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  • 1. Leadership in I.T. Sector Prof. Leslie Rebello
  • 2. Compiled By:- Ansari Tauseef 04 Arbaz Ahmed 06 Momin Owais 28 Shaikh Fauzan 43
  • 3. Competencies of Leadership Influencing Unique Vision Communication Skill Strategic Planning Decision Making
  • 4. Some Influential Leaders Business:- Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Richard Branson Politics:- Barrack Obama, Hilary Clinton Religion:- Pope John Paul II, Mother Teresa Academic/Literature:- Albert Einstein Entertainment: Oprah Winfrey, Bono (U2) Sports: M.S Dhoni, Muhammad Ali
  • 5. 10 Traits of High-Performance Leaders Positive attitude combined with energy The two Cs: Courage and Confidence Discipline Imagination Initiative Emotional intelligence Patience Perseverance Purpose Trust Discipline
  • 6. Leadership Styles Autocratic Democratic Laissez-faire Transactional
  • 7. A Leader
  • 8. Mapping
  • 9. Information Technology Sector
  • 10. Apple Inc
  • 11. Steve Job (Founder of Apple Inc.)
  • 12. Honors 1985: National Medal of Technology 1987: Jefferson Award for Public Service 2007: Most powerful person in business by Fortune Magazine 2007: California Hall of Fame 2009: Most admired entrepreneur among teenagers
  • 13. Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower. - Steve jobs
  • 14. Why Apple Are Leader? Key Strategic Decisions Integrated System Thinking Strategy
  • 15. 7 Leadership Lessons From Steve Jobs Persistence is the key Innovation brings leadership Have strong opinions, just not always your own Openness hurts sometimes Focus, focus, and focus Working in teams means talking Planning succession
  • 16. Apple Changed Way the World Communicates
  • 17. International Business Machines
  • 18. Business is a game THE GREATEST GAME IN THE WORLD IF YOU KNOW HOW TO PLAY IT -Thomas. Watson
  • 19. Winnings Five Nobel Prizes Four Turing Awards Nine National Medals of Technology Five National Medals of Science
  • 20. Leadership Lesson From An Executive Passionate Believe in Themselves
  • 21. Founder of Microsoft
  • 22. As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others. - Bill Gates
  • 23. Leaders Must Continuously Adapt Attracting, Retaining Talent Innovation Competing Against New Business Models
  • 24. Microsoft leader and culture
  • 25. Wipro Leadership role Purpose Innovation Sustainability at Wipro Is All About Good Citizenship
  • 26. I don't believe in taking right decisions.. I take decisions & then make them right.." So always believe in your ability & efforts... - N Chandrasekaran
  • 27. TCS Climb to the Top
  • 28. Leadership thought of TCS
  • 29. Overview of Infosys
  • 30. We Deliver Measurable Business Value In 3 Ways Transform Optimize Innovate
  • 31. Leadership at Infosys Values Governance Enhancing Trust Managerial Remuneration
  • 32. Key Success Factors Leadership team Well-conceived business plan A strong product Scalability Adequate capital
  • 33. Conclusion