7 easy ways to keep yourself motivated to workout

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7 ways to keep yourself motivated to workout

7 ways to keep yourself motivated to workoutStayfitandyung.com

1 .Enjoythe workout that you are doing or going to do

choose a workout or an activity that you enjoy doing and make it part of your daily lifeChoose a workout or an activity where it has a lot of different moves and its not repetitiveThat way, it keeps your mind alert and focused .

2 .Read other people inspiringjourneys to stay motivated

how they transformed their lives and became an inspiration for usTheir journeys are very motivating, inspiring and injects us with the feel good factorChannel this motivation and inspiration into your own personal life and use it to help you transform your own life

3 .Set a realistic fitness target so you stay motivated for longer

Setting a realistic fitness goal is very crucial and it can be very motivating and inspiringThe first crucialstep is to not think about how much weight you haveto lose or how you want to lookThe second step is to choose a fitness program that you know for sure you will finishThe idea behind this,is to train your body and mind onhow to not get overwhelmed and stay disciplined

4 .Stop comparing yourself to others, it canonly lead to failure

Comparing yourself to others is probably the most damaging factor in keeping yourself motivatedThe solution is to not think of it as a comparison but as a motivational tool that will challenge you to be the best you can be

5 .Learn how your body reacts to different fitness routines

The fact is that our bodies react in a different way physically and mentally to fitness programs and the foods we eatIts vital to know how your body reacts and how long it willtake to respond positivelyNot knowing who you really are and what makes your body and mind click is the difference between success and failure

6 .Dont put too much pressure on yourself

Its a good idea totake a break when you feel exhausted mentally, and physicallyIn my personal experience,taking a day or 2 off gives me so much energy when I work out the next day

7 .Be around peoplethat can motivate youwhen feeling down

Keeping yourself motivated all the time is hard and almost impossible for most of usGet to know people who cangive youpositive energy,and can give you a lift when you are down

Howdo you guys keep yourselvesmotivated?Share your experience with usStayfitandyung.com