7 smart ways to keep your team (and yourself) motivated

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The future of your company doesn’t lie just in what you build or sell. Your team will play an important role in moving your company forward! Often times the difference between success and failure can be how motivated your team is. We have 7 smart ways to keep the fire and energy in your team and yourself glowing!


  • 1. 7 smart ways tokeep your teammotivated!

2. Be a leaderSometimes the difference betweensuccess and failure can be how motivatedyour team is.As a manager, how do you keep everyonefired up and producing top level work?http://www.managementrockstar.com/ 3. Favorites = No-noIf you treat some of youremployees better than others, itwill kill morale.Treat everyone fairly. That doesntmean everyone has to be treatedthe same - dont be afraid toindividualize if the situationrequires it.http://www.managementrockstar.com/ 4. Share the spotlightIf you get an atta boy from yourboss or a customer, pass it along toyour team.Take every opportunity to makesure your teams hard work isrecognized. If it could win anaward, nominate them. If you win,let your team accept it.http://www.managementrockstar.com/ 5. Find a comfort zoneYoure more comfortable holding meetings in youroffice or a conference room?Why not try a space your team would feelcomfortable in. Mingle with your directs and find asetting that would work best for everyone.http://www.managementrockstar.com/ 6. Keep yourcommitmentsThis one is simple: if you sayyoull do something, do it.If you dont, it will hurt yourcredibility and a managerwithout credibility is useless.http://www.managementrockstar.com/ 7. Let them have a sayNothing motivates people likehaving a sense of control orownership in the outcome.Ask your team to bring twoimportant questions orsuggestions to your next meeting.http://www.managementrockstar.com/ 8. Buy em lunchSurprise your team by taking themto lunch once in a while. It can bean excellent way to discoverwhats on their mind and howthings are going in their area.Even having a few pizzasdelivered around noon can turnaround a dreary day.http://www.managementrockstar.com/ 9. Communicate(even when its bad news)An absence of information fromyou wont mean an absence ofconclusions for your team.If your team feels like theyre beingleft in the dark or that youreholding back, their motivation andtrust in you will suffer.http://www.managementrockstar.com/ 10. Get more tips, tricks, and stories!@mgmtrockstar on Twitterfacebook.com/ManagementRockstar