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  • 1. Congratulations! You took the vital first step andlearned how to make a blog. Your theme is exactly how you want it. The juicing content is allthere for visitors to feast on. And you have your methods of monetization in place. But there issomething wrong. Youve got all the vital pieces of the puzzle in place, but there is onemissing There is no one coming to read!Generating blog traffic can be a daunting task for bloggers. However, do not get discouraged.There are a ton of methods that we will go into greater detail here on iBlogaholic, but these 50tips should give you some quick start ideas to get you going.50 Ways to Get Traffic to Your Blog1. Update your blog & ping list. Most blogging platforms come with a built-in list that hasntbeen updated recently. Update this list to increase your blog distribution.2. Install Google Analytics. This will tell you where your traffic is coming from so youll knowwhats working and what isnt working.3. Change your blog linking structure. By default, most blogs dont have SEO-friendly URLstructures. Change it so your keywords are in there by default.4. Use the Google Keyword Tool to find potential keywords to try and optimize for. Try to findquestions that people want to know the answers to that arent well answered yet.5. Find a world class template to use. Make sure it has both great design and ease ofnavigation.6. Start commenting on other blogs related to yours. Start getting known in your space.7. Start posting in forums related to yours. Again, start building a name for yourself in yourspace.8. Create a posting schedule. Its more important that you post consistently than quickly. If youcan have at least 1-2 posts scheduled at any given time, youre in good shape. 1/4

2. 9. Create controversial articles designed to get people to link to you.10. Create an interactive experience that people would want to share with their friends. Quizzesrelated to your industry are a great example of this.11. Submit press releases to online PR sites. At worse this will result in a bunch of backlinks toyour blog, at best youll get picked up by a reputable website which would result in a lot oftraffic as well as a high PR backlink.12. Create a Frequently Asked Questions about your industry. If you answer questionsnobody else is answering, youll often get a lot of links back.13. Create an infographic. This is a graphic with a ton of data about one topic. These tend to getpassed around like wildfire.14. Twitter. Create a Twitter account and start actively courting followers.15. Create a Facebook fan page or group page. Stay in touch with your visitors with Facebook.16. Target Local News. Its hard to get national press attention, but getting local attention willoften result in a lot of exposure and backlinks.17. Track your most popular posts and try to boost their rankings. For example, if you have apost getting a lot of traffic and its ranked #7 for a keyword, change other internal links in yourblog to point to that post with relevant anchor text.18. Get on the RSS feeds of the top 3 blogs in your industry. When something importanthappens in your industry, you want to know ASAP so you can know about it and respond.19. Answer emails! When someone asks you a question, answer them. You might not knowthem, but they may turn out to be an important contact down the line. Better yet, ask if you canpublicly answer a question if you believe more people would benefit by hearing the answer.20. Create both a For Experts and a For Dummies section for your posts. Capture bothsavvy and beginner audiences.21. Guest post. Offer other bloggers and website owners high quality articles in exchange for abacklink.22. Have guest posts on your blog. This gives your audience exposure to a wider range oftopics and lines of thought. It also induces reciprocity Other bloggers will more likely want thave you guest blog.23. Always be targeting! You should know what keywords you want your overall blog to rank foras well as what you want your specific posts to rank for. Dont compromise post quality forrankings; but optimize your blog to the best of your ability. 2/4 3. 24. Create a YouTube video. Embed it in your blog and make sure the YouTube title has yourmain keywords in it.25. Create an RSS feed so others with feed readers can track your blog.26. Prominently post your RSS feed along with a button so people can subscribe easily.27. Submit your sites highest quality and funniest posts to Digg and Reddit.28. Submit your overall site to StumbleUpon.29. Bookmark your site on Del.ico.us.30. Look through your LinkedIn profile to see whos in your industry and see if you can find away to promote your blog using that connection.31. Nominate yourself for various blogging contests. Whether or not you win, youll getbacklinks and attention.32. Check Google Trends for the most popular searches recently. Make posts about topics thatare currently hot.33. Consider buying an ad in the Radio Television Interview Report (RTIR). This is the reportthat newscasters and radio hosts use to find experts. Its expensive, but the exposure is oftenworth the price.34. Contact the press directly if you believe you have a newsworthy story. Write personal emailsto editors and journalists. Dont email blast.35. Respond to comments! Authors who respond to comments generally get a lot morecomments than those who ignore their commenters.36. Find out whos linking to you by watching your logs. See if you can do a joint venture withpeople who already like your work.37. Create pages on Squidoo and Hubpages. This will drive both traffic and create backlinks toyour blog.38. Start a newsletter. Not everyone has an RSS reader and many dont follow on Twitter andFacebook. For many people, the old fashion newsletter is the best way to go.39. Host your images on flickr. Youll actually get traffic from your images!40. Get on MyBlogLog and Blog Catalog. These are both popular sites for finding blogs tofollow.3/4 4. 41. Create a keyword cloud to help people find out whats popular on your site. 42. Consider buying traffic from Facebook, AdWords or the Google Content Network. 43. Showcase your best articles. Make it visible from front page and make a killer first impression so people come back. 44. Install the related posts plugin. This helps people see more pages. 45. Host a contest! The winner gets a small prize like a $20 starbucks card. This can generate a lot of buzz in your industry. 46. Be Interviewed. Talk to others in your industry to see if theyd be interested in hosting you on their site in an interview. 47. Interview others in your industry. A great interview can generate a lot of traffic and backlinks. 48. Create a post talking about something that just happened in your industry. Message everyone whos also talking about the same topic and see if you can get a backlink by providing a unique perspective on whats going on. 49. Add your blog URL to your email signature. You wont get much traffic, but people will see that youre committed and high-powered individuals with influence and reach will take notice. 50. Start podcasting. Get your audio in iTunes. Now that you have a wealth of ideas on how to generate traffic to your blog, be sure to leave a comment and let us know which one works best for you! Check Out The Full Details Here: 50 Ways to Get Traffic to Your Blog4/4Powered by TCPDF (www.tcpdf.org)