"7 ways to get your web visitors to act (and love you!)"


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From Bridge Conference, Aug 2012


  • 1.7Ways to Get Your Web Visitors to Act And Love You!Kelly Townsend, The Humane Society of the U.S., @HumaneSociety, @krt84 Liz Murphy, RedEngine Digital, @redengine, @lizred

2. 1# 3. WHATis my value proposition? WHY should I give to you, buy from you? HOW will this benefit me? Understandmy needs Answer my questions 4. Thetrust factor Audience obstacles & questions Market research White mail Call center Analytics 5. Establishtrust & authority 6. Trustsymbols Verisign/Norton Charity navigator BBB Customer service links Testing ground 7. Controlform Monthly giving focus, with one-time giving as secondary CTA Landing page for PPC/search and ad campaigns 8. Goal:Acquire more mo./one-time donors and increase donation conversion rates Hypothesis:Having a splash page preceding the donation form with more information about organizations mission/goals would acquire more donors and increase landing page conversion rates. This was based on success during year-end 2010. 9. Tested control form against new A splash & form and new B splash & form Forms were the same for all Splash A had more prominent offer for one-time gifts (in addition to monthly) Splash B had more prominent offer for monthly gifts (in addition to one-time) 10. Splash B (with Donate Monthly button at top) generated a 14% increase in # of donations over control And conversion rate was 15% higher than control. 11. Even Splash A brought in 3% higher # of donations than the control (form only) 12. 2# 13. Visualdesign cues If its larger, brighter, higher on page, it gets prominence The art of call to action buttons High contrast More white space around it Show urgency Use an image with a button 14. NCbutton test HSUS example? 15. Onemain call to action, one or two secondary Limited navigation and outbound links Track your user paths for fine-tuning Communicatethrough Use urgencyhow easy it is & follow 16. #3 image 17. New or returning visitor Giving/buying levels or types Interests, past transactions and content consumption Location Behavior Channel preference Gender Technology Language 18. Responserates 7x higher than email file! Conversion rates 2x higher Avg. gifts 7x higherUnique form with one change 19. Personalizingmy visit 20. 4# 21. Identifyknown engagement triggers Issue- or content-based Behavior-based Dependent on donor or sales funnel Analytics have great data (navigation analysis)! 22. One of these PPC ads brought in 21% more revenueWhich ad brought in 67% more revenue? 23. 19.19% action rate for send #1 and 8.45% for resend (compares to average action rates of ~33.5%)Significantly higher than benchmarked action response rate for wildlife & animal welfare of 2.6%(SOURCE: M&R Strategic Services/NTEN 2012 eNonprofit Benchmarks Study)Change.org activist cultivation 24. New version saw 5% higher conversion rate than original in Google, but lost in Bing.Added more red and bolded links talking about research and a cure 25. 5# 26. Browserand ESP testing Experiment but offer alternatives Validate & QA User test for your visitors 27. Trendsshifted this year 50% more donations came via the API vs. people clicking over to the website 28. In 2011, mobile donations were 4% of donations; today they account for more than 9% of donations and 8% of funds raised 29. 6# image 30. Customerstravel Keep it consistent Synchronize messaging Same offers, creative Unique engagement per channel 31. #7 Image 32. Createlapsed donor/buyer programs Resend emails to those who clicked but didnt act, those who didnt open Lightbox on return visit with known interest or upsell Send reminders to donors of previous campaigns Test and test some more 33. Series of emails to all lapsing and canceled online monthly donors, asking them to become a monthly donor again. Outgoing emails include a link to dedicated donation forms, as well as a phone number to our membership inbound call center. After emails/inbound call center period is over, all non-reinstated sustaining donors are called by an outbound call center. 34. 6.8% reactivated by EMAIL 1.3% reactivated by INBOUND call center 6.2% reactivated by OUTBOUND call center44 2011 Convio, Inc. 35. HSUS phoned EOY email respondents who clicked through on an email, but didnt give. 7% gave by phone! 45 2011 Convio, Inc. 36. Howto identify conversion key performance indicators to assess your conversion success Howto formulate hypotheses for creative or landing page testing on your site 37. Kelly Townsend, ktownsend@humanesociety.org, @krt84 Liz Murphy, liz@redenginedigital.com, @lizred, 703-556-6951 Download slides at www.redenginedigital.comDont forget to visit the Solutions Showcase! Many of the ideas discussed today are on display at the Solutions Showcase! #bridgeconf