7 ways to get more sales from your existing customers

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  • 7 ways to get more sales from EXISTING


  • Why selling to existing customer is critical...

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    Cost of selling to a new customer is six times as high as to existing customer

    Odds of selling to a new customer = 1/7 to an existing customer = 1/2

    Each dissatisfied customer tells 8 to 10 people

    70% of dissatisfied customers will do business again if they feel their complaints are handled well

    1 extra % of customer retention can boost turnover by as much as 15%

    No proper customer support available for most of the companies

  • Journey of a customer

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    Measuring customer happiness score throughout the journey is the key!!!

  • Onboarding the customer

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    The information should be captured & stored in a manner that is accessible throughout the lifetime journey of the customer

  • Monitoring the usage

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  • Personlize the experience

    Complementary Products

    Discount Offers/Coupons

    Loyalty Rewards/Points

    Reviews and Feedback

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    Connect Personally with Customer

  • Sell Customer What They Want

    Bring New Perspective for Customers

    Collaborate with your Customers

    Listen to your Customers

    Understand all Customer Needs

    Craft a Compelling Solution

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  • Continuous Evaluation of Customer Experience is the key!!!

    Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) intends to measure customer satisfaction

    Net Promoter Score (NPS) intends to gauge long term happiness on loyalty with the organization

    Customer Effort Score (CES) to measure how much effort customer had to make for certain interaction with the company

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  • Continuous Evaluation of Customer Experience is the key!!!

    www.knowlarity.com & @Leadsqared

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