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<p>7 Ways To Keep Drivers Happy and Productive</p> <p>Copyright Route4Me Inc.</p> <p>Driver Retention &amp; Training Is Expensive...</p> <p>So Keep Them Happy#</p> <p>Louis DiToro () - Might make more of an impact if you gave them some numbers as to how expensive it really is.Your routing software should let you manually override optimized routes at any timeAdd or extend existing breaks to make your drivers more productiveWhen drivers are well rested and happier, their risk of getting into an accident is lowerRetaining drivers is really important to save time and money on training replacement driversTip 1: Give Drivers An Extra Break On a Hot Summer Dayhttp://route4me.com/Copyright 2015 Route4Me, Inc</p> <p>#</p> <p>Traffic isnt the only thing that slows everything down...Rainy days and snowstorms reduce walking speedExample: When entering a building, wiping feet at 60 locations for 10 seconds at each location adds an extra 10 minutes of work per day!10 extra minutes could mean: overtime payments, avoiding rush hour traffic, and missing promised customer time windows.For a 100 person fleet - thats 16 hours spent just on wiping feet every dayTip 2: Allocate More Time for Service and TravelDuring Rainy or Snowy Dayshttp://route4me.com/Copyright 2015 Route4Me, Inc</p> <p>#</p> <p>Big enough screen for bulky glovesAn application designed to work for larger fingers and bulky glovesNot flimsy - ruggedized, waterproof, with extra battery life (See Lifeproof Brand)Convenient to place/remove from a cradle in the vehicleLoud speaker that can be heard over loud engine noiseTip 3: Pick A Smartphone That Is Safe &amp; Easy to Usehttp://route4me.com/Copyright 2015 Route4Me, Inc</p> <p>#</p> <p>The application should automatically check drivers into a locationApplications should have the ability to automatically prompt the driver to add notes, take pictures, etc.Notify drivers when stops are added, removed, or re-sequenced in their routeEasily navigating to the next stop on the route should only take one or two screen taps Tip 4: Highly Automate Common Driver Activitieshttp://route4me.com/Copyright 2015 Route4Me, Inc</p> <p>#</p> <p>Visiting an invalid address or a cancelled pickup/dropoff is really annoyingYour routing application should dynamically notify drivers any time you make changes at the officeAll route changes should appear on their smartphone almost instantly Modern route optimization software permits you to add notes, detailed instructions, and picture attachments to every stop on the routeTip 5: Keep Drivers Up-to-Date At All Timeshttp://route4me.com/Copyright 2015 Route4Me, Inc</p> <p>#</p> <p>Many studies show that when drivers know that theyre being tracked, that they drive safer, even a simple Hows my driving sticker helps!By being up-front about GPS tracking with your drivers, you will be able to use it to coach them so that they dont deviate from routesIf there is ever a dispute with a driver, you can de-escalate it quickly by referring to the GPS tracking data without your driver feeling like you dont trust him or that you violated his privacy.It might be better to part ways with a driver who is resistant to tracking before spending time and money on trainingTip 6: Try To Be Transparent About GPS Tracking With Your Drivershttp://route4me.com/Copyright 2015 Route4Me, Inc</p> <p>#</p> <p>Louis DiToro () - First sentence needs a period after safe. The next sentence should read: Even a simple "How's my driving" sticker helps.No matter how hard your drivers or employees try, they cant satisfy everyone...There are always some customers who blame drivers for:Missing items and/or broken itemsDrivers arriving late and/or outside promised time windowsServices not being completed fullyGood route optimization software can protect your business and your drivers by:Capturing exactly when your driver arrived and departed from a customer locationPermitting your driver to photograph delivered items and services completedGetting an e-Signature signed directly on the smartphone screen for additional proofTip 7: Protect Drivers From Problematic Customershttp://route4me.com/Copyright 2015 Route4Me, Inc</p> <p>#</p> <p>The Tool You Need Is Already AvailableWith Route4Me, route optimization comes fully integrated with route and driver management.With over a million downloads, drivers around the world are saving hours of work every day.Business owners can plan multiple routes in seconds, whether they have 10 or a 100 drivers. Keep your drivers safe and legal by using phone or tablet mounts in their vehicles.The startup expense is minimal. Just have your drivers use a smartphone.Route4Me piggy-backs on the most powerful mapping programs in the worldincluding Google Maps.Whatever changes you create in the officeautomatically synchronizes on your driver's phone, even during the middle of a drive.Specific time windows, avoiding traffic hot spots and more, you can customize each route as much as needed.</p> <p>http://route4me.com/Copyright 2015 Route4Me, Inc</p> <p>#</p> <p>Yes! Begin My Free Trial TodayProve to yourself that Route4Me is right for your business. There Is No Credit Card Needed For This Free 7-Day Trial.Call Us: +1-855-823-2598And Have Our Small Business Routing Experts Set Up Routes For Your Business</p> <p>Click Here To Begin My Free Trial#</p>