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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>7 Things to Consider to get the Most out of Your PAC Website</p> <p>Todays ParticipationDuring todays webinar, attendees will be in listen-only mode.If you are experiencing audio issues, please use the chat box to contact the webinar host.Submit text questions in the chat box: Q&amp;A will be addressed at the end of todays webinar.</p> <p>PresentersWendy Perez-Young - American Institute of ArchitectsAlison Muldoon - Orbital ATKMark Reilly Cision Government Relations</p> <p>3</p> <p>Getting donors to your PAC Website Ensuring only your eligible can access siteMaking it easy to access your site SSO &amp; MobileWhat is your sites brand?Increasing participationContent is still King if you want return visitsWhos doing what on your site? Data/Analytics</p> <p>47+ Things to Consider</p> <p>5</p> <p>Why Have a PAC Website?Always ready to accept a donationEasier for PAC member to donateReduces administrative burden Provides additional information about PACIn the Digital Age age its expected6</p> <p>7</p> <p>8</p> <p>Why should I care about the PAC?Roll out planOngoing Communications: Email &amp; in meetingsOnboarding for new employees/membersMake it easy to get to / Single Sign-OnCompelling content &amp; design</p> <p>9Drive Traffic to Your PAC Website</p> <p>10Why Should I care about the PAC?</p> <p>Plan ahead for the roll-outMore than one announcementBe careful about setting hard datesSoft launch with trusted users who will give honest feedbackPiggy-back off other events if possible11Roll Out Plan</p> <p>12</p> <p>PAC Email SolicitationsIts old, people are annoyed by it, but it still works...You can track itYou can embed content and make it visually appealingLow cost as compared to direct mail, in person meetings, etc.Social media?</p> <p>13</p> <p>Target Your Messages</p> <p>Subject lines matter, test a few before doing the big sendThe Sender matters, preferably someone the recipient knowsPersonalize the messageUse images and formatted content15Tips for Sending PAC Solicitations</p> <p>Short is better than longHave links near top and bottom of emailHave links in text and images within your email that take user to PAC WebsiteUse voice that appeals to your audience, not to your boss</p> <p>16More Tips</p> <p>17</p> <p>18</p> <p>19</p> <p>More than likely a large part of your audience is using a Smartphone to access the PAC Solicitations you send them and to access your PAC Website.</p> <p>Mobile optimization is not a nice to have, but a requirement of doing business.</p> <p>Mobile Optimized is a site designed just for mobile devices.</p> <p>Mobile Responsive is a new kind of design style that allows a single site to be viewed/used on desktop and mobile devices</p> <p>Good article: https://www.atilus.com/mobile-optimized-vs-responsive-websites/20Mobile Responsive versus Mobile Optimization</p> <p>21</p> <p>Making it easy for your PAC donors to access your website via an SSO or using Cisions built-in email personalization links will lower barriers to participation.</p> <p>Single Sign-On (SSO) allows authenticated users on your organizations network/website to login to your PAC Website without having to enter a username or password (again)SSO is generally more secure and easier for your donors22Make it Easy with SSO</p> <p>Cision released a new product native SaML 2.0 SSO in early NovemberEasier to implement (2-3 week time lime)Better security than previous 1.0 versionDoes not allow for updates or new records</p> <p>23Cision Releases SaML 2.0 SSO</p> <p>Cision Distributions can include links to the PAC Website that auto-login Individuals in the databaseUsing this feature allows your PAC donors to easily access the PAC Website without having to login removing a barrier to giving24Cision Email Personalization</p> <p>25Does Your PAC have a Brand?</p> <p>Using a branded URL (domain) helps increase traffic to your PAC WebsiteCision can manage DNS for your PAC domain while your organization owns the domainExample: https://www.osteopathicpac.org</p> <p>26Branded Domain</p> <p>27</p> <p>Allison MuldoonPAC ManagerOrbital ATK 28</p> <p>Orbital ATK went through a merger in 2015Building a website was critical to building OAPAC you likely wouldnt start a business without a websiteClean, professional lookEnrollment needs to be easy for the user!Focus on Charity Match ProgramMobile Responsive designEase of content management Modifiable sections (e.g. Election Center, advocacy site)Visual Focus e.g. Map</p> <p>29OAPAC Website Objectives </p> <p>Additional Talking Points: Mergers can be complicated and messy, and we wanted to create a central resource for information about OAPAC. Legacy ATK had a website, but it was used only for functionalityfor employees to enroll in payroll deductions. Orbital Sciences did not have a website. This was an opportunity for branding the newly merged PAC. We wanted a website established before we started to solicit and communicate about the PAC.It is really important to consider implementing mobile views. A lot of our employees travel a lot, are busy, and work off their phones. If they get an e-mail with a link that only has a desktop view, they arent going to spend a lot of time looking at it. </p> <p>29</p> <p>30Home Page </p> <p>Talking Points: provide brief overview of website layout before looking at screen shotsGoal = flexible contentHomepage = CEO message, map, Election CenterThree Subpages: Learn, Act, Give rotating slider that represents Learn = all of the facts about OAPACAct = right now, its mostly a placeholder for grassroots campaignsGive = additional reminder about charity match, club levels, more contribute buttons30</p> <p>Mobile &amp; Desktop</p> <p>Also has responsiveness for a tablet</p> <p>31</p> <p>32Charity Match Learn Page</p> <p>- There are buttons for Give and Contribute on each subpage as you scroll. The buttons take you to the Cision page where you can enroll, update your deduction, charity, etc. 32</p> <p>33Charity Match Give Page</p> <p>- Another reminder of the benefits of the Charity Match program33</p> <p>34Map</p> <p>Orbital ATK has a presence in more than 17 states. This is not only a source of information, but a good opportunity to remind people of how many Members of Congress we need to build relationships with. I have the ability to update this content. The map is actually on top of the text box on the website34</p> <p>Finalize the website vision upfront changes can take time and money!Produce as much content as possibleGet input from potential usersThink long-term (e.g. placeholders for future initiatives)35Challenges &amp; Lessons Learned</p> <p>Talking Points: Implementing a website is a big project. Make sure you and your leadership know what you want upfront. Changes take time, and can be costly. We showed our Board before rolling out the website. 35</p> <p>Wendy Perez-YoungSenior Manager, Political AffairsThe American Institute of Architects36</p> <p>Opportunity AroseThe AIA digital transformation - multiple phase approachArchiPAC.org needed to meet new design sensibility37Why Redesign ArchiPAC.org?</p> <p>ArchiPAC.orgImprove log-in experienceMake site seamlessDonateMake donating easyDonor Recognition Page &amp; Candidate Support PageEliminate staff management time</p> <p>38Biggest Challenges:Cision How Can You Help Us?</p> <p>39ArchiPAC.org</p> <p>40Donate</p> <p>41</p> <p>42Donate: Email Solicitation</p> <p>43Donors</p> <p>44Candidate Support</p> <p>Seamless extension of AIA.orgVideos, Charts and graphics that tell ArchiPACs StoryPeer-to-Peer Fundraising ToolsRace for the ArchiCUPTechnology Changes</p> <p>45Plans For The Future</p> <p>You cant measure what you dont trackGoogle Analytics Email open &amp; click-thru trackingCision Reports Pay Roll VarianceCision Analytics</p> <p>46Whos Doing what on your site?</p> <p>47Google Analytics</p> <p>48</p> <p>Questions?</p> <p>Allison Muldoon / allison.muldoon@orbitalatk.comMark Reilly / mark.reilly@cision.comWendy Perez-Young / wendyperezyoung@aia.org</p> <p>49Thank You!</p>