure-and-steady approach to managing and prioritizing your money, so you can save for retirement,

plan a college tuition fund, and start on after-tax savings programs for vacations, new cars, or even a new house–all while

continuing to build your wealth through a balanced portfolio of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and money market funds.

In clear, accessible language, Getting Yours takes the mystery out of building wealth and investing for the future.

Step-by-step, Holzer helps you understand how asset allocation, savings plans, structured investments, and other tools can

put you on the right track to achieving your financial goals.

Achieving financial security is something everybody strives for, but this is the only book that can give you what you need to

do it successfully. From creating an asset allocation plan to making sense of mutual funds, Getting Yours will help you make

better investments and put you on the road to sure-and-steady riches.





Hedge Fund of Funds Investing - An Investors Guide

The hedge fund industry continues to grow by leaps and bounds, and within this universe, the socalled "fund of funds" is

king. Comprised of multiple-manager portfolios bundled together as a single multi-hedge fund product, this risk-balancing

vehicle has emerged as the instrument of choice for the astute investment professional. "Hedge Fund of Funds

Investingwalks the steps for creating, combining, and managing investments with multiple hedge funds as a fund of

funds--to achieve specific investment objectives as well as the overall strategic diversification so highly valued by

institutional and individual investors alike. Nicholas explains the building blocks of a fund of funds and how they can be

incorporated into a traditional portfolio. He also teaches how to evaluate risks, estimate potential returns, and choose

statistical measurement methods.

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High powered Investing - All-in-one for Dummies

Looking for help making smarter, more profitable high-end investment decisions? Why buy ten books that cover each of the

major topics you need to understand, when High-Powered Investing All-In-One For Dummies gives you ten expert guide for

the price of one?

This hands-on resource arms you with an arsenal of advanced investing techniques for everything from stocks and futures

to options and exchange-traded funds. You’ll find out how to trade on the FOREX market, evaluate annuities, choose the

right commodities, and buy into hedge funds. And, you’ll get up to speed on using business fundamentals and technical

analysis to help you make smarter decisions and maximize your returns. You’ll also find ways to be as aggressive as your

personality and bank account allow, without taking foolish or excessive risks

The key to expanding your investment opportunities successfully is information. Whether you’re just beginning to explore

more advanced investing or have been dabbling in it for a while, High-Powered Investing All-In-One For Dummies gives you

the information, strategies, and techniques you need to make your financial dreams come true.





Jake Bernstein - Market Masters- How Successful Traders Think

Bernstein, author of The Investor's Quotient , is the president of a Chicago commodity advisory firm specializing in cyclic

analysis, forecasting and personal psychology for traders in a notoriously precarious market--the buying and selling of

contracts for future delivery of crude oil, pork bellies, eggs, grain, Treasury bonds and foreign currencies. He does not deal

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here with actual Board of Trade operations or even with the many trading systems because, he notes, the trading system

is no better than the trader who uses it. Instead, through eight interviews with successful participants in a business that can

generate millions in gain or loss overnight, Bernstein emphasizes the importance of such essential trader characteristics as

studiousness, persistence, courage and decisiveness. Clearly the guide is not designed as a vade mecum for beginners, but

it is a useful commentary for those already engaged in sophisticated investment activity.







Just one Thing

Whether from business-focused cable TV channels, newspapers, magazines, Web sites, or friends and family, investment

advice comes these days from every corner. The nagging question for conscientious investors remains, though: how to

separate good advice from bad? In a world of squawking television commentators and garish headlines, who and what

should we trust? With Just One Thing, veteran investment writer John Mauldin offers his answer: take just the best advice,

from the best investors, and discard everything else. Mauldin has solicited 12 leading investors for what each considers his

most valuable insight or lesson over a long and illustrious investment career--the "one thing" he considers most important

to investing--and gathered the tips for future generations of investors to learn.

The lessons which Mauldin has compiled in this thin, readable volume range widely. Some readers may enjoy the folksier

tone of hedge fund manager Andy Kessler's piece, which analogizes investing to a hike up New England's Mt. Washington,

on a foggy day. Other may prefer the approach of bond investor Gary Shilling, who argues for finding and developing a

consistent and long-term narrative (or "story" about a market) around which to build investment picks. Yet others may find

it most comforting to go with financial analyst Rob Arnott, who runs a multi-billion dollar fund for Pimco and who anchors

his market analysis in deep skepticism and extensive quantitative analytics.







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Live Long Prosper Invest in Your Happiness Health

A better way to plan for a healthy, active, and financially secure retirement In Live Long and Prosper, consulting actuary

Steve Vernon unveils a new way of thinking that will truly help readers live a more happy, healthy, and fulfilling life. It all

starts by examining your goals, instead of focusing on the age-old blanket statement, How much is enough? Readers will

learn how to develop a plan to support their quest. Some of the topics discussed include investing in your health; how to

manage time, income, and expenses in your later years to support a life that gives you meaning and happiness; and

integrating your financial resources with your dreams. Live Long and Prosper can show readers how to live a rich and

rewarding life, now and in the future. Steven G. Vernon (Los Angeles, CA) is a Vice President of Watson Wyatt Worldwide,

one of the largest human resources firms with 88 offices in 31 countries. He has helped clients such as Schwab, Chevron,

Phillips Petroleum, Times Mirror, and others to develop their retirement plans. Vernon is a Fellow in the Society of Actuaries

and is an Enrolled Actuary with the IRS.





The New Reality Of Wall Street

Coxe describes the spectacular rise and fall of technology and telecom stocks as a "Triple Waterfall," a technical analyst's

term for a classic boom-and-bust event. In events like these, vast amounts of wealth change hands from investors to those

who profit from the bubble, in this case the upper management of dot-coms and the like who cashed in big at the top by

selling stock and exercising stock options. According to Coxe, "Triple Waterfalls aren't mere bubbles, they are financial

pandemics that take not months, not years, but decades to run their course." His analyses place investors in the 10- to

12-year "final long-term collapse phase," a treacherous climate most today have never experienced, so few have a clue as

how to survive, much less profit in these times. After a reasonable discussion of economic theory, Coxe lays out an

investment survival strategy for this environment that includes a consistent approach of diversification and maintenance of

an acceptable, if not spectacular, rate of return.


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Protecting your wealth in good times and bad

Markets go up. Markets go down. And somehow in that never-ending cycle, you have to invest and save wisely enough to

keep your family safe from financial worry. Protect Your Wealth in Good Times or Bad outlines an easy to understand,

practical, and market-proven financial plan calculated to grow and protect your family's savings as it substantially eases

your money concerns and crises--today, tomorrow, and throughout a long, happy, and healthy retirement.





When Genius Failed

In late September 1998, the New York Federal Reserve Bank invited a number of major Wall Street investment banks to

enter a consortium to fund the multibillion-dollar bailout of a troubled hedge fund. No sooner was the $3.6-billion plan

announced than questions arose about why usually independent banks would band together to save a single privately held

fund. The short answer is that the banks feared that the fund's collapse could destabilize the entire stock market. The long

answer, which Lowenstein (Buffett) provides in undigested detail, may panic those who shudder at the thought of bouncing

a $200 check. Long-Term Capital Management opened for business in February 1994 with $1.25 billion in funds. Armed with

the cachet of its founders' stellar credentials (Robert Merton and Myron Scholes, 1997 Nobel Prize laureates in economics,

were among the partners), it quickly parlayed expertise at reading computer models of financial markets and seemingly

limitless access to financing into stunning results. By the end of 1995, it had tripled its equity capital and total assets had

grown to $102 billion. Lowenstein argues that this kind of success served to enhance the fund's golden legend and sent the

partners' self-confidence off the charts. As he itemizes the complex mix of investments and heavy borrowing that made

1994-1997 profitable years, Lowenstein also charts the subtle drift toward riskier (and ultimately disastrous) ventures as

the fund's traditional profit centers dried up.






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Retire Worry Free - Money smart Ways to Build the Nest Egg

Retirement is closer than you think.The clock is ticking. Each day, retirement gets closer. And as guaranteed benefits like

social security and Medicare are being threatened and our life expectancies are growing longer, workers like you have more

to worry about than before when building a nest egg for retirement.In Retire Worry-Free: Money-Smart Ways to Build the

Nest Egg You Need, the editors of Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine explain how to calculate how much you will need,

how much you can count on from Social Security and pensions, and, finally, how to fill the gap. Whether you’ll need

thousands or hundreds of thousands to retire and maintain your current lifestyle, Retire Worry-Free will teach you how to:

•Get the most from your pension and 401(k) •Decide between traditional and Roth IRAs •Maximize tax-favored savings

plans if you’re self-employed •Handle early-retirement offers and lump-sum distributions to avoid pension-payout traps

•Protect your nest egg with the right amounts and types of insurancePacked full of charts and tips, Retire Worry-Free is a

must-have resource for anyone planning for their retirement.







The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid

The world's most exciting, fastest-growing new market? It's where you least expect it: at the bottom of the pyramid.

Collectively, the world's billions of poor people have immense entrepreneurial capabilities and buying power. You can learn

how to serve them and help millions of the world's poorest people escape poverty.

It is being done-profitably. Whether you're a business leader or an anti-poverty activist, business guru Prahalad shows why

you can't afford to ignore "Bottom of the Pyramid" (BOP) markets.

Page 34: 50 Investment&Management Books reviews and downloads

Why what you know about BOP markets is wrong A world of surprises-from spending patterns to distribution and marketing

Unlocking the "poverty penalty"

The most enduring contributions your company can make Delivering dignity, empowerment, and choice-not just products

Corporations and BOP entrepreneurs Profiting together from an inclusive new capitalism





Forecasting Financial Markets

Takes the mystery out of financial markets by providing a straightforward analytical framework for trading. Offers a unifying

rationale for technical analysis of markets, making it more of a ̀ `science'' than ever before. Begins with a discussion of how

emotional elements permeate economic and financial behaviors and how forecasters can remain independent from such

behavior. The more reliable theories of natural systems and price pulse--continuously recurring price patterns--are

introduced and examined in detail. The author shows analysts how to use these techniques to forecast price movement

profile, extent, and timing of reversals, putting investors on the road to trading with minimum risk and maximum success.





The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

Everyone loves a good fable, and this is certainly one. The protagonist is Julian Mantle, a high-profile attorney with a

whacked-out schedule and a shameful set of spiritual priorities. Of course it takes a crisis (heart attack) to give Mantle pause.

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And pause he does--suddenly selling all his beloved possessions to trek India in pursuit of a meaningful existence. The

Himalayan gurus along the way give simple advice, such as, "What lies behind you and what lies before you is nothing

compared to what lies within you." Yet it is easy to forgive the story's simplicity because each kernel of wisdom is framed

to address the persistent angst of Western white-collar professionals.