6 ways to get more out of your networking

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1. If you are in business, run a small business, in need of a job then you may want to consider attending a networking group. This is the quickest way to meet potential connections to find your next buck or your neext new job BUT there is a specific strategy to get the most out of attending theses meetings. 2. TO MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR NETWORKING MEETING, HERE ARE A FEW GUIDELINES TO CONSIDER FOR YOUR STRATEGY: Arrive early. If you are there before the majority of the group, you are assured the maximum opportunity to meet everyone. Stand at the door and welcome attendees in = max exposure. Arrive with a goal in mind. Before the meeting, set a goal for yourself for that day, and then go for it. Take some time for yourself to get yourself focused before the meeting. Recap afterwards. Do better next time and never stop improving. 3. STRATEGY Make sure you have writing materials and plenty of business cards leave the brochures at home. That means postcards, trifolds, flyers, magnets. If its not a business card it will get trashed. Stay organized. Make sure to shake hands when introduced, or when you introduce yourself. Then ask for a card. If they dont have a card have blank paper/notecards available as well as a pen. Get their info. 4. STRATEGY Dont huddle up with people you know or friends. It is easier to be approached by others if you dont appear to be busy in conversation with others. Feel free to regroup with friends/colleagues after the event. Dont hard sell yourself or your company. Networking meetings are to be social and the a vehicle for connections to be made. No one is looking to buy your services . . . . but once you have created strong bonds, those relationships will want to promote you. Wouldnt you rather promote a friend rather than a stranger? 5. WANNA KNOW MORE? GET THE FULL SCOOP RIGHT HEREP.S. You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you. Dale Carnegie P.P.S. I almost forgot . . . use this coupon code blog to take 50% off this (I have allotted just 40 coupons). Feel free to take a peek if you want. Carpe Diem!! Becca