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If you do not want to waste the money you have invested in paid advertising, create an efficient and working landing page. Produce content that has been carefully thought-out and has high marketing quality. Do not forget that every detail in a landing page plays a big role in turning a lead into a client. 7 important elements for a proper landing page: Heading, Subheading, Main image or video, Description area, Bullet list, Client testimonials, CTA


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2. 7 Landing page tips to get moreconversions Heading Subheading Main image or video Description area Bullet list Client testimonials CTA 3. How to use these 7 elements?Creating a landing page without ConversionStrategy is the same as building a housewithout a project plan. 4. 7 Landing page tips to get moreconversionsYou are using paid advertising and it seemsthat your ads are optimized, price per clickis low and you are getting enough visits, butfor some reason your conversion rate isweak, which means that people are notbuying what you're selling and notinteracting with the page as desired?If this situation sounds familiar, here is asolution for you!By using different paid advertising solutions,a good effective landing page is just whatyou need. You know that you don't directad traffic to your home page. Content pagesare also not an ideal target for ads.Most web pages tend to be quitevoluminous and contain a great deal ofinformation about the company and theproducts and services. This distracts thevisitor quickly and before you know it, theywill have left your page already. 5. 7 Landing page tips to get moreconversionsThe solution would be to create anelaborate and well designed landing pagethat will direct your potential clients to theright place. Trust me, it's worth it!We will now go through 7 points that youshould follow that will help turn a visitorinto a client. 6. 1. HeadingThe first thing a client notices when theyreach your web page (landing page), is themain heading (message). Think this throughcarefully and make it noticeable. Use abigger font, bold etc. Every word in yourmain message is crucial.Forget about the phrase Welcome to ourcompany's web page. If the heading ofyour paid ad is Warm black gloves, thenthe same phrase needs to be visible on yourlanding page as the first thing they notice.If a client is using a search engine to findwarm black gloves and reaches your pagewhich says We have been dealing withproducing different winter wear for over 20years, then the client feels lost. Don'tdestroy a potential client relationship withmiscommunication. The main message ofthe web page needs to support themessage in your paid ad. Make it as similaras possible or just use the same phrase.Suggestion: Warm black gloves for menand women 7. 2. SubheadingYour main message needs to be supportedby a subheading that follows the title andwhich should be used to create addedvalue, be it a discount or just a description.As the main message does not have to belong, the subheading is an ideal tool to addinformation.With your main message you are showingyour potential client that they are in theright place, and with the subheading youare able to create more interest.It is important that the client does not leaveyour page right away, but also looksthrough all important information thatwould be interesting and would result inachieving a goal (conversion).Bear in mind that a good title and a subtitlewill not save you if the rest of the page isbad.Suggestion: If your hands are cold, comeand shop. This weekend all gloves -20%. 8. 2. SubheadingSimilarly, you should think through all ofyour ad texts.If you display the exact same informationafter their search that they also saw in thead, the probability of a purchase issignificantly higher.If you use the phrase Warm black gloves -20% cheaper, place the same text ontoyour landing page. 9. 3. Main image or videoUnfortunately, a good title is not enough.Many people do not read the text at first,instead they look at the picture or video.If your landing page has no visual elements,it is simply boring and it is likely that thevisitor will not want to focus on the contenteither.Also, the quality of the image is important;if it is fuzzy and/or small, it does not addanything to the page. Quality matters!Where could you get that great image?From an image bank? Not the most originalsolution but it is better than having nopicture or a low quality one.Ideally you should use a professionalphotographer who will take photos of yourproduct.The more realistic the picture is, the morereliable it seems to the visitor. 10. 3. Main image or videoThis is definitely a reasonable investmentthat you can use also in overall marketing,for example sharing the picture also in yournewsletter or social media channels.Example: In Facebook, posts with imagesand videos work much better than ordinarytext posts. Visuals matter. 11. 4. Description areaThis is the opportunity to create trust in theeyes of a future client, e. g. We have beenin business for 20 years.This area should mainly be used fordescribing a specific product in more detailand to explain why you are the best seller.Point out the main benefits and differencesof our product or service compared toother similar providers.Do not overdo it: Our gloves are thewarmest and definitely have the best designin the world. Buy now and you will notregret it. Best price.Do not give empty promises and stress onadvantages that cannot be proven.Suggestion: Our soft gloves, made ofquality material keep your hands warmeven in -15 degrees. Come to our shop andtry them on. Wide range of mittens andgloves. 12. 5. Bullet listThe bullet list brings out 3-4 mainadvantages and benefits of why yourproduct is the best choice for a potentialclient. Add a description part with a fewsentences to each element.Track the correctness of your contentcarefully and consistently for each elementof the landing page in the title, subtitle,description area, bullet points etc. If you arenot good with words yourself, use the helpof a copywriter.This follows the same logic as pictures; notevery picture or text is good.A badly written text with a weird structureand poorly thought-out content withspelling mistakes leaves an unprofessionalimpression and drives your clients away. 13. 6. Client testimonialsIf you have written down the benefits andproperties of a product or service, it is timeto let others praise you as well.The feedback of your real customers whohave used your product/service, creates areliable impression and encourages othersto buy as well.2-3 comments or testimonials are enough,do not make too much of an effort.How to get feedback? There are manyways send a letter to your client ask forpersonal feedback about your productor service; be active in social media sharingpractical advice generates clients'feedback without having to ask themfor it; 14. 6. Client testimonials commenting fields nearby yourproduct, blog and other again, letsthe client decide if they want toexpress their opinion or not. Feedbackthat has been given on their owninitiative is more likely to be adequatecompared to you asking for it.The more expensive way is to create avideo from the feedback. For exampleUnbounce (http://unbounce.com/).They were testing how would ordinaryfeedback work on their page versus videofeedback. And the result?Video feedback brought 25% moreregistrations. Investing in a good video isexpensive and time-consuming, but theadded value that comes with it, is worth it.Suggestion: Find the right way to getfeedback from the client and use it withpride. 15. 7. CTAEvery landing page has to have a specificgoal. Be it selling a product, growingclientele, giving out free materials orsomething else.The important part is that your message hasbeen clearly emphasized and correctlycommunicated.Think these 2 very important aspectsthrough: why would a person perform anactivity on your page? what happens if they click on a CTAbutton or fill out a form?If the visitor does not fully understand whatthey have to do on your landing page, theconversion will not happen. 16. 7. CTAButtonThe crucial aspect here is that the CTAbutton would actually look like a button,not an ordinary piece of text that has abackground. There are many ways to designa good button: rounded corners, directingarrows, hover effects etc.Make it stand out! Do not forget that thetext of the CTA needs to be correct andattractive.Good choices: Download maintenanceinstructions, I want a free e-book - theywill immediately understand what they aredealing with.Gives the visitor a reason to click on thebutton.Bad choices: Read more, Click here -they do not say much and are notinteresting. 17. 7. CTAYou can motivate visitors to click on the CTAbutton by adding an extra description. Givethe visitor a reason why they should click onthe button and what will happen, once theydo.The more transparent the information is,the more trustworthy you seem to them,and the clearer the CTA message, the higherthe probability of somebody clicking on it. 18. 7. CTAFormIf you would like the client to fill in a formfor you, it is important to think through allthe fields carefully. Is their gender orbirthday really relevant information foryou?The most important part of a form issimplicity. Try to use as few fields aspossible to retrieve the minimal informationthat you need for a potential client.Everything else you can later specify withthem, if necessary. If three out of ten fieldsare mandatory, the length of that formalready scares a lot of people away.It is true that sometimes you inevitablyneed more information.In that case, the visitor usually forgives youfor the length of the form. You cannot senda package to someone, if you do not knowwhere to send it. Makes sense. 19. 7. CTAA form that is too short (1-2 fields) maylook like spam; too long (10+ fields) makesthem feel that it will take forever to fill it in.It is especially inconvenient if drop-downmenus are used in forms where you mightnot have all the necessary choices and theoption to leave it empty or select Other isnot available.No form should ever be called Submit.Really, would you click on that? It does nottell anything to the client and if thedescription of the form is weak, then thelikelihood of it being filled in, is near 0%.Some tips: order now, get your fre