7 Tips To Make Your Blog More Engaging

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<ul><li><p>7 Tips To Make Your Blog More Engaging</p><p>Writing a blog is much more than typing out your thoughts. You can write your views and thoughts </p><p>in a blog but it should be gripping enough to attract readers. Readers will hardly read your entire </p><p>blog, they will scan it. Being a blogger, your aim should be to make your blog both readable and </p><p>engaging. Given below are some of the most important tips to make your blog more interesting and</p><p>engaging for your readers. </p><p>1) Highlight The Important Information</p><p>Highlighting the most important facts of your blog is essential for proper understanding of readers. </p><p>The header should be catchy with effective use of bullets and numbers to make it easier for the </p><p>readers. Bold text can arouse interest among readers for reading your blog completely. </p><p>2) Keeping It Concise</p><p>Your blog should contain all the necessary points without getting lengthier. Quality is something </p><p>that should be aimed at and not the length of the blog. Though there is no rule for the number of </p><p>words to be used, blog should project your idea without being boring and irrelevant. </p><p>InterractiveBlogmakingatyourSEOpick</p><p>http://www.yourseopick.com/http://www.yourseopick.com/http://www.yourseopick.com/http://www.yourseopick.com/http://www.yourseopick.com/http://www.yourseopick.com/http://www.yourseopick.com/http://www.yourseopick.com/http://www.yourseopick.com/http://www.yourseopick.com/</p></li><li><p>7 Tips To Make Your Blog More Engaging</p><p>3) Using Attractive Images</p><p>Only text and no image can be boring for your readers who want interesting stuff. You can tell your </p><p>views in a better and faster way with the aid of images. Use relevant pictures and images to enhance</p><p>the readability of your blog. Images should help in understanding the content clearly and easily. </p><p>4) Right Usage of Links</p><p>Using links properly can help you in bringing more readers to your blog post. It shows the </p><p>dedication that has been put for research and analysis before writing the blog. By giving useful &amp; </p><p>relevant links, you can enrich the reading experience of your readers. </p><p>5) Fonts Should Be Readable </p><p>Content present on the page (blog) must be readable to your readers. Choosing too small or too big </p><p>font will ruin the purpose of your blog. Make sure that the blog can be read comfortably on both </p><p>desktop and mobile. 14 to 16 point font is an ideal size for making it easier for readers.</p><p>6) Proper Summary/Conclusion </p><p>Though the heading and body of your blog is important, conclusion is something which holds the </p><p>key of creating impact. Readers will read the entire post but summary will create the last impression</p><p>in their mind. Placing a call-to-action button with summarized idea can trigger purchase. </p><p>7) Language Must Be Conversational </p><p>There is no need to use high-sounding words as it will not convey your ideas to common masses. </p><p>Write your blog as if you are talking to someone without using jargons. Use simple sentences with a</p><p>tone which is used when you meet someone whom you already know. </p><p>InterractiveBlogmakingatyourSEOpick</p><p>http://content/http://content/http://www.yourseopick.com/http://www.yourseopick.com/http://www.yourseopick.com/http://www.yourseopick.com/http://www.yourseopick.com/http://www.yourseopick.com/http://www.yourseopick.com/http://www.yourseopick.com/http://www.yourseopick.com/</p></li></ul>