7 motivational words and ways to get motivated in life

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  1. 1. 7 Motivational Words and Ways to Get Motivated in Life Life is not a bed of roses; something that we all learn at some point in time, sometimes early and sometimes late. Nobody is born with a perfect life. While some of us are struggling with a job or a relationship, some other people in another region are struggling with war and its repercussions. Life is not easy even to the most seemingly powerful emperors. So what makes it possible to keep moving when we feel drained of energy and out of breath? Or to keep looking for the silver lining when all we can see is the storm? Motivation it is. The sense of motivation that our creator has blessed us with is what holds our hand in the steepest of journeys. So how do you find that motivation when the burden of grievance slump you down? There are some times when almost all of us are a bit over fueled with renewed energy like maybe new-year, but apart from that finding the right ways to get motivated can make our lives a lot easier and our anxieties a lot bearable. 1.Count your blessings all the time We often forget how blessed we are for the most little of things that many others in this world are striving for. Our comfy houses, new clothes, warm food, friends and family. These are all the blessings that we often take for granted as a normal part of life while these are the life motivations; the driving force behind every accomplishment. The more we acknowledge, the more powerful we feel. 2. Do not fret over what you cannot control As much as it is true that we are the creators of our own destiny, it is also a fact that there are some things that we cannot control no matter how hard we try like probably the weather, or economic
  2. 2. conditions of the country as a whole etc. instead of fretting over something that you cannot control, it is better to improvise. 3.Use Affirmative language and phrases What a lot of us fail to realize or believe is that the words that we use have a deep impact on our lives. More than we can imagine. When we utter something, we are emitting energy into our surrounding. A more positive language and use of words keep positive energy around us and leaves a positive impact on those around us. Using Motivational words like easy, achievable, possible etc. not only motivate those we are talking to, but in fact develop a sense of motivation in our subconscious. 4. The more acceptance you have, the easier Sometimes the heaviest burden that prevents us from moving forward is the burden of un- acceptance. We keep dwelling in the past failures or sufferings instead of moving forward. By accepting our failures, we shed this burden and move on. 5. Always say I can
  3. 3. Before anyone else, we ourselves need to believe that we can do something. The foremost motivation comes from within. It may get hard sometimes, but when the world puts you down, just say I can to yourself. The more you tell yourself I can, the more you will start believing, get motivated and so will the people. 6. Divide your goal into smaller milestones A bigger goal seems too far away and the reason why many people leave in the middle.Smaller milestones are like those resorts on a long road where you can rest for a while, enjoy a cup of tea and move on with a renewed energy. Dividing a bigger goal into smaller milestones will help making a longer journey look shorter and provide a sense of achievement every time a smaller milestone is accomplished. 7. Reward yourself often Dont we all love to get a token of appreciation or a box of chocolate or something like that? Well, why wait for someone else to do it, when we can reward ourselves. Buy yourself your favorite perfume or maybe gift yourself a visit to the spa every once in a while. Rewarding your own self never harms, instead fuels your motivation; that you are not dependent on anyone for your happiness but yourself.