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7 Killer Ways to Increase Your Web Traffic GetYourSiteRank.com Be Found. Be Seen. Be Ranked. Whats the BEST ways to INCREASE your website traffic? GetYourSiteRank.com MORE Traffic = MORE Revenue GetYourSiteRank.com LOW Traffic to Website Why? Lack of Fresh Content Poor Backlink Methods Poor Search Engine Rankings Poor SEO Methods GetYourSiteRank.com How can you BOOST your website traffic for FREE if you are NOT a Techy or Expert? GetYourSiteRank.com PPC (Pay Per Click) can INCREASE website traffic but its NOT FREE GetYourSiteRank.com Use these 7 FREE KILLER WAYS to increase your website traffic. Starting today! GetYourSiteRank.com 1. Content Is Still the King Does your site contain only few static pages? About Us Services Products Testimonials Contact Us People want to know MORE! GetYourSiteRank.com Start posting helpful and interesting content using your blog posts, regularly. GetYourSiteRank.com 2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) If you can rank on the 1st page on Google search result page, you will get flood of traffic to your site. GetYourSiteRank.com To get ranked on the 1st page on Google, you need to do both GetYourSiteRank.com SEO Process On-Page SEO (site & content optimization) Off-Page SEO (backlinking) & You should hire a Professional SEO Consultant to optimize your site. GetYourSiteRank.com 3. Use Widgets on Website to Enhance User Interactivity Including free widgets like Social Share Plugins Discuss Commenting System Online Poll System Short Survey Feedback Form will increase your website interactivity. GetYourSiteRank.com 4. Social Media More than 1 billion users are active on Facebook 300 Million of people use Google+ Twitter has become a popular tool to get real-time feedback GetYourSiteRank.com Among hundreds of social media, Facebook Google+ Twitter LinkedIn Pinterest would be sufficient to flood FREE traffic to your site. GetYourSiteRank.com 5. Become Active on Blogs and Forums People are looking for reviews from other Authority figures on blogs and forums to know if youre the real deal. Be an Authority Figure on forums and blogs & include a link back to your site. 6. Create Viral Content Viral content tends to distribute on its own as readers reading through it can quickly make a deep connection with the content, whether its positive or negative. GetYourSiteRank.com Its a definite way to increase your website traffic. No wonder most successful bloggers create viral content, over and over again. 7. Encourage Guest Posts on Your Site Ask others (bloggers in your niche) to write a guest post on your site and motivate them to share that content on their own blog. GetYourSiteRank.com These are ways to get Killer Traffic. Get Your Traffic Now! www.getyoursiterank.com www.facebook.com/GetYourSiteRank www.twitter.com/GetYourSiteRank www.youtube.com/user/GetYourSiteRank www.pinterest.com/getyoursiterank GetYourSiteRank.com Be Found. Be Seen. Be Ranked. Lets Connect!