6 Quick Ways to Repurpose Content

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Is producing new content a headache for you? Try repurposing some of your existing content. Repurposing not only eases the content creation process, it also allows you to reach more potential customers by using multiple content distribution channels. You can use the six tips in this presentation today to start repurposing your existing content.


  • 1. 6 Quick Ways to Repurpose Content Loren Jamison Freelance Commercial Writer http://jamisonwriting.com
  • 2. Is producing new content a headache?
  • 3. Why not reuse some existing content?
  • 4. These six tips will get you started.
  • 5. Check Your Sent Email Responses to questions can be great topics for new content. You can even use the actual email as a first draft.
  • 6. Break up Bigger Pieces of Content Turn white papers, case studies, and eBooks into blog posts.
  • 7. Combine Smaller Bits of Content Turn several articles and/or blog posts into a white paper or eBook.
  • 8. Videos, Podcasts, and Slide Decks Reach visual and auditory learners who may not see your written content.
  • 9. Create an Infographic Another great way to reach visual learners. Infographics are easy for your readers to share with others.
  • 10. Host a Webinar Based on Popular Content Bonus: Record the webinar and create a video to share on your website (more repurposing!)
  • 11. For more useful tips, or to learn about my writing services, visit my website at http://jamisonwriting.com. Dont forget to share this presentation.