50 Ways to Show Love to Your Partner

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<ul><li><p>7/31/2019 50 Ways to Show Love to Your Partner</p><p> 1/2</p><p>50 ways to show love to your partner1. Tell your partner I LOVE YOU.2. Write a list of 10/20/50 or100 reasons why you love your</p><p>partner, and leave it on his/her bed.</p><p>3. Surprise her with a romantic dinner at an expensiverestaurant.</p><p>4. Chocolates never go astray buy the really wicked ones andfeed them to each otherin bed.</p><p>5. Buy a small gift for your partner put it on the passenger seatof their car, hide it under their pillow, or put it in any other</p><p>location where it will surprise them.</p><p>6. Invite your partner to a mystery weekend at a place youknow they love.</p><p>7. Have a picnic at the beach, at the park or in your home.Make sure that your picnic basket is filled with irresistible</p><p>goodies.</p><p>8. Present her with the biggest bunch of flowers you can find.9. Buy him the power-tool (or whatever else) hes been wanting</p><p>for a while.</p><p>10. Send her a special love note once a week for the nextmonth.</p><p>11. Have a picnic in an unusual place on the roof of a building,at your office, in a bush cave.</p><p>12. Bake heart-shaped cookies and feed them to him.13. Write your partner a poem, song or love story.14. Present your partner with a personal gift voucher containing</p><p>gifts such as a night out together, doing their chores for a</p><p>day, cleaning their car, a movie of his/her choice etc.</p><p>15. Frame a photo of the two of you and add a love note.16. Write a love message on the bathroom mirror.17. Have flowers delivered to her office.18. Surprise him at the door wearing a dressing gown with</p><p>nothing on underneath.</p><p>19. Take a ride to lovers lane and pretend that you are 20.20. Cover the house in fragrant candles, put on some relaxation</p><p>music and take turns giving a sensual body, scalp, or foot</p><p>massage.</p><p>21. Tell her you look sensational.22. Tell him you are the sexiest man alive.23. Leave her favourite romantic song on her office voice mail.24. Take a day off from work and spend it with your partner in an</p><p>activity of their choice.</p><p>25. Take a sightseeing tour through your city together.26. Take a second honeymoon at a secluded romantic inn, at</p><p>an island in the sun, on a cruise ship or at a hut in the middle</p></li><li><p>7/31/2019 50 Ways to Show Love to Your Partner</p><p> 2/2</p><p>of nowhere.</p><p>27. Leave a flower on your partners pillow.28. Arrange a path made by tea lights that leads from the front</p><p>door to your bedroom.</p><p>29. Create a trail of flowers that leads to your bed!30. Take your partner on a hot air balloon ride.31. Take your partner ice skating.32. Buy your partner sexy silk underwear.33. Take your partner to a special theatre performance, ballet or</p><p>concert.</p><p>34. Play together - pretend youve only just met and spend theevening flirting with each other.</p><p>35. Welcome your partner home clad in a super sexy oroutrageous outfit.</p><p>36. Prepare a bubble bath filled with floating candles.37. Go skinny dipping.38. Have a stargazing picnic in the backyard. Be sure to have</p><p>sleeping bags handy.</p><p>39. Hold your partners hand on a walk at the beach, through thecity, in the park.</p><p>40. Go for a sleigh ride.41. Take him/her to the site of your very first date.42. Post him articles (or put them on the bed) that talk about</p><p>what women really want.</p><p>43. Give her a beautiful gift card that includes an article aboutwhat men really want.</p><p>44. Have a sunset picnic at the beach. Be sure to take yoursleeping bags.</p><p>45. Tape love notes to your partners windshield.46. SMS your partner with a sweet or a sexy message.47. Leave a sexy message on his/her voice mail.48. Hide love notes for your partner in his sock drawer in her</p><p>underwear drawer in his or her brief case, under their pillow</p><p>etc.</p><p>49. Lounge by your open fire and roast marshmallows together(especially delicious dipped in chocolate).</p><p>50. Walk in the rain, splash in the puddles and then go home andto bedtogether.</p><p> Sonja Ridden 2004 You may copy, forward or distribute this article</p><p>provided it contains the above copyright notice and full contact</p><p>information.</p></li></ul>