7 pinterest tips for marketing your business!

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Increase your website's traffic by using the hottest social media platform - Pinterest! Learn how to effectively use Pinterest to gain and engage new customers! http://charisestevens.com/7-pinterest-tips-for-marketers/


  • 1.Advanced TipsFor Marketers

2. Suggested 18 to 24 boardsbased on subjects about yourbrand, service or expertise. Be specific in your boards anddescriptions! Get creative! Try creatingboards with abstract subjectslike Color or Vegan Recipesor even Collaborations. 3. Pins with eye-catching, clean photos Vertically-long pins Step-by-step guides How-to tutorials Before/after photos 4. Post topics that your customers are interestedit. Helpful how-to guides, tutorials, videos,inspirational quotes and clean-artisticphotos. Add a call to action within your description todrive them to your website. 5. No longer than 500 characters but leave alittle bit of mystery! If youre uploading a pin directly to Pinterestadd your website link. Keywords are great to have between yourdescription! 6. Optimize your Profile with relevant and effectivekeywords! The About section offers 200 characters for you tocapture your audience! Naming images How-to-create-infographics.jpg willrank better than May2013_01.jpg. Add Alt text on images to increase your visibility. Share unique and relevant content share your insightand truly helpful ideas! Develop a strong following add your friends and like-minded people. 7. Do not download a picture fromPinterest to make it your own. Do not share a photo withoutcrediting the original pinner. Do not use obscene orpornographic content. Do not post a seriers ofcontinues pins about yourproducts (seems spammy). 8. Frequency of followers interacting. How many people like, comment or repin. Number of new followers youre getting. Measure incoming traffic to your website orblog through Google Analytics. 9. Contact Ana by visiting:digital-gradient.com