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<ul><li><p>8/13/2019 50 Simple Ways You Can Market Your Practice</p><p> 1/5</p><p>50 simple ways you can market your practice</p><p>Posted Jul 1, 2013 4:19 AM CST</p><p>By Stephanie Fan!is "ad</p><p> #$ail</p><p> Pint</p><p> %epints</p><p>Cli!&amp; to 'ie( the ) (ays to *ea&amp; the i!e +alley no(</p><p>-ou !an spend a lot o. $oney on le+al $a&amp;etin+, *ut</p><p>you don/t need to o do you ha'e to *e natuallyout+oin+ o !ha$in+ "hat is ne!essay .o +ood</p><p>*usiness de'elop$ent, say su!!ess.ul la(yes and!onsultants (ho shaed thei state+ies (ith theABA</p><p>Journal, is a $a&amp;etin+ plan .o!used on a!ti'ities you do (ell, ta+eted at the i+ht audien!e and</p><p>!aied out !onsistently i'e it so$e ti$e, they say, and *usiness (ill !o$e</p><p>Bein+ +enuineand help.ul, e'en i. you a!tions $ay not o..e i$$ediate *usinessdoesn/thut eithe</p><p>1.) Some lawyers believe that if you do good work, people (ill auto$ati!ally !o$e to you They</p><p>ae (on+ People need e$indes</p><p>2.) Contact three to five otential referral sources a week!every week, e+adless o. ho( *usyyou aeand aan+e to $eet .o !o..ee, din&amp;s o a $eal That (o&amp;s $u!h *ette than ea!hin+</p><p>out only (hen *usiness is slo(</p><p>".) At business recetions, as&amp; o+anies (hethe you !an *e a +eete This +i'es you a +eat</p><p>eason to intodu!e yousel. to people</p><p>#.) $f you have a ractice%related blog, (ite posts (ith in.o$ation that/s tuly use.ul to*usiness ta+ets Moe o.ten than not, that doesn/t in!lude des!iptions o. ho( !o$petent you o</p><p>you .i$ ae</p><p>&amp;.) 'our firm(s holiday card is robably one of many that clients or otential clients receive.</p><p>Find anothe holiday o $a&amp;e one up5 that you en6oy and that !o$ple$ents you pa!ti!eSepaatin+ yousel. .o$ othe, si$ila $essa+es is o. eal 'alue</p><p>7u!ian Pea, at a!eland, sends !lients and</p><p>potential !lients !ads .o #l'is8 *ithday Foa nu$*e o. people do *usiness (ith, $y</p><p>!onne!tion to Me$phis is i$potant (antthe$ to thin&amp; a*out Me$phis and thin&amp; a*out$e, and don8t (ant thee to *e $oe than a</p><p>hal. se!ond *et(een those t(o thou+hts Pea, (ho is also ABA teasue, o..es tip o ;</p><p>Photo *y </p></li><li><p>8/13/2019 50 Simple Ways You Can Market Your Practice</p><p> 2/5</p><p>.) *hink hard about who your target market is, and (hee the de!ision=$a&amp;es ae in that</p><p>$a&amp;et</p><p>+.) ,hen you meet a otential client, .o!us on his o he i$$ediate needs t $ay ha'e nothin+ todo (ith you pa!ti!e May*e that peson/s i$$ediate need is to .ind a dentist . you &amp;no( one</p><p>and !an !onne!t the$, thee/s a *ette !han!e the peson (ill thin&amp; o. you (hen se'i!es youo..e ae needed</p><p>-.) rgani/e a monthly dinner grou of law school classmates, 'ayin+ the pa!ti!e aeas soattendees ha'e +eate e.eal oppotunities</p><p>0.) evelo a marketing lan around activities you enoy . you li&amp;e to (ite, thin&amp; a*out an</p><p>ele!toni! ne(slette . you !onne!t *ette (ith people one on one, !onside 'oluntee (o&amp; (ith</p><p>an a!ti'ity that !o$ple$ents you pa!ti!e</p><p>13.) 4ocus on good lawyers who are your contemoraries(hen thin&amp;in+ a*out potential e.eal</p><p>sou!es Moe e&gt;peien!ed la(yes aleady ha'e people to (ho$ they e.e !ases</p><p>Tip o 10Ste'e ?uley: Fo!us on +ood</p><p>la(yes (ho ae you !onte$poaies (hen+ettin+ in tou!h (ith potential e.eal</p><p>sou!es Moe e&gt;peien!ed la(yes aleady</p><p>ha'e people to (ho$ they e.e !ases Photo*y Saa Stathas</p><p>11.) on(t adot a false marketing ersona Be yousel., and .i+ue out the *est (ay to pesentyousel. in a (ay you .ind appealin+</p><p>12.) 'ou don(t need to hand a business card to everyone you meet at a recetioni. it .eels .o!ed</p><p>and despeate nstead, +et othe people/s !ads, and e$ail you !onta!t in.o$ation a.te(adThee/s a *ette !han!e they (ill e$e$*e you</p><p>1".) 5roviding they label it attorney advertising, pesonal in6uy la(yes $ay send ad lettes to</p><p>a!!ident 'i!ti$s And aest epots !an o..e +ood leads .o !i$inal de.ense la(yes Fa$ily</p><p>la( attoneys $ay send ad'etisin+ lettes to po se de.endants in di'o!e !ases, dete$inin+(ho to !onta!t *ased on paties/ @P !odes</p><p>1#.) $f you hoe to be hired for an aeal, ead</p><p>all the *ie.s as (ell as elated !ases, and .i+ueout the !ase/s a+u$ents Be pepaed to spea&amp;</p><p>(ith the paty a*out the !ase(ithout notes</p><p>.o one hou</p><p>1&amp;.) 5osting tweets between 1 .m. and " .m.#asten ti$e +ets the hi+hest !li!&amp; ate,</p><p>a!!odin+ to Masha*le -ou !an s!hedule</p><p>t(eets to *e posted *y se'i!es li&amp;e ?ootSuite</p><p>But *e !ae.ul i. you ha'e (o&amp; duin+ thoses!heduled ti$es -ou don/t (ant a !lient to</p><p>thin&amp; you ae t(eetin+ (hile you/e de.endin+ a</p><p>deposition</p></li><li><p>8/13/2019 50 Simple Ways You Can Market Your Practice</p><p> 3/5</p><p>Tip o1;Molly </p></li><li><p>8/13/2019 50 Simple Ways You Can Market Your Practice</p><p> 4/5</p><p>"2.) Before meeting someone you(d like to have as a client, esea!h thei *usiness on the .edeal</p><p>!ase site Pa!e to +et a *ette sense o. potential le+al needs Also, ead Euately epots, !he!&amp;</p><p>out (e*sites and do a oo+le e(s sea!h to see (hat stoies ha'e *een pu*lished a*out the*usiness</p><p>Tip o 32#$ey ?alan: Be.oe</p><p>$eetin+ so$eone you8d li&amp;e to ha'e asa !lient, esea!h thei *usiness on the</p><p>.edeal !ase site PAC#% to +et a *ette</p><p>sense o. potential le+al needs Alsoead Euately epots, !he!&amp; out (e*sites and do a oo+le e(s sea!h to see (hat stoies ha'e</p><p>*een pu*lished a*out the *usiness Photo *y Saa Stathas</p><p>"".) =ever critici/e a comany by namein a *lo+ post -ou ne'e &amp;no( (hen that !o$pany</p><p>$i+ht *e in a position to hie you</p><p>"#.) &gt;arket the work you(d like to be doing, not the (o&amp; you ha'e to do to pay the *ills</p><p>"&amp;.) ?ave an office that(s convenient to reach.Bein+ nea the !outhouse $ay not *e the *est</p><p>pla!e *e!ause thee/s aely .ee pa&amp;in+</p><p>".) @ead your city(s business ublicationsto +et a *ette sense o. le+al needs that ae not *ein+</p><p>$et, as (ell as .utue aeas .o (hi!h people (ill need !ounsel</p><p>"+.) 6o to events to give, athe than to +et</p><p>"-.) $f your community offers free classes, thin&amp; a*out 'olunteein+ to tea!h one in an aea that</p><p>!o$ple$ents you pa!ti!e</p><p>"0.) Join grous that have few lawyer members.</p><p>#3.) ?anding out items with your business logo at a trade show9Ma&amp;e sue they/e easy to pa!&amp;</p><p>and $eet TSA !ay=on standads</p><p>Tip o 2Jani!e Bo(n: Conta!t thee to .i'epotential e.eal sou!es a (ee&amp;e'ey (ee&amp;,</p><p>e+adless o. ho( *usy you aeand aan+e to$eet .o !o..ee, din&amp;s o a $eal That (o&amp;s</p><p>$u!h *ette than only ea!hin+ out (hen</p><p>*usiness is slo( Photo *y i!&amp; a!!a</p><p>#1.) $f you reresent consumers, thin&amp; a*out astoe.ont o..i!e People (ith le+al needs</p><p>po*a*ly ae not idin+ up and do(n o..i!e</p><p>*uildin+ ele'atos, unless they aleady ha'e an</p><p>attoney</p><p>#2.) Ask for a guest list before you attenda</p><p>*usiness e'ent, and identi.y indi'iduals you/d</p><p>li&amp;e to $eet</p>http://www.abajournal.com/legalrebels/article/emery_harlan_diversifierhttp://www.abajournal.com/legalrebels/article/emery_harlan_diversifier</li><li><p>8/13/2019 50 Simple Ways You Can Market Your Practice</p><p> 5/5</p><p>#".) o adunct rofessor work.t adds to you e&gt;petise, and .o$e students !an *e +eat</p><p>e.eal sou!es</p><p>##.) A few good uestions to ask eole you meet in networking situations: "hat +ot you statedin this line o. (o&amp; "hat ae you (o&amp;in+ on ?o( ae thin+s +oin+ (ith you *usiness in this</p><p>e!ono$y</p><p>#&amp;.) Ask the staffo. the asso!iation that hosts an e'ent to intodu!e you to people (ho you thin&amp;</p><p>you should &amp;no( at *a o tade asso!iation e'ents</p><p>#.) $f you send other lawyers otential clients, let the$ &amp;no( They/ll appe!iate that youe.eed the !lients, and it (ill help the$ to e$e$*e that you did so . they don/t e$e$*e,</p><p>you need to $o'e on to la(yes (ho (ill</p><p>#+.) *alking to reorters can be a good thing.To +ain thei espe!t, you/'e +ot to sho( the$</p><p>you ha'e +enuine e&gt;petise in a su*6e!t and !an +i'e pithy ans(es to thei Euestions</p><p>#-.) &gt;ultile eole can go with you to a beauty contest;*ut only one peson should do the</p><p>tal&amp;in+ Clients hie la(yes athe than .i$s</p><p>#0.) 6ive eole you meet a brief descrition of what you do, athe than statin+ you title</p><p>&amp;3.) on(t brag about yourself*e!ause people (on/t ta&amp;e you seiously o one hies la(yes</p><p>they don/t ta&amp;e seiously</p></li></ul>