7 easy ways to boost holiday sales with digital signage

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<ul><li><p>7 Easy Ways to Boost Holiday Sales With Digital Signage </p><p>The passing holiday sales season is crucially important for retailers as they set out to nab a percentage </p><p>of the population that are out and about to purchase Christmas gifts for their loved ones. In this blog, </p><p>we will discuss seven easy ways to boost your holiday sales with digital signage. Offering a wide range of </p><p>benefits to businesses, digital signage is easy to implement. Theres no reason not to use it. </p><p>#1 Use it to highlight special sales items in order to drive up sales and help clear out inventory </p><p>Every season, a retailer is going to have special themed items that they are going to want to highlight. </p><p>This is a perfect opportunity to display the items that are going to ensure you get the most profitability </p><p>while meeting the demand of your customers. Ensure that these items are strategically set up </p><p>throughout your store in order to emphasize them. Digital signage displays that emphasize these items </p><p>on sale can mean profits on these items increasing up to 15% on average. </p><p>#2 Publicize special deals </p><p>You have a better chance at attracting customers with a sale on a seasonal-related item thats in </p><p>demand. Ensure that youre offering some form of special deal on something that can pull in customers </p><p>and feature this in your digital signage to keep it properly profiled throughout the holiday season. </p></li><li><p>#3 Promote your loyalty program </p><p>While no one likes carrying around a wallet full of cards, its been shown that many will opt-in to a </p><p>loyalty program if they see its worth it. By having it on display in your digital signage, one isnt being </p><p>pushy about offering their customer a loyalty program but through careful placing and even mixing it in </p><p>with a limited-time incentive, it could give customers enough of a reason to sign up in-store without </p><p>having to ask them. </p><p>#4 Get paid to feature sponsorships from manufacturers and vendors </p><p>Strengthen existing business relationships with your manufacturers, vendors, or other business partners </p><p>by offering to feature them in your digital signage over the holidays for a discounted rate. If theres a </p><p>product or service that you believe has the potential to really capitalize on the holiday season, dont </p><p>hesitate to offer a manufacturer a spot in your digital signage. </p><p>#5 Use the opportunity to connect with your customers through telling the story of you and your </p><p>business </p><p>One needs to look no further than the commercials corporations such as Coke and others put out over </p><p>the course of the holiday season. People dont connect with a product necessarily. They connect with </p><p>emotions, ideals, and people that cause the viewer to feel something on a human level. Feature your </p><p>own story and/or the story of your business to give people a new perspective on your business. This can </p><p>be done in a short video or a simple slideshow with pictures that human beings can relate to. </p><p>#6 Offer helpful information </p><p>Putting up useful information about topical subjects such as the weather, stocks, your own companys </p><p>blog feed, or related materials can help engage your customers in a way where they dont necessarily </p><p>feel like theyre being sold to. At this point, you want to communicate to the customer in the same way </p><p>a friend would. Building a relationship with customers is key to ensuring they return to your business </p><p>and digital displays are an excellent way to accomplish this by featuring appropriate content every day </p><p>that offers your customers information related to their day. </p><p>#7 Advertise a call-to-action to get your client base engaged on social media </p><p>Digital signage is an opportunity to advertise your companys Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Tumblr </p><p>pages. Invite your customers to engage with your business on social media. If you keep up to date on </p><p>these platforms, you will more than likely see some customers commenting on your posts and sharing </p><p>them with friends. </p><p>The weeks that make up the end-of-year holidays are a great time for businesses to attract new </p><p>customers. Though every business out there is fighting for the attention of customers, digital signage </p><p>can give you a step up on these businesses and help bring more eyes to you. Through the 7 tips </p><p>mentioned here, one can capitalize on the opportunity available to them and help further grow their </p><p>audience within a matter of a few weeks. </p><p>See more at: http://signworld.org/7-easy-ways-to-boost-holiday-sales-with-digital-signage/ </p></li></ul>