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<p>PROJECT LEAN &amp; MEAN How To Cut Your Body Fat in Half and Keep it O!</p> <p>7 Secretsto make 2016 your fittest healthiest year Ever!</p> <p>Whats the Difference Between Those Who Achieve and Those Who Fail?</p> <p>Common denominator of Success, by Albert Gray </p> <p>(English man who revolutionarised Japans national productionafter WW1)</p> <p>Research Past Client FilesDifferent Clients over 22 year period Various Body CompositionTraining &amp; Nutrition JournalsPhotos Interviews</p> <p>Secret 1 Helps Alleviate Aches and Pains Reduces Mood Swings Increase Energy Almost Immediately Improves Mental Clarity and Focus Speeds Metabolism by 40% </p> <p>What is it?</p> <p>Water</p> <p>How Much do you need?</p> <p>http://waterintakecalculator.com</p> <p>Real Foods Secret 2 Eat Foods Closest to their Natural Source</p> <p>The 5 Second RuleIf a Food takes Longer than 5 seconds to identify. You shouldnt eat it.</p> <p>Secret 3Eat a RESULTS Meal Four to Six Times Per Day</p> <p>Fire Meal</p> <p>Key for Detoxification (to increase liver &amp; kidney function)Dilapidate Carbohydrate store to promote Fat LossIncrease Stomach healthCant stay here Long.Dont have to train to hard but 4 times a week</p> <p>To be used every once / twice a day in moderation.Must be from a natural source low Glycemic source.Generally used before and after exercise for recovery and to fuel workout.</p> <p>Fuel Liquid MealGood for convenienceOnly to be consumed after workout Get as natural as possible Watch for Carbs &amp; Additives.</p> <p>The free Meal</p> <p>Two a weekEvery 4th day after a 2 day low carbohydrate Days.Not if you have pickedNo more than 500 cals from natural sorce after trainingNot a cheat day this can undo a whole week.As can a binge drinking session</p> <p>Plan your Meals.OcadoDelivery servicesDiet plan in advance</p> <p>Dont Drink Alcohol1 month closed study of exercise 25 men &amp; 25 WomanControlled exercise &amp; Diet 2 Drinks every other DayThe Women &amp; Men who consumed one or two drinks Lost 50% less than those that didnt</p> <p>If research confirmed that a simple daily taskwould increase fat loss by 64% would you do it? </p> <p>64% Greater Fat Loss </p> <p>12 week Research Study 2 groups </p> <p>Both on same diet and exercise program</p> <p>There was only ONE difference. </p> <p>Secret 4Keep a Journal &amp; Measure Progress</p> <p>Digital Trackers</p> <p>Accountability: Private Groups / Community / Event</p> <p>Secret 5 Challenge your Body with Weights &amp; Cardio</p> <p>Guidelines for Success </p> <p>Guidelines for Success Resistance training: 3-4 per week HIIT3-5 per week Program progression / Periodisation 60 minutes and Get Out! </p> <p>Secret 6Change Your Program </p> <p>Program progressionGuidelines for Success Beginner: Every 4 weeks Intermediate: Every 3 weeks Advanced: Small Changes Every 1-2 weeks </p> <p>Secret 7Assessment </p> <p>7 secrets1. Drink Water 2. Eat Foods Closest to their Natural Source 3. Eat a Results Meal 4-6 times per day 4. Keep a Journal &amp; Measure Progress 5. Challenge Your Body with Weights &amp; HIT Cardio 6. Change Your Program 7. Assessment</p> <p>Not Goals WHY</p> <p>You are GREATER than any obstacles that stands before you.</p> <p>Thank you have been greatNeil Godlyworkout@oxygen-fit.co.uk</p>