7 efficient ways to retain your customers

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  • 7 Efficient ways to

    retain your customers

  • Customer retention refers to the activities and actions companies and

    organizations take to reduce the number of customer defections.

  • Businesses have to spend approximately 50% more resources to

    acquire new customers than they do to keep the existing ones.

  • More than 82% of all the companies agreed that retention of customers is

    cheaper to execute than their acquisition.

  • To increase your own retention rates, I've compiled a list of top 7 efficient techniques for retaining customers.

  • Set customer expectations 01

  • Always be honest, and set accurate expectations early to stop customers

    leaving later.

    Also ensure you always deliver on your promises.

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  • Be the expert 02

  • Become the customers trusted advisor in your particular field, so that you can gain their trust, build

    customer loyalty and reduce customer churn.

  • Go the extra mile for your



  • Give your customers unexpectedsmall rewards.

    These kinds of gestures wont cost you much, but they can repay you many

    times over in customer retention and word-of-mouth referrals.

  • Make it personal04

  • Customers love a personal touch, so theyd be reluctant to leave a

    company that looks after them personally.

    This is just another way of making

    them feel special and cared for.

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  • Offer value, not just products


  • Todays customers want to feel valued.

    So, you need to focus on making the customer feel the value they will get

    from your product or services.

  • Never leave your customers



  • If a customer is using your product or service, you must leave no window of opportunity open for someone else to

    be his head.

    You must keep reminding him that your service is always there for him,

  • Keep innovating your product


  • The most important aspect of customer retention is to let the customer know

    that you are not stagnating.

    Show them that you are still looking to go on from good to better and from better

    to best.

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