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  • 50 Ways To Stay Awesomely Motivated First and foremost, I am not Mr.T J I just thought that he would look kick ass on the front cover of this eBook and I believe he is the epitome of someone who represents the No BS, No Excuses mindset when it comes to achieving an outcome. Now a lot of you may know me as the CEO & Founder of The #1 Self Development & Motivational website Addicted2Success.com. But for the most part I am someone who has a burning desire to inspire and empower others to achieve greatness in their life. I know that when I made the decision a little over 6 years ago to study the art of success through mentors, books and workshops, my life transformed into this incredible and positive journey into a world I never could have imagined. I now live life on my own terms and have been able to help others to become financially free along the way. My passion is showing others the keys to success and how they, too, can live a life with more achievements and smiles along the way. One of the biggest struggles that I faced throughout the years was finding a way to stay motivated. Only through years of practice, research and hustle was I able to find a number of great techniques and mind shifts that allowed me to soldier on. So we are about to get into the 50 Ways To Stay Awesomely Motivated, and I am excited to share my discoveries with you all. Just remember that this is a free eBook and is not for sale. There is no money made from this, just free quality knowledge for the world to soak in. If you like the content in this eBook, please feel free to share the points as an article on your website, just please dont forget to link back to my motivation section of Addicted2Success in your post. This is a Respect thing guys and I would really appreciate it if you can reciprocate the love. The link for that section is here: http://addicted2success.com/category/motivation/ Thanks for downloading this eBook. Much Love & Much Success to you! Joel Brown Addicted2Success.com

  • 50 Ways To Stay Awesomely Motivated 1. Start with a solid plan - What is your ultimate goal? Know what it is and put it down on paper. 2. Dont be afraid to make mistakes Anyone that has ever achieved greatness, experienced failure at some point in their life. You have to know that failing is all part of success. 3. Theres strength in numbers Learn to utilize your team or those who are in your network. You cant always walk it alone. While they are helping you with what they are good at you can focus on being more effective in your own lane. 4. Set vivid goals - Work out What you need to do and by When you need it accomplished by. Keep your eyes on the prize baby. 5. Learn to work the tools Your mind, the computer, a phone, word of mouth or text. Learn how to use each platform and medium around you. The more tools you know how to use, the more ammunition for the challenge. 6. Go back to the basics KISS (Keep It Stupidly Simple). Sometimes there is no need to overcomplicate things, slim line your approach, sometimes the answer to your success is staring you right in the eyes. 7. You arent here to people please Know that at the end of the day, its how you feel when the job is done and dusted. No one will feel the achievement quite like you will when you pull through. 8. Look for a solution When you hit a road block, keep moving, dont lose momentum, shift the energy from panicking to exploring, there is always a million and one ways to make it work. 9. Fail more Marketing Genius Seth Godin said it best, The more you fail, the more you win. Keep failing, the gold is at the end of the rainbow, dont lose hope. 10. Change will make you stronger You cant grow or learn without change, something has to change for you to reach the next level. 11. Create your own path Break the rules a little; create an environment where you are KING. Where you have more room to move, and anything goes so that it works in your favor. 12. Reflect and then adjust Look back and see how far you have come. There is no use in stopping now, you already committed.

  • 50 Ways To Stay Awesomely Motivated 13. Make sure its exciting If you are pursuing something that is just plain old boring the pants off you then you will have no enthusiasm to see it through. 14. Identify your bad habits Be familiar with the habits that are slowing you down, if you arent excelling then theres an underlying bad habit in play. Nip it in the bud ASAP. 15. Pace and then explode! You dont want to burn out too quickly. Give your mind and your body enough time to recharge for a killer punch of enthusiasm when its needed. 16. Expect a delay in reward Know that most of the time, the reward does not come straight away. Nothing great ever came that easy. But when you get there it feels like a million bucks, keep moving! 17. Break through Plateaus A.S.A.P - Plateaus are those things that hold you back from growing and improving. Be aware of when you hit a plateau, when you do, its time to shake things up. Try a different approach; learn something new so that you can break through the barriers. 18. Think long term Think to yourself, What kind of legacy will this achievement leave behind? It may be hard now but what you do right now could really set you and others around you up for life. 19. Dont feel sorry for yourself If you are facing a hard challenge, man up! Know that you can make it through and that you were faced with the cards at hand and that you where chosen because you have it in you to make it out alive. 20. Keep positive people around you Negative people are toxic, they are life leeches. The last thing you need is someone around you that is quick to say, thats not possible. 21. Believe in working your ass off If you believe everything is meant to be easy you are in for a shock. Know that working your ass off will give you massive gains for the future. 22. Visualize the reward differently Losing hope? Visualize your end goal in different colors, different ways, angles, shapes and forms. Make it so real and attractive in your mind that you are so close to touching it. Now go out there and get it. You just owned it. Its yours! 23. Learn to laugh at the excuses The ANTs in your head, the Annoying Negative Thoughts, can sometimes get the best of you. Learn to laugh at the ridiculous excuses you are making, make a stand that you wont let any negative thoughts hold you back from your success anymore.

  • 50 Ways To Stay Awesomely Motivated 24. Practice what you preach This one is very important. Remember all the people that you once told about your goal, dream or vision? I bet you are quick to tell others they should make a move when the time comes. Make sure that you are no hypocrite in the process. Hold yourself to your own word. 25. You must believe Know that sometimes you will need to believe in yourself, even when nobody else is around to believe that you can do it. Solidify your beliefs, you deserve it, you can do it! 26. You are an inspiration Someone out there, somewhere is watching you and your progress, your achievements and performance. Even if its just one person, you could be all they need as a source of Inspiration to achieve their own success. If you cant do it for you, do it for them! 27. Change your internal dialogue Stop saying, I may, I might, I could. Start saying, I Can, I Will, I MUST! These are words of certainty, and youll be amazed how much of a difference they can make in motivating your mind to take action. 28. Switch up your body language and posture Are you slouching? I bet you are, most of the time we are. Stick your chest out, lift your chin up and smile, laugh or scream. Change your physiology so that you can change your state. I have never seen a winner who has ever looked depressed. 29. Focus on the feeling of achievement How are you going to feel after you achieve your goal? Visualize how excited, pumped and confident you are going to feel when you hit the target you are aiming for. 30. Take a little time to re-align Sometimes we lose focus on what we are really trying to achieve. We get caught up in the struggle and forget how important it is to balance our mind and body. Put yourself in a quick two ten minute time out so that your mind and body can regroup and work together. 31. Find an awesome mantra Your mantra can be an affirmation, slogan or quote. Something that YOU can use universally that will motivate you to win. A lot of successful athletes use mantras before their big game or race and it has been proven to work well in self-motivating the mind to shift to a more kick ass state. 32. No more heavy food Nutrition is a massive part of our everyday lives. If we are constantly filling our body with starchy, sugary, heavy, and oily foods then our digestive system has to work on overtime, leaving our mind and body functioning at a slower rate. Start filling your body with good nutrition and youll have an abundance of energy to stay motivated for longer.

  • 50 Ways To Stay Awesomely Motivated 33. Crank up the anthems! Create a playlist of some of your heart racing, chest thumping, adrenalin pumping songs that motivate you to push it to the limits. Music has an amazing affect on the mind. It is powerful enough to motivate humans to move and dance, and increases activity in the mind. Use this powerful tool to switch it up to a whole new level of motivation. 34. Award yourself Award yourself for every achievement you make. You will start to create an awesome effect within your psyche that conditions you with more positive thoughts and will help you build a stronger belief that the hard work will definitely pay off every time. 35. Define your motive When you start to lose sight define your motive, why are you chasing this dream and what does it mean to you? Constantly define why you need to achieve it an