7 Insanely Easy Ways to Hack Your CV and Win Interviews

Download 7 Insanely Easy Ways to Hack Your CV and Win Interviews

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Discover the secrets that will push your next job application to the top of the pile..


<ul><li> HELP! MY CV is broken! # 7 INSANELY easy ways to HACK YOUR CV &amp; WIN INTERVIEWS </li> <li> EMPLOYERS SPEND LESS THAN 6 SECONDS LOOKING according to AT YOUR CV TheLadders.Net </li> <li> THE SIMPLEST MISTAKE can result in ZERO INTERVIEWS crushed </li> <li> LACK OF FOCUS NOT LISTING ACCOMPLISHMENTS TOO MUCH INFO THE FONT MISMATCHED BEING TOO MODEST VERY BAD SPELLING BAD GRAMMER OUT OF DATE NO KEYWORDS POOR PUNCTUATION POOR GRAPHIC DESIGN AND LAYOUT NO SUMMARY PHONE NUMBER BEING VAGUE HIGHLIGHTING DUTIES INSTEAD OF ACHIEVEMENTS RIGHT APPLICATION, WRONG COMPANY USING TO MANY CLICHS PASSIVE LANGUAGE POOR FORMATTING NO USINGPROFILE PHOTOS Sh*T NO CONTACT DETAILS LIES BULLSHIT BULLSHIT BULLSHIT WRITING IN THE FIRST PERSON RELAVENCE USE OF INFOGRAPHICS WHICH MISTAKES ARE YOU MAKING </li> <li> HERE Are #7 CV HACKS TO SUPERCHARGE YOUR NEXT crack thAT APPLICATION code </li> <li> ABSOLUTELY NO MORE THAN 2 PAGES remeMber, most employers are in a bad mood faced with trawling through a pile of CVs anything more than 2 pages is ignored </li> <li> REPURPOSE your cv for different markets Create a master cv then repurpose it into several different versions for different job applications </li> <li> BIG YOURSELF UP! don't forget to mention key skills that can help you to stand out from the crowd </li> <li> 4 NO B.S! Blatant lies on your CV can land you in a whole heap of trouble when it comes to employers checking your background and references. ITS JUST NOT WORTH IT. </li> <li> 5 KEEP CURRENT INCORRECT DATES MAKE YOU LESS CREDIBLE Every time something significant occurs in your career, record it so you don't forget. IT COULD be important. </li> <li> 6 LOOK THE BUSINESS! DESIGN is vital! Clean, simple, elegant design is best whichever industry you are applying to. Go to www.peopleperhour.com and hire a cv designer. Its worth it! </li> <li> 7DELETE THESE WORDS Experienced, Team Player, people person, customer focused, seasoned, well versed, Dynamic, energetic, enthusiastic, References Available Upon Request, Responsible, Strategic, Creative, Effective, Patient, Expert, Organisational, Driven, Innovative, Analytical </li> <li> ARE YOU READY TO HACK YOUR CV? BRING IT Grandpa! </li> <li> DISCOVER ALL MY CV HACKS IN MY NEW BOOK GEt Your COPY TODAY oN AMAZON Click to visit the amazon store A GREAT BOOK! ON how to write the perfect CV and covering letter By JB1089 - Amazon REVIEW Essential for C.V writing the book made writing my CV a lot more easier! Exactly what I needed I've already had a greatly improved response to my CV By C.Smith - Amazon REVIEW Mookikawaii - AMAZON REVIEW </li> </ul>