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    6. Publicity & Promotion

    In order to attract more visitors to attend the fair, the HKTDC will co-ordinate a territory-wide publicity campaign to draw maximum public attention and at the same time to create advance publicity for the exhibitors. The campaign will incorporate every conceivable medium, including :

    – advertisements in major local magazines and newspapers; – press releases; – press conference; – newspaper/magazine supplements; – special radio interviews; – radio commercials; – posters; – lamp-post buntings; – outdoor advertising, etc.

    6.1. Co-operative Advertising Scheme (Free of Charge) If you are advertising your products in local mass media before and / or during the fair period, we would like to introduce to you a CO-OPERATIVE ADVERTISING SCHEME which helps to increase the consumers’ awareness of your company’s participation in this fair and the event itself.

    We have tag-on banners for your print advertisements in newspapers and magazines. We have prepared four different shapes of these tag-on banners and you can choose any one shape or more to fit your own advertisements. Please refer to Form 16 in “Additional Facilities and Services Order Form Booklet”.

    6.2. Free Publicity Arrangement Exhibitors are encouraged to promote their companies or products by supplying around 30 sets of press kits (including press release and photos) to the "Media Centre" on the first day of the fair. International and local media can freely collect materials available there for their reference and use. This service is free of charge for exhibitors.

    Whether your materials will be picked up for publishing is totally at the media’s discretion. All submitted materials will not be returned.

    Should you have any queries, please feel free to contact Ms. Nadasa Chan at tel: (852) 2240 4570, fax: (852) 2169 9523 or email: [email protected]

    6.3. Submission of Product Information (Free of Charge) Exhibitors are encouraged to submit product information for pre-fair publicity. What we need from you is just some information on hand-picked products you wish to promote at the Fair. For instance, a brief description on the special features of the products or a photo with an eyecatching caption will suffice for press releases. Our Publicity Department will consolidate your contributions and then make use of the materials to promote the Fair as a whole.

    In order to optimise our resources, the HKTDC can only accept products, which will be displayed at the Fair, and has absolute discretion in the selection of products to be published.

    Please complete the Form 21 in “Additional Facilities and Services Order Form Booklet” and return it together with related product catalogues/photos if you wish to benefit from this valuable and FREE publicity campaign. All replies should reach HKTDC before 30 June 2010.

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    6.4. Media Centre A media centre will be set up during the fair period. Information relating to this exhibition will be passed onto the press, news agencies, magazines, TV and radio stations via this office. All exhibitors are welcome to provide press releases or any news concerning their products or activities relevant to their participation for collection by the press/media.

    6.5. Exhibition Guide Map A 4-colour official exhibition guide map and a coupon booklet will be distributed to visitors during the fair. While the guide map consists of information of the exhibitors and a floorplan of the exhibition hall, commercial advertising in Coupon Booklet is available. You may refer to Form 9 in “Additional Facilities and Services Order Form Booklet” for the details.

    6.6. On-site Entertainment Programmes As part of the special attraction to visitors and to let them have a better understanding of your products, an entertainment stage will be set up at the centre back of the fairground where daily amusing entertainment programmes will be arranged. Subject to the HKTDC‘s final selection, each company interested in making use of this publicity channel can rent the stage for a maximum of 30 minutes. Programmes can be in the format of games and contests for brand name promotions, cooking demonstrations, guest appearances by film and TV stars, or children’s entertainment, etc. The theme of your proposed programme should ideally tie in with the fun-filled blend of fair, carnival and shopping extravaganza of the Expo.

    The cost of renting the entertainment stage will include basic facilities such as microphones, tables and chairs, sound and lighting equipment, etc will also be provided to performers. Exhibitors who will use music for their programmes have to apply permits directly from the Composers and Authors Society of HK Ltd and Phonographic Performance (SE Asia) Ltd, respectively. All application fees and any other costs incurred should be borne by individual exhibitors concerned.

    Since only limited sessions are available, exhibitors wishing to perform at the stage are requested to register their interest by returning Form 20 in “Additional Facilities and Services Order Form Booklet” and return to the HKTDC before 30 June 2010. The HKTDC has absolute discretion in the selection of the programmes proposed, and to determine the date and time of performance session assigned to each company.

    6.7. Press Conference (Free of Charge) A press conference will be held on 28 July 2010 (Wednesday) at Meeting Room N101, N102-3 and N111-112 of the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Exhibitors are encouraged to make use of this session to promote their new and interesting designs/products to the media. This promotion session not only serves as a preview to our exhibition, it will also offer free publicity opportunity to our exhibitors. Simply complete and return Form 19 in “Additional Facilities and Services Order Form Booklet” to the HKTDC before 30 June 2010.

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