7 ways to improve you digital signage content beyond getting new templates

Download 7 ways to improve you digital signage content beyond getting new templates

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This is about 7 different and excellent ways to improve digital signage content beyond getting new templates. Digital Signage Templates are customizable animated templates, that can be personalized using images and text to suit various products and services.


  • 7 Ways to Improve You Digital Signage Content beyond Getting New Templates

    The king and his castle

    If content is king then the template is his castle. It is impossible to have a

    great overall digital signage campaign if either of these elements is not

    perfect. You can have great content and terrible templates (in which case you

    need new templates) or you could have a great template and bad content that

    means you need a new content developer.

    So important and synched are these two elements in digital signage that you

    could pretty much put them both in the content category.

    Make it better, make it work.

    There is always room for improvement with creative things like content but

    some basic things you cannot overlook if you want to create great (not just

    good) content.


    You have the power to decide what people will see and lay the emphasis on

    what is important, so use it. Determine the most important items and let one

  • appear first and long and another last and long. This way, they will imprint in

    the minds of your audience.

    Repetition and rhymes

    Do you remember those old-time jingles they used to sell products? If you do,

    your memory of them has to do with the music and the simple repeated words

    and rhymes. The same can work for your content to make it memorable.

    Colors and contrast

    This is a perfect example of the union between content and templates. There

    needs to be a contrast between the background and the foreground to make

    the words more legible. You also need to choose the template and content

    colors wisely both as a representative of the brand and to attract peoples

    attention to the sign and further to specific sections on the screen.

    Font sizes and styles

    Here you need to balance diversity and clutter. You can have several styles of

    font, but not too many as to appear messy. The size also needs to be large

    enough to be read at a glance but not too large as to be overwhelming to the


    Attention versus distractions

    What is your core message? Once you decide that, you can choose content

    that will be faithful to the message and attract the required attention. For

    instance, you may pick certain pictures proven toattract viewer attention but

    have nothing to do with your message. Find the balance

    betweenattracting attention and creating distractions.

  • Motion and animation

    It is always fun to have moving text and animation. It is also a great way

    of attracting viewers. The key is to make sure you are not doing too much. For

    instance, you cannot have a dancing silhouette next to flashing text on a

    moving slide. People will not know what to look at. Balance the motion with

    some static elements like the logo or the text for effective communication.

    The individual in the bigger picture

    While you may have several slides in your presentation, treat each one as an

    individual poster. Make sure that each slide has is attractive, well-balanced

    and has all the important information. Each slide is critical to the overall

    message of the presentation.

    Author Bio

    Hurl Ingham is a digital signage enthusiast who is always designing and

    looking out for new templates. He is also an artist and graphic designer.

    7 Ways to Improve You Digital Signage Content beyond Getting New TemplatesThe king and his castleMake it better, make it work.SerializationRepetition and rhymesColors and contrastFont sizes and stylesAttention versus distractionsMotion and animationThe individual in the bigger pictureAuthor Bio


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