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The quest to effectively share knowledge within a company is one that still appears elusive. How do you keep on top of your competitors developments? How do you monitor articles that mention your brand? How do you make sure your teams get the information they need to make decisions and to learn? While we never had more ways to disseminate intelligence and knowledge within companies, it's easy to feel overwhelmed so that we're still often perceiving a lack of communication in the corporate world. Here are easy-to-implement ways to remedy and make the enterprise smarter.


  • 6 ways to rethink Corporate Knowledge Sharing
  • Our internal communication processes are optimal and could not possibly be improved said no one ever
  • Its about winning though. How you gather, manage and use information will determine whether you win or lose. Bill Gates
  • They call this Information Technology Havent we had several IT revolutions already?
  • So why is this still broken?
  • Problem: one-way street Top-down communication doesnt involve me. Execs Managers - - - Me
  • Problem: lack of time I need 25 hours a day just to do my job. And you expect me to share knowledge as well?
  • Problem: sensitive information needs to stay private So much so that often no one sees it.
  • Im talking to you! Imlooking for you! Problem: communication is not interest- based I receive lots of stuff I dont care about. I dont receive the stuff I care about.
  • Problem: lack of context Why should I care?
  • Problem: I dont know what I dont know So how can I search for it on the intranet? What I know What I know I dont know Search Media What I dont know I dont know
  • Argh!
  • Solution: a media format ready for your intranet People know how to read magazines, blogs, visual content not data bases.
  • Solution: organize content by topics relevantnoisy find discover Search Social Networks Interest Graph
  • Solution: open contribution and collaboration Everyones an expert at something.
  • Solution: assisted content curation People dont have time to crawl for knowledge. But robots do.
  • Solution: privacy What happens on my intranet stays on my intranet.
  • Solution: targeted & curated newsletters Too much email kills email: replace anarchic email overload by a weekly summary
  • Time to consider publishing-by-curation for knowledge management? Content Monitoring Contribution & collaboration Private distribution
  • Publishing-by-curation Interest-based Professionals & Businesses
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