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  • 7/27/2019 61054034 Explorer s Guide to Drawing Fantasy Creatures


  • 7/27/2019 61054034 Explorer s Guide to Drawing Fantasy Creatures


    The Explorers Guide to Drawing Fantasy Creaturesby Emily Fiegenschuh

    ContentsIntroduction 5

    Chapter One

    Exploing h Baics 14Workspace and Tools Constructing CreaturesDrawing Dynamic Gestures Outtting Your Creature Features

    Human Bodies and Proportion Perspective Foreshortening

    Pencil-Rendering Techniques Using Color

    Chapter Two

    ating You Catue 21Finding Inspirations Using Reerence Sketching

    Designing Silhouette Value Developing Personality

    Finalizing Your Creature

    Chapter Three

    atu of Myh 33Chimera Demo Chimera Head Mini Demo Dragon Demo

    Leathery wings Mini Demo Minotaur Demo

    Monster Hands Mini Demo Hydra Demo Sphinx Demo

    Sphinx Face Mini Demo

    Chapter Four

    atu of h Watr 67Painted Marsh Nymph Demo Sea Serpent DemoFins Mini Demo Living Island Demo Trees and Rocks Mini Demo

    Chapter Five

    atu of h Land 87Venom-Spitting Sand Dragon Demo Forest Behemoth Demo

    Crowned Ibak Demo Costumes and Accessories

    Saddle Mini Demo Ursukin Demo

    Chapter Sixatu of h Sky 113Pancake Glider Demo Hook-Legged Bodeo Demo

    Feathered wings Mini Demo Flying Fish Demo

    Lantern Bat Demo Lantern Bat Painting Demo

    About and Acknowledgments 142

    Index 143

  • 7/27/2019 61054034 Explorer s Guide to Drawing Fantasy Creatures


  • 7/27/2019 61054034 Explorer s Guide to Drawing Fantasy Creatures


    ItroductionFantasy sparks the imagination.

    Fantasy stories draw rom traditional mythology and airy tales and oten

    explore themes important to the real world in an otherworldly setting. While

    antasy tales may transport us to diferent worlds, they inorm our own world as

    well. They also can be simply a wonderul way to pass the time, to nd a creative

    outlet through things that dont exist in this mundane world.

    Chances are, i youve picked up this book youre a creative person who loves

    art and antasy settingsand most importantly, antasy creatures! Why not tag

    along on a antasy art adventure?

    This book will be your study guide as we ollow our riend Paki to discover

    some amazing creatures in their natural habitats. From critters that glide

    through the air to dangerous behemoths that lurk beneath the sea, the land-

    scape is teeming with unique lie. Together well take a record o these asci-

    nating beings, making sketches and jotting down notes to nd out just what

    makes them tick.

    This volume can be used in many ways: as step-by-

    step instruction or drawing the individual antasy

    creatures Paki discovered on his adventures, as a guide

    to important basic concepts and techniques applicable

    across a wide range o art genres, or as a stepping

    stone to your own creations. Its all up to you!

    I youve ever longed to escape rom the

    ordinary world to explore a anciul realm,

    see exciting new places, and discover

    strange species, take this book with

    you, bring your sketchbook and

    get ready to let your imagination

    be your guide as you draw some

    astonishing creatures.

  • 7/27/2019 61054034 Explorer s Guide to Drawing Fantasy Creatures


  • 7/27/2019 61054034 Explorer s Guide to Drawing Fantasy Creatures


    Bringing Legend to Lie

    Materialsacid-free art paper








    This powerul monster with the head o a bull, the body o a man and quite an

    eyebrow-raising story surrounding his origin roams the endless Labyrinth o

    Crete. Legend has it that each year seven girls and boys are sacrifced to eed thecreature. Though he has a taste or humans, one cant help but eel a little sorry

    or the beast, having been thrown into the depths o the Labyrinth at birth

    because o his reakish appearance. Many would-be heroes have attempted to

    slay the Minotaur, and their eorts have ended in deeat. Perhaps things would

    have turned out dierently i he had been sent ruits and vegetables rather

    than teenagers!

    1Start With a Gesture Drawing

    Sketch a gesture using a powerful centerline. Draw opposing

    angles for the shoulders and hips, and a sharp angle where the

    neck meets the body to emphasize the strength of the pose.

    Block in the head and shoulders with circles. Dont forget a

    centerline to show where the head is pointing. Form the arms by

    drawing sticks with circles for the joints.


  • 7/27/2019 61054034 Explorer s Guide to Drawing Fantasy Creatures




    Atertheaceandhead, handsaregenerallythemostimportan




    andtheway heiseeling.Remembertoshowemotionintheha








    intheskin.Clawsorcrackedfngernails onabigguylikethisM






    Block insimpleshapesdividingthehandintoroughlythree

    segments: thebackothehand,thefngers andthethumb.As

    youwork, keep inmind thatheis holdingaweapon tightly.



    Drawcirclestoshowwhere theknuckleswillbe.Forthisguy



    Fleshout thehandwithsomedetails.Drawveins andcraggy

    oldsintheknuckles toadd personality.



    Clean up theconstruction linesandaddfnishing touches

    fnalize yourdrawing.


  • 7/27/2019 61054034 Explorer s Guide to Drawing Fantasy Creatures


    7Embellish With Details

    Add battle damage, stretchy skinbetween the toes, spikesyou name it.

    Draw a tongue ficking out o the mouth o

    the ar let head, complete with venom-

    ous spittle. Draw as many or as ew

    scales as you like, just leave a ew blank

    spots or the viewers eye to rest on.

    6Sketch In ScalesBlock in where the scales will go with curves that ollow theorm o the limb or tail. Draw curving lines that intersect them,

    creating a sort o checkerboard pattern. Rene the shape o

    each scale so they orm an interlocking pattern. Scales will be

    bigger where there is more surace area to cover, or where the

    creature needs more protection. They will be smaller in places

    where things need to bend, like knees, shoulders or elbows.



  • 7/27/2019 61054034 Explorer s Guide to Drawing Fantasy Creatures


    Glass Dragon

    12" 18" (30cm 46cm)

    Surface: 140-lb. (300gsm) cold-pressed watercolor paper

    Gouache pigments: Alizarin Crimson, Burnt Umber, Cerulean Blue, Cobalt Blue, Lemon

    Yellow, Permanent Green Middle, Permanent White, Permanent Yellow Deep, Raw Umber,

    Scarlet Lake, Ultramarine, Yellow Ochre, Zinc White

  • 7/27/2019 61054034 Explorer s Guide to Drawing Fantasy Creatures




    Accessorize Away!

    There are many types o riding saddles. This saddle is very similar

    to a western style saddle. Look at saddles used on diferent animals

    and rom cultures around the world to see how the shape and struc-ture difers rom saddle to saddle.

    Materialsacid-ree art paper



    1Block In the SaddleUse basic shapes overlapping one another. Draw a rectan-gular shape in the middle to orm the seat. Draw a triangular

    shape in back to orm the cantle.

    2Add the Skirt and FenderRefne and round o the simple shapes you drew. Sketch inthe skirt and ender which the riders leg rests against while the

    oot is in the stirrup. Draw in the edge o the cantle and bring itdown to connect to the jockey.

    3Refine and Addthe StirrupErase the sketchy guide

    lines you no longer need and

    continue to refne your lines.

    Dont orget to draw the


    4Add DetailsAdd details such ascolorul patterns embossed

    into the leather. Echoing your

    designs in the costume o

    the rider or other equipment

    or your creature is a plus.






  • 7/27/2019 61054034 Explorer s Guide to Drawing Fantasy Creatures


    The Explorers Guide to Drawing Fantasy Creaturesby Emily Fiegenschuh

    A large bird with brilliant plumage, the hook-legged bodeo is named or the special

    pair o hook-like appendages extending rom behind its legs. These birds live in lush

    rainorests and are adept at acrobatic eats o climbing. Their preerred diet o ruits

    and nuts is located high in the orest canopy on delicate tree branches that are

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