6 things that will make you look great!

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Can you believe how many consultants are missing out on chances to rise to the top simply because they are forgetting to take care of 6 little things? These 6 tips are going to change the way you think about consulting and, every business activity, forever.


  • 1. Be The Best Consultant Ever:6 Things Thabty WGleinl lS Martaainke You Great

2. Build trust and credibilityBuild a reputation for doing what you said you were going to do,exactly the way you said you were going to do it. 3. Be detail-orientedMake sure your powerpoint slides are consistent, your pageshave no spelling mistakes, and your deliverables are error-free. 4. Find your nicheBecome the go-to person for something. Find an area where youcan differentiate yourself from your peers. 5. Ask good questionsDont be afraid to ask questions or request clarification. It willhelp you understand your client and let you do your job right. 6. Be resourcefulTry to think of new ways to overcome challenges and tackletough problems. 7. Think before you actUnderstand the issue and critically examine the problem beforetackling either one. Youll save time and money in the process. 8. glensartain.org